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Love At The Lake

In the summer of 1985, my wife and I visited her grandparents who lived in a house on the west shore of a beautiful lake in Texas. It was so peaceful and relaxing to feel the breeze blow in from the water and to hear the sound of the waves as you settle in for […]

In Another World

I was recently ambushed by my beautiful wife.  She was unusually first to bed that night as she had risen early on that particular day and was feeling tired at an early hour.  So it happened that I came into a dark bedroom at my customary bed time.  A motionless figure lay beneath the covers.  I […]

Welcome Home

It had been a long three days on the road for him. He was glad to finally be on the road headed west toward home. Sleep had been hard. The 10 day period since he’d last made love to her was apparent. Routinely waking from a lusty dream about her to find himself alone in […]