Christian Wife Learns the Ropes – Playful Dominance

As she opened the box, she was still shaking her head and was uncertain about what she was going to do. She picked up the adjustable restraints that she had ordered through a discrete website and just shook her head. It had all started 2 months ago….

Andrew and Allie had been married for 8 years. In that time their family had grown to 5 – not including the cat. Allie was a 4th grade teacher and her husband, Andrew, was a loan officer at a local bank. Their marriage had always been quite good – good enough that their friends complimented them on the way they treated each other. About half of their friends had already gotten a divorce and many of the rest were unhappy in their relationships. Having three children under the age of 6 had taken its toll though. The frequency of sex had dropped substantially. And despite regular ‘date nights,’ their ‘spark’ had dimmed a bit. Their sex life had gotten stale and Allie found herself thinking of sex as more hassle than it was worth. That’s when Allie heard about a special program that was being sponsored by their church.

The program was advertised as a way to rejuvenate and celebrate marriage and was for women only. She and a friend signed up immediately. She wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the speaker, and she forgot most of the material quickly. But there was one hour of the day-long program devoted to “Sex and Marriage.” The speaker was a middle-aged woman who could have passed for a stereotypical file clerk, but she seemed to come alive in this segment. The speaker emphasized these things:

– Don’t be afraid to try new things in the bedroom

– Don’t be afraid to initiate love-making

– Don’t mistake being adventurous for being sinful

The speaker encouraged the attendees to spice up their lovemaking: “You can use lingerie, massage oil, vibrators, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and whips. I don’t care what you do as long as it is a mutual expression of love.” You could hear the gasp come up from the attendees. This seemed to only encourage the speaker. She went on to emphasize taking control in the bedroom. “What you have to understand is that men are taught to pursue women from adolescence. They are taught to be the aggressors. Consequently, they get turned down all the time and that can take its toll. While most men have big egos, it can still be discouraging to your husband when you turn him down. I’m not saying that you have to be ready for sex any time he wants it – I’m saying that you can take a huge amount of pressure off of him when you aggressively initiate love-making. Now he doesn’t have to worry about whether you are willing. He knows that you’re ready and that is a huge relief to a man.” Allie had never thought of it this way. But upon thinking about it, she realized that she had gotten in the pattern of waiting for Andrew to send clear signals that he wanted sex. Sometimes she felt like it and sometimes she didn’t. Be she had never seen it as a burden for him – but it made sense.

The speaker continued. “Pay close attention to what your husband is communicating to you. See if you can figure out what he likes and doesn’t like. I’ve never had a women tell me that her husband rejected her advances. Men don’t care exactly what you want to do as much as they want you to initiate it.” The program, and especially the segment on sex, created quite a stir. Afterwards several vocal members said that the speaker had gone too far. But a seed had been planted in Allie.

The next day she asked Andrew to stay home with the children while she went to go for a walk with her mother. She occasionally asked for this escape when the challenges of being a mother were wearing on her, and Andrew always encouraged her to go. Instead of going for the walk, Allie went to a local coffee shop and took her journal. After getting her coffee, Allie sat and thought. What does Andrew like? Their bedroom routine had been pretty traditional up to this point. She occasionally wore a silky chemise that he enjoyed and she often lit a candle and played soft music. But even she was getting slightly bored of these details.

As she thought about their routine, a memory flashed. They had been watching a Failure to Launch – a romantic comedy — at home on the couch. Near the end Matthew McConaughy and Sarah Jessica Parker finally decide to be together. Throughout the last scene, McConaughy is tied to a chair.  Feeling good about the couple’s happy ending, Allie had snuggled closer to Andrew and was surprised to feel his erection. She assumed that it meant that he wanted to make love (as they sometimes did after a movie on a weekend).

