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We Need Help

My husband and I have not been married long, not even for 2 years. We have a lot of sex issues. I have issues that come from a previous relationship where I thought we were in love and reluctantly gave up my virginity. Since then, I have had a very hard time with sex. I […]

Life Update – Lost and Found

[Editor’s Note: This story contains references to sexual encounters before marriage, though not in detail and not in a positive sense.  If this offends you or causes you to stumble, please don’t read it.] Hey all! It’s been around six months since I wrote last and A LOT has changed!!! If you have read my […]

Where Are You?

I want to find you, I am searching for you. My match, my better half, my forever and always, my companion, my love. But where are you? Where do I find you? Where do I even start? Who are you? Have we met? Am I looking in all the wrong places? Who am I without […]

Hard to wait…

I decided a long time ago to wait until I got married before I would have sex. It’s turning out that that is easier said than done. I’m 18 and I just started dating. I just got my first boyfriend, he is 21 and not a virgin. I just had my first kiss, it was […]