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My Birthday Surprise (L) (Part 4)

  My amazing wife looked right into my eyes and demanded simply, “Come eat me now!”  Without hesitation, I dove between her legs, lapping up the juices she had spilled as she fingered and fucked herself to multiple orgasms.  It tasted so sweet.  She grabbed my head and pushed me into her, begging me not […]

My Birthday Surprise (Part 3)

When I woke the next morning, I found my wife dressed and ready to go.  What can I say, I value my sleep.  She ordered me to “get moving” because we “need to enjoy ourselves while we are here.”  Thinking back to the night before I could not help but think that mission had already […]

My Birthday Surprise (Part 2)

This is part 2 of what would turn out to be a very memorable birthday surprise.  To celebrate my 35th, my wife planned an amazing weekend alone at one of our favorite cities.  She was determined to make sure this year would be amazing! We arrived at River Street in record time.  I was eager […]

My Birthday Surprise (Part 1)

This week marks my 35th birthday and, unfortunately, it has been years since I have received a birthday gift that I can actually remember.  It’s funny how as we age we can remember the cool toys we received as kids however, when we become adults, birthdays simply become another day and the gifts our spouses […]