That memory led Allie to another. They had been watching another movie – she couldn’t even remember the name of it. Andrew had chosen it, and it was one of those American Pie/ Hangover movies or one of a hundred ‘guy movies’ that included lots of adolescent humor. In the movie, a man was surprised when his girlfriend arrived in a long trenchcoat and heels – only to reveal a leather bra and panties. She restrained her boyfriend’s hands over his head and proceeded to use a riding crop to rub over his body and gently tease him. The scene wasn’t very long, but Allie remembered glancing over at Andrew to see his reaction. She specifically remembered his intense gaze and was surprised when she could clearly see his erection straining against his pajama pants.

Allie was surprised that she hadn’t thought of it since. Was her husband excited by being restrained and dominated? Her first thought was “I’m not that kind of girl.” She closed her journal and went home. But the thoughts stayed with her. In some ways it did make sense – if the speaker was right and men were looking for their wife to take the pressure off of them, there were few things more direct than restraining him and pleasuring him.

One day after her husband had gone to bed early, Allie searched for more information online. She found some websites and pictures that horrified her – things that were much too intense. And then she stumbled across a different website: “A Christian Girl’s Guide to Being Kinky.” The site was written by a Christian Couple and focused on women who didn’t want to hurt their husbands or completely change their personality, or do anything illegal or immoral. It focused on celebrating the marriage relationship while trying new things. One of the sections of the website was titled: “The Christian Wife: In Charge.” As she read, she began to develop a new understanding.

In this section, the authors of the website described how ‘playful dominance’ could enhance a marriage relationship in several ways. It allowed the wife to initiate sex and plan the sexual encounter, thus helping her feel like a more equal partner in the bedroom. Additionally, they argued that ‘playful dominance’ reinforced the trust between marriage partners. When the wife was in control, it forced her husband to trust her with his physical, emotional, and sexual needs.  Men were rarely in such a vulnerable position with their wives. The authors argued that it actually helped husbands be more vulnerable and emotionally connected with their wives outside the bedroom. Finally, they stated that the nature of the interaction forced the husband to experience love-making in a more emotional way and to experience pleasure beyond simply through his penis. In essence the process would make him engage his thoughts and emotions more fully. Allie was relieved to read that the couple’s definition of ‘playful dominance’ emphasized mutual desire and lack of physical pain or punishment. She had no desire to hurt Andrew and knew that she couldn’t do that no matter how it was framed.

The couple who authored the website offered several ‘pointers’ for those getting started:

“Based on interviews and surveys, we have discovered several general ‘Truths and Guidance about Playful Dominance”:

1) 90% of husbands like it when their wives decide to be playfully dominant. Seriously. Only men who never want to give up any control don’t like it. Some men enjoy it even more than others, but almost all of them like it a lot. Why else would it be such a common scene in movies and TV shows lately?

2) Husbands want to see their wives wear something different and exciting. The old saying that men are turned on visually is true. It is virtually impossible to overdo it. Black camisole set? Great! Sexy bustiers? Yes! Matching leather bra and thong? Absolutely! Garters and stockings? Definitely! High heels or high-heeled boots are a requirement. Men can never quite explain what it is about them that make their heart beat faster, but they are a must. Heels or boots complete the visual image that the wife is in charge tonight.

3) Toys are necessary to help make a full transition to the playful dominance as something different than the usual lovemaking. Some type of restraint is absolutely necessary. This will force the husband to pay attention to what his wife is doing and to receiving pleasure. 90% of husbands want more than just restraints. Other toys include feathers, ice, whipped cream, velvet gloves, riding crops, and whips. Let’s be clear – the big difference between our site and ‘those other sites’ on the internet are that these items are used for mutual pleasure, never to inflict pain. Imagine them as props in a play. They simply set the stage to make things feel real.

4) Wives often feel awkward at first, but most genuinely enjoy taking their turn as the one in control. They often have lots of excuses and insecurities initially: “He’ll think I look ridiculous,” “I don’t know what I’m doing,” “He’ll laugh at me,” “I could never be comfortable doing those things.” In 10 years of having this website we’ve never had a wife come back and say that her husband wasn’t completely turned on. Instead, we’ve had wives and husbands email us to share how this has created a new chapter of excitement, trust, and love in their relationship.

