Craving Marriage

Hey, everyone! I believe this is my first time posting. I am 25 years old and also a single man of God. Recently, I’ve been craving marriage because I know it is such a beautiful gift from God—a lifelong and loving bond, shared together as husband and wife. He knows my heart is burning like a wildfire for my future wife, someday! I feel my heart tugged towards it by God, so I’ve been praying for it and for a life partner, yet I feel somewhat alone (in regards to this craving)?

Does anyone else crave or desire marriage?

I just get super excited about marriage and what all it entails and how I can not only serve but also lead my future wife and family! I want to be a family man and a great husband/father as well as a great man of God and let it show through my love, kindness, words, and actions. I’ve been pleading with God about it at times because He knows my heart, my intentions, my desires, etc. He knows I don’t want to “mess around” or just be stagnant in dating. He knows I want to strive towards marriage and whatever else God has plans for.

I have a burning passion inside my heart as I desire marriage in His timing. I want to connect with my future wife spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I want us to build each other up and grow strong together in Christ along the way of this journey. I want to pray together, have open and honest communication, and love each other deeply. I want to pursue my future wife’s love language as she pursues mine. I want us to achieve our life goals, together. I want us to have a beautiful family of our own to lead together. Not only that but also have family dinners and vacations – all together!

And of course, I want to have a healthy sex life with my beautiful future wife. I keep fantasizing about what my future wife’s moans will sound like… what her eyes will look like as we gaze into each other’s eyes during such hot passion… how her skin will feel against mine… mmm. I fantasize about tasting her sweet pussy as I eat her out and help her reach orgasm, and about slipping my throbbing cock inside of her pussy… the rhythmic motion we’ll create together as I penetrate her gently and slowly or as I pound her deeply, caressing her breasts and sucking on her hard nipples… her breasts bouncing up and down as she rides me… playfully spanking her ass… making out as our kisses become sloppy and our tongues intertwine together… her grabbing my hard cock and taking it in her mouth as she licks and sucks on it wantonly. I’d love to have married sex not only in our bedroom but also outside of the bedroom. It could be in the living room, the kitchen, in the car, or in the shower or bubble bath. It could be on vacation, on our anniversary, or even spontaneously if we’re both feeling in the mood! It could be before or after work or throughout the weekend. Really, any time of the day where our loving desire takes place. Anyways, umm… I’m sorry for getting distracted.

Does anyone else crave marriage?

I’ll be patiently waiting for marriage as God prepares me and whoever my future wife may be. I’m excited for the blessings to come. I’m forever thankful for this holy and hot desire in my heart for marriage. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Comments are appreciated and welcomed! Much love and blessings. 🥰

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11 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    That longing or craving for the companionship & intimacies of marriage is placed there by God. Work on being the best you can become to be ready for her. But you need to date etc. in order to find her. God bless you in your efforts to improve yourself and in your search for your Miss Wonderful!

    • Devoted2You says:

      Thank you LovingMan! Sex is such a beautiful gift from God..and I shall be patient as I wait til marriage. I’m currently dating a woman of God. Learning how to improve upon myself and how to lead in a relationship!

      Much love and blessings!

  2. carmelsk says:

    Yes, you need to “get out there.” Adam probably has the market cornered on waking up and needing to be introduced to his already wife.
    Make a list of the unmarried women you know between the ages of 5 yrs younger to 10 yrs older. Don’t disqualify any of them. After you have the list, answer the following for each:
    I could marry this person because xxx
    I could not marry this person because xxx
    Review your answers. Can you live with what the answers reveal about yourself? Would you be comfortable sharing your answers with other people? What if a woman had a similar reason for answering her question about you?
    How did your friends meet their spouse?
    Sort your list in several ways
    – Your ideal list, the most ideal candidate, according to whatever criteria you choose
    – If no one in the list qualifies as your ideal, ask yourself why
    – Sort the list according to “if it has to be someone on this list, then the first candidate is x, second candidate is y, and so on for the whole list
    – Sort according to who you have spent the most time with regardless of how that time is spent, not necessarily in a dating relationship
    – Show your lists to a trusted friend(s) – one who knows most of the names on your list. If a trusted friend includes a married woman show it to her. Solicit feedback
    – Look at your sorted lists. Is one or two names at the top of all of them?
    – If your list doesn’t number more than 2 or 3, is there any way to expand the list?
    – Do you spend much time with married couples? They might be able to “introduce” you.
    A friend may have a good recommendation for a suitable marriage partner even though (to this point) you’ve not given her a second thought.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      I LOVE your advice. I think many singles believe the best and most spiritual thing is to wait for the Lord to bring a spouse to us. But He has given us the opportunity and skills to do our part…. plan, research, discover, put oneself in mixed crowd situations. God provides… sometimes leads us to the fruit trees… but God isn’t going to pluck the fruit and put it in our mouths!!!

