Ladies, Try This!

Ladies, I actually got the idea from a previous writing from a few months ago and took the posters advice on some things and decided to submit my own. So try this!

Send your hubby a hot text message while he is at work. Say something like “Thinking of your manhood inside of me is driving me wild” maybe not that, but something to let him know you are thinking about him.

If you have a camera phone, send him a revealing self pic, not to revealing in case there are others around, but send him something to think about.

Call him at work, just tease him a little or a lot depending on how you want him to come home. When he answers the phone just give him a little something to think about by giving him a gentle moan and in a sweet sexy quiet voice tell him that you can’t wait until he gets home so you can have your way with him.

And when he does finally arrive home, don’t disappoint him with not coming thru on what you started. Before you make any calls or send him any pictures, make sure your evening is free. I know when I am in the mood all day; the last thing I want is a let down. Of course emergencies take priority. Greet him wearing something sexy and revealing, or with nothing on at all. Just a thought, Guys love the way we look in their clothes. My husband loves when I wear one of his flannel button down shirts with most buttons un done and my pair of little work boots and a nice thong that is revealed when I bend over. I know this may sound crazy but my man loves this look and it really fires him up. Of course a sexy pair of heals works just as well too.

Another thing to try is (only if the kids are out and he is coming home alone) Lay on the bed completely naked, when he calls for you simply say “I’m up here” and let him find you teasing yourself with your hands or maybe even a toy, this way you are already completely fired up by the time he gets to you. I did this once and it drove my husband crazy, He said when he saw me pleasuring myself with a vibrator he almost would have rather watched me instead. Which brings me to my next thing. Masturbating in front of each other is always a big turn on for both of us. He loves watching me and I really really love watching him. I get so turned on watching him stroke himself it just drives me nuts. While he is taking care of himself and you too, reach over and give him a hand as well. While he is stroking grab and play with his balls, my husband doesn’t usually last long once I “help” him out.

While he is in the shower, join him. Or if you don’t get there in time, when he gets out, don’t say a word, just drop to your knees and let him slide right in to your mouth. My husband loves watching me suck on him in the bathroom mirror. Once you know he’s looking, look over in the mirror at yourself sucking on him then look up at him while continuing. Try to spice things up too. Have sex on the vanity, turn the water on and while you are doing it, rub water on him (got that idea from the movie fatal attraction). And as always don’t forget the cherry on the Sunday, “the reach around” While engaged in sex, reach a free hand under him and gently massage his balls.

Do something totally out of character for you; so many times sex becomes a routine thing. Break the habit and do something crazy. Of course this next thing may not apply to everyone but while servicing him orally, reach under him and gently rub his butt hole. I think many guys won’t admit it but they want us to do this to them. I may be wrong but I have my suspicions. The first time I did this my husband exploded in my mouth. While he was ejaculating I slid the tip of my finger in a tiny bit. I know afterwards he was a little embarrassed (he got over it quickly) but he said his orgasm was the most intense he had ever had. I think you should really treat your man to this, his reaction may be a bit strange at first but he will submit because it feels so good. If this isn’t your thing then try something else, just be someone else (not literally) for one night, get out of the routine and do something crazy and really give him something to think about the next day. One more thing, let him ejaculate in your mouth, I know many women don’t like this, but it really does mean so much to men to have their wife accept their semen. There is nothing disgusting or dirty about it. Even if you decide not to swallow it let it dribble out of your mouth on to your lips and chin while still licking and sucking his penis. They love the visual; some women may also find this to be a huge turn on for them as well. But whatever you do, don’t start gagging and choking. This is a real mood killer for both.

When I have some more ideas I’ll test them out on my man and report back. Please reply to this post if you decide to give any of these thoughts a try. I know some things sound a bit risque but he will love and wait to see the rewards you will get out of it as well.

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  1. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    I love penetration in my anus. The reason is simple. The prostate. The prostate is located about an inch or so inside and wraps around the rectum. A finger inside a man’s anus rubbing the prostate is as close as a man has to a female G-Spot. It always sends me reeling when my wife inserts a finger and rubs my G-Spot.

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