5) Playful dominance is never about pain. It is about teasing, playing, new sensations, and a hint of unpredictability, but never pain.

Allie let the words sink in over the next few days. She went back to the website and re-read the content. She even looked in the forums to read about other married couples experiences. Slowly, a plan began to emerge. She found a website with the ‘toys’ she would need and was thankful that she always got home to receive the packages before he did. She set a date and set the stage.

It began with a call to his office in the morning with a simple message before she hung up: “You’re in for a treat tonight.” Andrew was surprised. Allie had never done this before. He felt a slight twinge in his pants and found himself watching the clock. She texted an hour later: “Can’t wait to see you.” Another hour, another text from Allie: “I can’t stop thinking about you.” His replies requesting details were met with silence. Andrew caught himself day-dreaming about the possibilities, and it was difficult to focus on the loan applications. Finally, his workday ended and Andrew raced home to see what was waiting for him.

As he walked in the door, Andrew was slightly disappointed to see Allie dressed in casual jeans and a plain shirt. He had hoped that she would be dressed – well, differently. She had prepared his favorite meal – fried chicken and mashed potatoes – and had already dropped the children off at her parents’ house. They shared a bottle of wine and talked about their day. Finally Andrew had to ask, “So what about all these messages today?”

“I have something planned for later” Allie replied cryptically.

“Oh really” half question, half statement.

“Perhaps it’s time to get started.”

Allie was doing her best to appear seductive and in control. She was actually filled with doubts. What if he doesn’t like this? What if he isn’t turned on and thinks it is completely ridiculous. She gave herself 50/50 odds that he would just laugh at her.

“Go to the bedroom and take off your shirt. I’ll be there soon.”

“Well, ok.” Andrew felt the stirring in his pants again. She had never directed him to do anything like this and he was intrigued and beginning to get excited. He quickly looked around the bedroom and saw nothing different. He followed her directions and sat on the edge of their bed as he waited for her. Andrew mind was swimming with wonder.

After 10 minutes, Allie appeared at the bedroom door and dimmed the lights. Andrew’s face fell slightly. She was dressed in her old faded-pink robe and house slippers. The same robe and slippers she had worn for the last 9 years and had been stained with tears and snot while raising 3 young children. He had hoped for something different.

Allie walked over to him and hugged him. Although she was nervous, she chuckled to herself when she saw his look of disappointment. She gave him a quick kiss and said, “You look great baby. I want to try something a little different tonight. Would you take off your pants and socks?” Andrew agreed, although he half expected her to begin doing a load of laundry. She kissed him again – this time a little more intensely and hugged him a little tighter. She took a half-step back to admire him standing in his underwear.

She pulled him close and kissed him deeply – her tongue penetrating his mouth. Then she whispered to him. “Do you trust me baby?”

Andrew’s brow furrowed, “Of course.”

“Then let me take the lead tonight. Just trust me.” She looked longingly at him as he whispered, “All right.” She kissed him again and gently sucked on his lower lip. Her hands began rubbing his pecs, his abs, and down to his thighs. Then her left hand worked its way up to his neck pulling him to her lips while her right hand reached between his legs. Andrew’s entire body stiffened. Her flat hand pushed his growing erection against his abdomen and then moved lower to firmly grab his balls. Andrew met her kiss and began to push back against her hand – enjoying the pressure. His mind swirled; she had never done anything like this before.

Allie broke the kiss and gazed into his eyes. Without a word she hooked her fingers under the waistband of his briefs and pulled them to the ground. Her right hand resolutely grabbed his shaft. She watched for his reaction. She kept waiting for some sign that he wasn’t happy with this course of events, but his entire reaction demonstrated pure pleasure. It was time for the next step.

“We’re going on a little trip,” she said. With her hand still clasped around his cock, she led him across the bedroom. Andrew eagerly tagged along. She stopped at the door to their walk-in closet and she positioned him in the closet doorway facing the bedroom. Andrew thought she was going to ask him to do some pull-ups because he was positioned under the pull-up bar that he had installed on the door frame a few years earlier.

