The stories in this category are about masturbating with your spouse. This may be as foreplay, to spice things up, or because of physical requirements. You may be together in person or connecting through technological means when separated for some reason. Mutual masturbation can help overcome many different obstacles to married sexual relations.

Masturbation can be a way to connect sexually when one or both partners are unable to have intercourse at the time — maybe due to age, illness, or distance — but they still want to engage in intimacy.  This can take the form of self-pleasure while watching each. But, for some, it can also encompass pleasing each other manually or with toys, one at a time or at the same time.  Usually, though, masturbation refers to self-stimulation and mutual masturbation to doing it together and for each other’s pleasure as much as for your own.

These stories illustrate how married couples who can’t or don’t want to engage in intercourse may still enjoy a fulfilling sexual encounter through masturbating together.

🔊 Masturbation May: Did We? (L) ~ Ignite Story

I figured I better let him in on my naughty plan for the night before he started getting too concerned. So we walked hand in hand to the bedroom.

Masturbation May: Can We? (L) ~ Ignite Story

I began to rub my clit vigorously as I watched him.

Tricky Situation

We have a set schedule that we follow pretty regularly in regards to our married sex life. Every married…

My Exotic Queen

It’s a Friday.  We slept in, and now I’m standing in the kitchen door, looking at her as she cooks…

🔊 Cum for Dinner ~ the Eating Out Series

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist We had such a super build-up for our special dinner.  I called Macy's…

The Build-up (L) ~ the Eating Out Series

This story contains strong language (L). You can read about annotations here. This story contains…

May is Masturbation Month

Now, I understand that masturbation and Christian beliefs do not always sit well together.  So if you…
Married Sex Stories - Morning Erection

🔊 Sleepy Eyes and Morning Wood

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist It was morning. The sun was peeking through the blinds, and I was just…

🔊 Man In the Shadow (L/A)

"I want you to forget that I am here. You must play with your pussy as if you are alone. Enjoy yourself."

🔊 “Doing It” for My New Wife

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist One of my best marital masturbation experiences was on our honeymoon. That’s…

🔊 Ms. Hotty’s Shower Play

❤️MS. HOTTY'S SHOWER PLAY In the shower she stands, horny and hot, And evokes Mr. BeastLe caressing…

🔊 A Fantasy Fulfilled

🔊  Ignite Audio Playlist Recently, for the first time, I watched my wife masturbate to orgasm.…