Happy Valentines Day

It was Valentine’s Day, so we got up and showered. My wife showered first and was helping me with some medical care as I stood at the bathroom sink—I had surgery just two weeks ago.

I looked at her sexy nude body and thought how obnoxious it was to be dealing with medical issues when my sexy wife was waiting to again give that gorgeous body to me. What a sight! But being very kind and patient too, she assisted me.

When I was done, I went into the bedroom and fetched the latest lingerie I had bought her for Valentine’s Day. At first (while getting ready to hand it to her) I couldn’t figure out which part of the teddy was the top. I finally handed it over and said, “You’ll figure it out.”

After my shower, I found Melodie waiting on the bed with the sexy teddy on her voluptuous Nordic body! I got on my side of the bed and she stood by her side of the bed and put on quite the show.

The teddy had a big open diamond shape over her boobs. It was soft purple lace. Melodie began playing with her nipples through the lace. “Ooooo this feels GOOD through this soft lace!” she exclaimed.

I was laying on the bed propped up by pillows and I was stroking myself to full mast. I grabbed my cell phone and opened our private photos and videos app. This was fun because I got several great shots of my sexy wife stroking and pinching her nipples, exposing each breast for me & the camera with her arching her back with both boobies out for sexy view, etc. She even took photos of me including closeups of what she was doing to my penis – as in full-sized erection!

Finally, Melodie from a distance wasn’t enough and I crawled over to the edge of the bed and she took turns offering each yummy raspberry (nipple) to my mouth. I also kneeled up to share a bunch of very deep French kisses. Although Melodie whines that I shouldn’t buy her more lingerie I could tell she felt very sexy in this new teddy.

It was Valentine’s Day so Melodie told me to stand by the bed. Our tradition is that when health permits – Melodie gives me oral sex (fellatio) on holidays.

So she sat on the edge of the bed and I stood in front of her. She flexed her small mouth to stretch it open wide enough and Melodie surprised me by engulfing more than half my length. She usually pumps my other half with her hand but not today. Quite honestly I don’t know how she did it because 3/4 of my long rod was deep in her sexy little mouth!

I began to gently thrust forward as we hit our familiar and yet incredibly pleasurable rhythm! Somehow Melodie was suppressing her gag reflex because I was in even deeper. I’m well above average down there (I know every guy says that – but it is actually true in my case.) Yet my wife’s mouth is tiny. Still she seemed to be taking probably 85% of my length in – and doing so enthusiastically and with some pride. 

Finally, she pulled off my pulsating penis to say she had to stop. Instead, she pulled out a beautiful boobie and I knew what she wanted. I began to rub my glans on her nipple and she started to move her boob back and forth so my tip rubbed and flicked her tender tittie! It looked and felt AMAZING!  We don’t usually do tip on nip with me standing and her sitting on the bed.

Then I asked if she could take me back into her mouth for me to take a 20-second video of her giving me fellatio. She complied but she also tried something new and she tilted her head just so into a slightly new angle.

Oh my heavens it felt wonderful beyond description! She and I reestablished our rhythm with me thrusting gently into her mouth… and I easily could have cum. But she had asked me to not cum in her mouth today. I was fine with that because I really wanted a full erection to pound her pussy. When Melodie is this turned on she loves a good pussy pounding as part of our sex & lovemaking session! I really was looking forward to giving her what she wanted! (I’ll admit that I like it too.)

The 20 seconds of more fellatio turned into 1 1/2 minutes. I know because I filmed it. Melodie was getting into it, I could tell. She grabbed my buns and pulled me deeper into her mouth. Then she ran her fingertips all over my buns and down my thighs like she knows I like. My erection throbbed and strengthened even more. Finally, she stopped and laid down on the bed with her knees pulled up to her full breasts and she said, “Go inside me!”

What an invitation that was! I asked if I could have a taste of pussy. She wasn’t in the mood and that was fine. I stroked just inside her beautiful entrance and she was WET! I ran my finger up inside and she sighed. 

“But I need the real thing now!” she demanded.

With no further delay, I mounted my wife for an E-ticket Valentine’s Day ride! I slid my tip carefully into her pussy’s mouth until my glans was coated. Then I thrust in once quite deeply – hard and fast.

Melodie gave a little gasp. “Is that how you want it?” I asked.

She nodded her head and whispered “Yes!”

So I did it again and again. The pounding was on and it was great! She held her legs up by her knees so my full length penetrated the deepest portions of her love tunnel. When very aroused she can take my full length and her new lingerie, giving me the BJ and her erotic posing had her there!

Soon my testes were slapping her buns as I delved deeper with each thrust. I was bracing myself on my hands and arms so I leaned in to give her a deep kiss without pausing the flicking.

The enthusiastic way she opened her mouth for us to share the tongue dance was more evidence that she was loving this. She loves a good pounding flick when she’s utterly aroused!

“I love to flick your beautiful wet pussy!” I spontaneously cried out as I did indeed flick her pussy even harder!

(We prefer FLICK to the other F word. because FUCK = for unlawful carnal knowledge… but…

FLICK = for lawful incredible carnal knowledge!

We were certainly sharing our carnal knowledge but it was lawful because we were married almost 30 years ago. & what we were doing was also an incredible experience!

I’d like to tell you that I came while we were flicking in missionary position but I’m 2 weeks out of a surgery that nearly sent me to paradise so pain set in from holding myself up by my arms.

Melodie could see what was happening and being a very kind lover she said, “It’s OK.”