“Grab the bar.” Allie stated flatly.  Andrew complied. “Don’t move, ok baby.” Andrew could only murmur his assent, “mmhmm.” What was she up to? Allie stepped into the dark closet and out of Andrew’s line of sight. He heard the rustling of plastic bags and tried to see what was going on behind him. Allie squeezed between Andrew and the doorframe to appear in front of him. She quickly attached a leather cuff to one of Andrew’s wrists. The cuff was comfortable and attached with Velcro – Andrew was confident he could break it if he wanted to, but throughout the entire process he never thought of taking his hands off the pull-up bar. He was eager to see where this was headed. Allie tossed the other cuff over the bar before attaching it to his other wrist. Andrew’s arms were comfortably stretched over his head to almost their full length. The leather strap connecting the cuffs was looped over the bar and held him in place.

Andrew’s first sensation was the cuff on his wrist. Unlike handcuffs, the wide leather bands were gentle on his wrists, and he stood comfortably in the doorway. The other immediate sensation was his shaft – which was as hard and throbbing as he had ever remembered. Allie had been right – he was in for something different this evening. And so far, he was absolutely enjoying it.

Throughout the cuffing, Allie had watched Andrew’s face nervously – expecting him to defy her requests and either laugh or get angry. Relief washed over her as he complied with every command and because his smile never left his face. Only after he was secured did she step back to look at her handiwork. Her eyes moved from his smile, down his muscled chest and stomach, pausing to admire his erection, and then down his legs. She stepped forward to kiss him gently and couldn’t help asking, “How are you doing, baby?”

She smiled at his response. “Amazing. This is quite a surprise.”

“We’re not done with the surprises yet,” she whispered back. “I’ll be right back.”

She left the Andrew in the bedroom with his mind racing about where she was going and what she was doing. She returned within a few moments in the same robe. But Andrew could immediately see a difference – she was noticeably taller. The house slippers had been replaced with black high-heeled pumps. She stopped about 5 feet in front of him. Her confidence was building. Allie leisurely untied the sash on her old bathrobe and slowly opened it. Andrew’s eyes widened as he gazed at Allie. Beneath the robe she wore the 4 inch black pumps, black thigh-high stockings, a shiny black g-string, and glistening black bra. She was smiled at his reaction and took her time dropping the robe to the floor. “You like?” she said teasingly.

“Oh my,’ was Andrew’s only response. Although he thought it was impossible, he actually felt harder than before. Allie leisurely turned around, pausing to give him a view of her back (and of her thong). She slowly walked toward him until she was only six inches away – her eyes never left his. The rush of excitement that had been building all day was still there. But it had changed from nervous energy to pure excitement. Her doubts about Andrew’s reaction were fading. Now she was focusing on the next step in her plan and she found herself anticipating his reaction. She began to feel comfortable in her outfit and her persona. She no longer felt that she was acting – she was naturally taking control of pleasuring her husband.

She pressed her body against his and kissed him deeply. “How you doing?” she asked. It was more of a statement than a question.

“You look stunning,” he replied. Andrew could feel his erection press against her stomach and the slick leather-like material of her bra pressed against his chest. With the heels she was only about an inch shorter than him and this only increased the feeling of her being in control.

“I’m going to be running the show tonight,” Allie whispered. “Just follow my commands and I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

“Yes ma’am,” was all Andrew could say. Andrew still couldn’t believe what was happening. He loved seeing his wife being so confident and assertive. He wasn’t afraid of what she would do to him – he knew that she wouldn’t go too far. In fact, his only fear was that she would stop. Andrew could sense a relaxation that he hadn’t felt before. Usually during sex he was always thinking about what to do next and whether or not Allie was feeling good. His only tension – a very good tension – was waiting for what Allie would do next. He found himself feeling every kiss, every inch of her body. He could smell Allie’s perfume and the faint smell of leather from the cuffs. He had never been able to take in those sensations when he had been so worried about what he was going to do to Allie next.