    • Devoted2You says:

      Thank you Carmel for taking the time to write your amazing tips and advice! I am currently dating a woman of God. We’re on the same page, in regards to developing a Christ-Centered, serious relationship..leading to marriage. Been going on dates and letting God lead us. I remind myself, almost every day, it’s His timing and plan.

      Much love and blessings!

  3. Frankie says:

    Devoted2You – The secret to finding the right sexual partner is to be sure you are looking for godly woman. You can keep fantasize about your future wife. All young men do. Just don't let your desire for the joys of a sexual relationship tempt you to seek anything less than a woman totally committed to Christ. This may sound like a platitude, but a marriage must be founded on Jesus Christ to work in the sexual realm just like it works in all other aspects of a relationship. That is 50 years of experience speaking.

    • Devoted2You says:

      Yes! I agree with you, Frankie. I am only looking for a godly woman, especially when it comes to intimacy and love. Matter of fact, I am going on dates with this woman of God. We’re building the relationship, emotionally and spiritually. Thanks a whole bunch, Frankie 😊.

      Much love and blessings!

    • SecondMarge says:

      “A woman totally committed to God” Aren’t they called Nuns? There are great marriages between every combination of people. Different nationalities, races, political persuasions, and yes religions. Even devout and agnostics. I think you the OP should stop painting a picture of what they should look like or what qualities they must have. Just feel, be accepting and open. More happy marriages met at school, work or in a bar then in a church group. Stop thinking what should happen or you won’t recognize when it does.

  4. Honeymooners says:

    My husband is a preacher's kids and we met at church as toddlers. My family went to this church. We didn't know God would choose us for each other until we were teens. Like literally we both felt the pull towards each other. So we courted then got married. I never ever thought he would be my husband but he is because God wanted us to be married. We waited until marriage for everything with God being at the center of our life and relationship. It's ok to day dream but make sure you have God at the center of your life. You'll never know what God has in store for you. My sister met her husband at her Christian college. My best friend met her husband at a wedding but they found out they grew up right across the street from each other as kids. A man at church attended a church group and found his wife. You'll never know where or when you'll meet your future spouse. Don't focus on meeting them or your list of qualities but trust God with your qualities and your future spouse. Join a church group, get a hobby, pray, read the Bible, and stay on path.

    I promise you the things you wrote are valid and will be WORTH it when you're married. The feeling of things you and your spouse can do together is amazing. It's a gift. I hope one day we'll see your story about God choosing your wife and the gifts of marriage that awaits you.

    God Bless..

  5. oldmarriedcouple says:

    I have been asked occasionally by young women I know (20's-30's) on how "find a man" or if I know of any "quality men" in their places/cities of residence. The advice I give them would probably fit you as well.

    Church singles groups of course, but not an automatic or sure thing. Take time to work as a volunteer (even for just a while) at Habitat for Humanity, the Humane society, or other interests. Women volunteering means they're not all about themselves. Also, golf lessons (not for the golf but the company). Women learning golf gives you a easy first date, even if its just mini-golf or a Top Golf recreation area. Men taking golf lessons shows you're not too macho to seek help w/ the skills of golf.

    We discussed in our Life Group about whether every marriage is God helping you find a life mate. Mostly we came to the conclusion that your best choice is the one you made when you got married. It's up to us to work at our relationship to make it what God intended it to be. We acknowledged the truth that some people's marriage are not right in Gods eyes (abuse, etc) but when talking about the usual married person's question of "Did I chose the right one?", it's up to us to find a way to make it work. Sounds like you have a good mind and values.

  6. SecondMarge says:

    Old joke: Man in his house as hurricane hits, police come by offering to evacuate him. He says God will save me. Water rises he has to head to the second floor. Coast guard comes by in a boat, again he refuses saying God will save me. Storm continues, he has to climb on the roof. A helicopter lowers a rope. He declines saying God will save me. The man drowns. Meets God in heaven. “God I lived a good Christian life why didn’t you save me?” God says I sent the police, a boat and a helicopter.
    Many not finding the “right” spouse may ask God why he never sent a spouse for them. God: I sent a tall Methodist to work at your country [club?], a blonde Baptist to your favorite restaurant, a sweet redhead to your bowling league.
    I recommend you stop thinking you will know who God sent you or even feeling confident he isn’t relying on you to find them yourself. Don't think they have to be this way or that or that you will recognize perfection.

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