So I rolled off of her but I quickly grabbed the coconut oil and some Aloe Cadabra Strawberry flavored lube and slid some on and into Melodie’s pussy. Plus I got our new 6-inch vibrator (shorter than me), turned it on high, and slid it into said pretty pussy.

“Does that feel good?” I asked my sexy bride.

“I guess… yes, it feels good,” she replied in her husky turned-on sex voice.

Usually, she has me turn her G spot vibe to low power so using this bigger vibe or any vibe on a high setting INSIDE her love canal was new & different. But different is good!

She pressed her Doc Johnson looped vibe to her clit and I leaned in for some oral loving on her nipples- that looked like perfectly ripe raspberries. Her sighing increased and her breaths were long and deep. In less than half a minute she was spasming in a big orgasm as her back arched off the bed! I kept licking and tongue flicking and sucking those raspberries until I sensed she was descending Mt. O.

“That was a big one, wasn’t it?” I asked.

“Y-yes it was!” she agreed. After a minute to catch her breath she looked lovingly up at me. “What next?” she asked.

“My man nips are jealous,” I said. “They wanna have some fun too!”

Melodie smiled at this. She likes licking and sucking and loving on my man nips as much as I love doing the same to her much bigger womanly nipples.

So I rolled onto my back & Melodie went to town on my nips. Her mouth engulfed the closer one and her other hand gently pinched the further nipple. Then that hand reached down to squeeze my sac as I pumped my rod to full size again.

She was watching my size increase with one eye. Eventually, she laid back and pulled her knees up to invite me back into her delightful pussy and so I went into our X position. I lay at a right angle on my right side as she lay on her back. She was very ready so I thrust in as we intertwined our legs.

Usually, she uses one of her bullet vibes easily in the X position. Indeed that is why it’s our favorite sex position. But this time she skipped the vibe as I thrust my big member WAY up deeply into the glorious recesses of her love tunnel. It felt awesome & sensual… but it also felt so intimate.

“I love you, Melodie!” I called out to her.

“And I love you too!” she affirmed.

“That’s kind of obvious,” I declared as I flicked her with nearly wild abandon. Then it DID become with wild abandon. There is something about getting my glans far, far up into her vagina that just feels out of this world pleasurable. I had reached her deepest & sweetest spot and I came hard and coated her depths with the creamy evidence of our love.

After I slid out and moved to her side on our bed I scooped some of our pussy mixed protein shake out with two fingers and rubbed it on the nearest raspberry then proceeded to lick it off. “Mmmm… strawberry cream flavored raspberries!” I said.

I think Melodie rolled her eyes. On a day before this last surgery, I would have kept licking and Melodie & I would go for round two. Not happening today though.

Meanwhile deep in Melodie’s happy pussy my little haploid sperm cells were all dressed up with nowhere to go. However, some of the components of the semen give a woman a sense of well-being as they are absorbed through her vaginal tissue. That is why I prefer to come inside my wife’s vagina – to give her some longer-lasting benefit throughout the day.

Of course the emotional benefits and the benefit of each of us having a massive orgasm can’t be discounted. Plus we felt close to each other and grateful to God that we are yet alive and still sharing mortality together . . . AND yes, we are very grateful that we can still make love in spite of both of us being older & having major health issues.

In fact, we might still have gone for round 2 but Melodie had a doctor’s appointment this morning 50 minutes from when we ended our lovemaking session with some kissing and cuddling. It would probably have been a bad idea to do round 2 anyway – due to my condition. So we weren’t complaining. We know that we easily could have been separated by my passing two weeks ago. But I survived, thanks be to God! We are grateful for all the prayers so many have said on our behalf!

We had once again expressed our marital love to each other in the deepest and intimate ways that make it both a physically pleasurable experience and an emotionally & Spiritual bonding experience. Happy Valentines Day indeed!

I have to add that later in the day I mentioned to Melodie that she did something new when she gave me my Valentine’s gift of oral love.

She said, “Yes I did.” And she had a proud self-satisfied look in her big beautiful Norwegian eyes.

She would say no more but I was so proud of her for taking some appropriate pride in upping her game. She excels at everything and her various lovemaking skills are included in that. Before I married her, nearly 30 years ago, I don’t think my imagination came close to the joyful reality that awaited me!

Later I looked at the video and was very pleased to see that my wife was taking my entire shaft into her tiny mouth.  That is so amazing and so sexy!  I looked back at other fellatio videos we’ve made and she was nearly there but now she has achieved true deep throating.  Again,Happy Valentine’s Day for both of us!

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4 replies
  1. LoverBoy2 says:

    Great story.
    Interesting use of the word "flick" instead of fuck. We too don't like to use the F word, but I haven't found a great replacement. Flick might be an option.

  2. CreamyPatty says:

    Well written Loving Man, I can see you are sensitive to her needs during your lovemaking – that's so great!
    To me it's interesting how how the human body operates when caught-up in the act of lovemaking. In the case of cocksucking, for example, I have found over the years that while sucking Jim's very large and thick cock (a real challenge, believe me :)) I can suck down to his entire base – and when he shifts around to a 69 position (while I'm still sucking) and he begins slurping up my creamy pussy – I get SO caught up in an earth shattering orgasm that I can swallow not only his entire cock, but I can extend my tongue all the way and poke at his balls!
    Point here is that when I reach my peak in orgasmic nirvana I subconsciously activate my "super sucking" powers, much to Jim's delight and disbelief.

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