Allie smiled at him. She ran her hands through his hair and pulled his mouth to hers. Their tongues danced while Allie’s hands moved down his body to his chest. Suddenly she pulled away and quickly stepped behind him.

She was glad that she had read through several of the forums and stories on the “kinky” website. If she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have known what to do next. She had an initial plan, but she wanted to be open to  trying things and note how Andrew responded. She ran her finger down the back of his neck and began tracing circles on his back. She had let her fingernails grow out a bit just for tonight and she tried to touch him as lightly as possible with only her nails. Her nails traced his back a little longer and then slowly moved down to his butt. She lightly scratched each side, reaching down to his thigh and returning to his lower back. Although she could no longer see his face, she watched him throw his head back and he quivered under her touch. She stepped closer to him and pressed her body against his. Her hands moved to his hips while her lips grabbed his earlobe. She felt him push his body back against her. She played along by pulling his hips back and rubbing her crotch against him. After nibbling on his ear and kissing his neck, her hands reached around him. “I think there is something up here that belongs to me.” She grabbed his shaft with her right hand and his balls with her left – giving both a firm squeeze.

“Oh, Allie,” he moaned as he pushed back as far as the restraints would allow. Her hands slowly massaged and stroked him, yet maintained a firm grip on him. His moans increased. Allie could feel herself getting more and more comfortable. Her hand left his balls and found his nipple. First she rubbed it and then she squeezed it – something she’d never done before (but had read about in the forums). His moans and bucking against her let her know that it was a good move, and she began to pinch harder. Two months ago, she would never have believed that she’d be in her closet with her husband tied up while she stroked his cock, pinched his nipples, and grinded her pussy against his bare ass. “No stopping now,” she thought. She could feel her clitoris begin throbbing.

She released him and stepped back to catch her breath. Time to push the boundaries a little further. When planning for the night, she had looked at several websites for the tools and toys she would need. Ever the frugal wife, she finally decided on a “Bondage Beginner’s Pack” which included 2 sets of the leather restraints (she had plans for the other set), a blindfold, a riding crop, a leather flogger, a leather collar, and a set of silk scarves. She had felt embarrassed ordering and receiving the package. She almost returned the package and was convinced that she might only use the blindfold and the scarves. The evening had gone better than she had ever planned and so she felt emboldened. She picked up two of the toys from her set. “Right or left?” she asked authoritatively.

“What?” Andrew was disappointed that her hands had left his body and he was confused by her question.

“Right or left. Do you want what is in my right hand or my left hand?” she replied. “And don’t even think about asking to see them.”

Pause. “Right.”

She whispered in his ear. “I think you made an excellent choice.”

She stepped from behind him and back into the dim light. She was still dressed the same, but now she had a riding crop in her right hand.  Andrew’s eyes grew wide. Allie had always assumed that toys like riding crops were only for ‘those people’ who were aroused by inflicting actual pain – something that scared and revolted her. But as she had perused the forums and articles on various websites, she learned that these types of toys could also be used purely for pleasure – and she planned to show Andrew how. The crop was black, about 20 inches long, and ended in a looped piece of black leather. It had amused her to find out that the leather loop on the end of a crop was called the ‘keeper.’ She was certainly going to ‘keep’ his attention tonight.

Allie bent over slightly to touch the end of the crop to the toe of her high heels. She looked at Andrew to make sure he was watching, then slowly drew the tip of the crop up her foot, her calf, and between her legs. She swirled the crop there a few times and then brought it up to her own cheek and down her neck to her breasts. When she had planned this part of the seduction, she had focused on giving Andrew a show, but she found herself loving the feel of the leather on her skin and reluctantly moved on to the next step.

She stepped closer to Andrew and kissed his neck. She brought the ‘keeper’ to his face and slowly rubbed it on his cheek, across his jawline, and down his neck to the top of his chest. Andrew had closed his eyes and let his head drop back and he felt the tip of leather run over his skin. Allie could feel herself pulsating against her thong at the sight of him. She brought the tip back up his neck, over his chin, and rested it on his lips. He instinctively kissed it – and it brought shivers to Allie’s pelvis. She leaned in and kissed his earlobe whispering, “You’re such a good boy. What do you think of my toy?”

