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Making Up After A Fight

Jake and I had been fighting a lot the past two weeks and one day it came to a head. I was yelling at Jake for being gone so much and not helping me around the house. He was yelling back defending his case along with other things. I called him some bad stuff, and […]

Is this Normal?

Hey, guys! I would like to ask for your help. Ever since Jake (my husband) joined the fire crew, I have been feeling the need to be manhandled. Like being tossed about, choked and pushed against the wall/bed or tied up. Sometimes it is hard to get Jake to go as far as I want […]

The Big Question

Hi, guys! Jake and I are writing the story of how we got engaged: (Cameron starts) I went to work as normal that Thursday morning. I got there early, and the head lifeguard had a big smile on her face. “What is it?” I asked. “Oh, nothing,” she said. “Becky, we are friends, tell me.” […]

Beach Honeymoon -I Love My Husband Part 2

I love my husband Part 2 He got out and dried off as I finished washing my hair. I stepped out of the shower into the waiting arms of my husband. He wrapped me in a towel and kissed the back of my neck saying, “I love you so very much; thank you for becoming […]

Beach Honeymoon – I Love My Husband

Beach Honeymoon – Ok so I don’t know how to start this but here it goes. My new husband, Jake Lewis and I just married. It was the most nerve racking day of my life and also the best day. After we had left the wedding, we headed for the hotel that we would spend […]