Empty Nesters, Cont’d

This story covers round two of Empty Nesters Finally.

…Mary Beth kissed up my neck to my ear and moaned, “MMMmmmore.”

I thought to myself, “By the time I’m done, she might be thinking differently.” I slapped her ass hard several times; round two was about to begin.

I stood, lifting her with me, and placed her on a ladder-back chair.  Then I grabbed the scarves and tied her feet to the chair legs and her hands to the back legs and around her uppers arms to the chair back.  When I took up the new rubber ball gag, Mary Beth eagerly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. With her eyes locked on mine, she licked and sucked the ball into her mouth as I  secured the strap around her head. She squirmed around in the chair, trying to find a comfortable way to sit with the plug still in her ass.

I knelt in front of my wife and slid my hands under her ass, lifting her a bit. Then I pressed my tongue against her clit.

Mary Beth strained against her bonds, trying to press harder against me.  My finger slid over the butt plug. Pulling my mouth away,  I looked up and grinned as I pushed my finger against the end of it, and suddenly it started pulsing inside her with a low, slow vibration. the end started to slide back and forth in her ass and warming, and when it started to expand, she yelled, “Oooooohhhhhh!!”

I smiled and sat back to watch as this toy had its way with her ass.  “Mmmm, my little FUCK TOY is getting fucked BY the toy she bought.”  I chuckled while she squirmed and leaked her juice all over, her enjoyment quite apparent.  She moaned loudly and tried to talk, but couldn’t with the gag in her mouth.  Her pussy started spasming and her belly clenched, then her eyes fluttered again as her pussy gushing her sweet nectar once more.  Her body convulsed until she went limp again, her head hanging forward.

Sliding her hips as far forward in the chair as I can, I turned off the plug and worked my fingers around the hooked side to slowly pull it from her ass.

Mary Beth’s eyes bugged out, and I heard a muffled scream as it stretched her asshole till the thickest part passed, and it popped out.  Her eyes fluttered again, but she stayed true to the role she’d chosen and froze again; it took me a minute to realize it. When I removed the gag, she kept her mouth open and drool ran out.

“Mmmm, such a good toy.” I untied her arms from the back of the chair and pulled her shoulders forward. Then I took her by the sides of her face and tipped her to stare right at my throbing hard cock.  Holding her head in both hands, I pressed my hips forward, stretching her mouth around my cock.  She did an incredible job of not pulling back like she normally would. I pushed three inches in, pausing when i felt her tongue spasm under my cock as she fought her gag reflex.

Now we’d entered into total submission; her plan had been that I use her as I desired, which would, in turn, give her the greatest pleasure and release she and I had ever experienced.  Our eyes connected, and we knew there would be no turning back from this point on.

Mary Beth winked at me in the sexy, beautiful way she does when she wants to say she loves me without words.  I wink back, then slowly push my cock into her mouth. She tried sooo hard to not gag or pull back.

I caress her face. “Shhhhhh, just relax baby, we got this,” I whispered, “just like we talked about.”

With that she exhaled hard until her lungs were empty. The gasp that followed opened her throat, and my cock slid into it.  Her eyes open wide.  I caress her face and smile as she starts trying to swallow, her throat squeezing and milking me. When I withdraw an inch or two so that air can escape her lungs again, she begins to hum, and her throat and mouth vibrate around my cock.

“MMMMmmm, such a good wife. You make me more proud every day to be your husband.”

She took a deep breath, then started blowing out again, and I got ready for her next gasp to open her throat. After a few more thrusts into the depths of her hot mouth, I slowly pulled out.  She panted, smiling in disbelief that she just deep throated me.  Then I grabbed her head again and slid in, and we developed a nice rhythm: exhale, gasp, four or five thrusts, the withdraw to catch breath, and repeat.

My breathing quickened as I struggled not to pound her. “OOOOhhh, baby, I’m going to cum.”

She moaned and swallowed harder with me in her throat. My cock began to pulse and release my second load, the first two shots going straight down her throat. Then I pulled back and unload several more blasts into her mouth.

“OOOooh, fuck yessss. Suck my cock, Mary Beth. Get all my cum, baby.”  Once I l’d filled her mouth, I slowly retracted from her mouth and looking down.

Mary Beth’s mouth hung open, cum pooled in it and drooling out of the corners. I pushed her chin up, and with out a sound, she swallowed while our eyes locked. Then she opened wide and laughs out loud, so proud of what she did.  But she goes right back into full-on doll mode again.

I smiled and kissed her warm, wet cummy lips.  “So, my baby wants to keep playing.”

To Be Continued…


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  1. LovingMan says:

    Been there and done that as far as the deep throating is concerned. I’m still not sure how she does it but recently my wife figured out how. It is an amazing sensation for me. Like your wife, my wife is rather proud of herself for figuring it out. Like you I am proud of my wife for her overcoming inhibitions and her expansion of our sexual menu!

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