Andrew stammered, “It’s, it’s … beautiful.” Andrew had no idea how this change had come over his wife – but he was loving it. When he first saw the crop, he felt his cock surge. He was still assuming that she wouldn’t actually use it to cause him pain, but at this point, he almost didn’t care. It felt so good to watch his wife take command of the situation. He had fully given himself over to the seduction and to her control. He was just along for the ride.

“Turn around,” she ordered. The straps on the restraints were just long enough that Andrew could turn 180 degrees without discomfort. He dutifully obeyed. He could hear her just behind him, but couldn’t feel anything as he stared into the dark closet. The next order came: “Spread your legs.” Again he immediately followed her commands – stretching his feet out to the width of the doorway. Andrew felt completely exposed in this position – completely naked, with his hands restrained above him, his legs spread wide. She could do almost anything to him in this position – and he had never been more turned on.

He felt the leather on the insides of his left foot, and then moving slowly up the inside of his legs, finally getting to his inner thigh. He tensed as it rose higher, lightly sliding up his crack — and then slowly relaxed as it went back down the other leg all the way to his foot. Slowly it came back up his right leg and finally returning to the top of his inner thigh. Then it slowly moved forward until he could feel the leather tip pushing up against his balls. Andrew threw his head back and let out a soft moan as he tried to push against the crop for more stimulation.

Allie felt a combination of pleasure and pity as she watched him struggle against the restraints – but knowing that it was driving him out of his mind. She couldn’t take too much more of this torturing him – but she wasn’t done quite yet. She ran her left hand through his hair and gently, but firmly, pulled his head back while she increased the pressure on the crop. He moaned again, but louder this time. “Do you like being dominated, baby?” She asked teasingly. Another moan was her answer. “Turn around.”

After he faced her, Allie again slowly ran the tip of the crop up his inner thigh. This time she stopped to stroke his balls with the keeper. She varied the pressure – alternating between trying to make the touch as light as possible with pushing hard against him. She continued to watch his face to make sure it wasn’t too hard, but his half-closed eyes and moans told her that everything was just fine. Next, she slowly ran the leather tip up and down his rock-hard shaft – playing with light touches at his tip and watching him begin to strain against the restraints as he tried to push against the tip of the crop. She couldn’t help but smile. She moved up his torso swirling the crop over his abs and gently rubbing it against each nipple.

She stepped forward to whisper to him, but at the last moment she realized that she was going to step on his toes with her sharp heels. To avoid hurting him, she half-fell to the side and she reached out with her hand to catch herself against the doorframe. In the process, the tip of the crop gently, but firmly, rapped against his left nipple. Allie froze.

“Uh-huh, yeah,” Andrew moaned. His head was thrown back and he hadn’t seen her almost fall. Allie had only intended to use the crop as a toy – a prop – and she had followed her plan to rub it over his body. She hesitated a moment. Perhaps it was time to briefly go off-script. She rubbed the keeper against his other nipple – then she pulled the tip about 2 inches from his skin and gently tapped it against the nipple. She was rewarded with another moan and more squirming. Her fear was quickly replaced with arousal. She began tapping the crop over his chest and was happy to see him lean toward her to meet the crop. She was careful to keep under control – never letting the crop get more than a few inches away from his body. In doing so, the keeper never built up much speed. She knew this wasn’t hurting him (after all, she had tried the crop on her own body after pulling it out of the package. She had always been curious about them).

She continued alternating between soft strokes and firm taps – trying to keep him guessing about what would happen next. His sighs and moans let her know that he was thoroughly aroused. She swirled and tapped his abs and his hips – stroked his cock with the tip, and after a brief internal debate, gave his shaft a firm tap from the side.  His “oh baby” led to a few more. She was more careful as she moved lower to his balls, but continued the tapping and caressing down his legs. She slowly began to tap less, and caress more – moving the end of the crop up and down his entire body. Andrew seemed to come out of a trance and looked at his wife with his eyes half-closed. His erection was still standing firm. She decided that he had ‘suffered’ enough.

