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My wife and I are a happily-married Christian couple, who believe strongly in the pleasurable enjoyment of one another in a Christ-centered union.  Writing isn’t necessarily my forte per se, but I felt that this site was a beacon in an internet filled with smut and garbage that only serves to promote unmarried debauchery.  I am happy to contribute to a site which promotes Christ-centered marriage while also providing an outlet for ideas to improve our love lives without straying to the pornography of the Internet.

So here goes.

A few weeks ago, my spouse and I celebrated our ten year anniversary and figured that a trip to San Francisco would be a fantastic short getaway to enjoy each other.  We hadn’t been intimate for some time due to the kids/job/etc. and the amount of time each absorbs.  By the time the nights would wind down, we’d be too exhausted to enjoy each other.

However, this weekend was a bit of a different story.  We arrived early in the morning and spent the first part of the day visiting the various basic sights around the city. Ghirardelli Square, the wharfs, and the trolleys.  It was very cold and quite gloomy, so we welcomed the early afternoon by heading over to the hotel and taking a nap.  We checked in to a hotel near Union Square that we’d reserved the week before, and opened the window slightly to the breeze and the sounds of the city below.  I’m not much of a napper, but before long we were both fast asleep.

When I awoke about and hour or so later, I noticed that the covers had slid slightly off my wife’s frame.. a few kids later, she still caught my eye in all the right places.  Thinking she wouldn’t move (she was fast asleep), I reached over and caressed her thigh gently.  It was surprisingly warm, and I just laid there for a bit enjoying the sounds of the city and the cool crisp breeze.  Suddenly my lovely wife shifted over, and in doing so managed to “accidentally” brush my hand across her warmth.  Not wasting the chance, I slowly began to circle her inner thighs with my hand and moved it higher and higher.  As I did, she began to stir and slightly opened her legs to accommodate my caress.  As she did, I slipped my hand under her striped panties and slid may hand inside her.  She let out a sound that was so pleasurable; it caused me to stiffen almost on the spot.

I removed her panties and began to massage the backs of her legs, taking care to remind her that I loved ever inch of her body.. and not just the parts that involved sex.  As I massaged, I removed my shirt and straddled her back.  My manhood was at full attention, but as a man this was something that didn’t necessarily draw my immediate attention.  However, as I moved forward to massage her shoulders, I dipped by body down low enough to cause my manhood to gently prod her wetness.. it caught my attention when she gasped and said a soft “yes..”  Following the signals, I continued to massage her back while I slowly probed her beautiful body.  As I did, she moved her legs in such a way that caused the next backrub movement to accommodate my manhood, so I slid gently in to her wetness savoring the feeling of love and lust.  We had been married for many years and had enjoyed many romantic moments before, but the environment and lack of distraction allowed us to truly absorb this moment in a way we hadn’t experienced in years.

As I slid inside, she arched her back, and I began to thrust.. the sounds of our flesh contacting in a soft “pat” with each movement.  Sadly, I’m not a model of self-control when stimulated in such ways, and it wasn’t long before the combination of her beautiful body and our infrequent romantic encounters as a married couple caused my body to tense.  As I climaxed, I remembered the cool feeling of her buttocks against my legs, and I drove deep in to her causing her a slight discomfort.  I eased back, and as we gasped in ecstasy, we fell gently into a natural spooning position and cuddled for a while before I withdrew.

It was an amazing weekend, leaving me with an indelible memory of our ten year anniversary of a happy, God-fearing marriage.  I can’t wait to see what the next ten years will bring!

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