Stories about Vacation Sex

Wouldn’t You Like to Get Away

We all know how hard it can be to make time for hot sex with our spouses. We hope these stories of vacation sex will give you some ideas. At vacation time, husbands and wives can sometimes take time away from it all to reconnect spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Whether it’s a tryst on a moon-washed beach, cabin antics on an ocean cruise, or a sexy shower in an upscale resort, these monogamous vacation sex stories can rev your imagination and spark some marriage heat.

Bermuda, Bahama… or the Alps?

Maybe you want to read stories about:

  • Sex on Honeymoon Vacation
  • Summer Beach Vacation Sex
  • Sex on a Tropical Island
  • Adult Spring Break Travel Sex
  • Sex on a Nordic Getaway

or other fun and sexy destinations. Well, these stories of married couples’ sexy vacations should fit the bill!

Or Closer to Home

Of course, some couples prefer to spend their vacation focusing more on each other than the destination. So they use vacation time for a sexy stay-cation. New “empty-nesters” may enjoy their time off just being able to romp anywhere in or around the house they would like. Adventurous types might find a day hike the perfect opportunity for sex in nature. And a local tourist attraction can be a fun place for a husband and wife to tease one another with touches and whispers of what they’d like to do when they get back home. That is, if they can both wait that long!

What About You?

What is the best monogamous vacation sex you’ve ever had? Where do you dream of going wild with your spouse? Add your true or imagined vacation sex story here and help MarriageHeat build strong and sexy marriages one story at a time. Biblical hot monogamy for the win!

Wife, face hidden by hat, kneels nude on a large stone.

Back To Lake Powell

Note to readers of MH:  This story is a sequel to a story I wrote way before I discovered MH.  Someday…

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Vibrating Panties (L)

This story contains strong language (L) You can read more about such annotations in the guidelines. My…
Scene of a picnic shelter and pickup truck with no identifiable markings (emblem, tags, etc.) and a small stream crossing through the foreground.

🔊 “Miracle Mile”

Miracle Mile, WYOMING - August 6, 2020 “A sexual encounter with your beloved at a location named…

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Late Night Picnic (L)

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11 Days of Dirty, Nasty Mountain Adventures (L)

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Sunset Swim

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Bathroom Shower Escape

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