She crouched down and took his tip in her mouth. She was rewarded with an “Oh my… Allie.” She let her tongue swirl around his tip and then engulfed it in her mouth. Allie wanted to give him a quick reward, but didn’t want to end things here. She stood up and kissed him passionately.

“Baby, you are amazing,” was all Andrew could say. He felt drunk from the experience.

“Well, you know the Bible says we should submit to one another. I figured I’d have you go first,” Allie said with a wistful smile. She reached up and unfastened one of the wrist restraints and tossed it over the bar. For the second time that night she grabbed his shaft and led him across the bedroom. She laid him down on the bed at an angle and refastened his wrist after looping the restraint around one of the bed posts. “You’re not free quite yet,” she said. Andrew could only hope for what would happen next.

She kicked off her heels, climbed onto the bed, and straddled his torso. Andrew watched as she undid her bra. Once again he was in a position to simply watch and feel. He loved the pressure of her on top of him, the smell of her perfume, and the feel of her stockings against his legs as she straddled him. She leaned forward and let her breasts fall just above his mouth. By straining just a bit against his restraints, Andrew could lean up and caress her nipples with his tongue. It was Allie’s turn to moan. She pressed her breasts against his mouth, alternating them at her discretion. She could feel his cock pushing against her.

Allie leaned back, moved off to the side of him, and slipped off her thoroughly soaked thong. She climbed back on, straddling one of his legs. She leaned her breasts over his mouth again and simultaneously began grinding her pussy against his leg. Andrew eagerly resumed teasing and sucking her nipples while Allie felt the beginnings of an orgasm rise up in her. Allie lifted herself up a little higher, met his gaze, and then slowly lowered herself on his shaft. Her back arched at the sensation of fullness. The long session had left both of them so aroused that it didn’t take long. Allie had ridden her husband before, but never as passionately and assertively as this time. She held his gaze while repeatedly impaling herself on his cock. After only a few minutes, she could tell that he was close, and it only made her drive herself onto him harder and harder.

His long moan let her know that he was there, and she was surprised to find that she was too.  But, she didn’t stop until she was sure he was finished and she was too sensitive to continue. She collapsed against him and held him until she finally had the strength to reach up and release his bonds. They held each other as they caught their breath.

Andrew broke the silence, “I can’t believe we just did that! I mean, I can’t believe you …”

“Did you enjoy yourself?” she asked – already knowing the answer.

“That was the most amazing experience …” he trailed off.

“Baby. We’re just getting started,” she teased.

Andrew smiled at that. Then his face changed to a quizzical expression. “I have just one question,” he said. “What was in your left hand?”

Allie just smiled.




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7 replies
  1. Blondie says:

    I loved how you talked about trying to pay attention to what your husband wants and what he’s interested in. Sometimes when our spouse doesn’t communicate with us directly on what they want, the best thing to do is to observe. Observe during love making and be adventurous as only trying new things will allow you to know if you like something or not. You noticed he found dominance from the woman appealing and decided you wanted to try it out to see if you liked being the one in charge. I’m glad you pointed out how none of your intentions were to hurt or cause pain, but to play the role of the one who was in complete charge of the situation.

  2. Seeking Passion says:

    That story is very inspiring to me. I have been thinking about trying something new to peak my husband interest and get our sex life going again; and reading this story gave me a few good ideas, especially for valentine’s day. Thank you so much; this is just what I needed:-)

    • Allie says:

      Unfortunately it isn’t a real website. It was a way to compile information from several websites and books.

      Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

    • Blondie says:

      Well, now it’s on a real website! I would encourage wives who see their husband is interested in this kind of role-play to direct themselves to this story. You did a good job of compiling the information and giving an example. Thanks, Allie!

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