Lets Get Physical (L)

Imagine my surprise the other night when my husband parked at the back entrance of the fitness center owned by our

Home Group friends. It is one of the few if any fitness centers no longer opened 24 hours. Since this was a rare weekend alone (mom was watching our kids) and we both enjoy working out, his idea intrigued me.

“Ah, babe, what are we doing here?” I asked.

He looked at me and smiled with that “Dennis the Menace” school boy gleam in his eye.

“Well hon, it’s been a long week, we are alone, and I thought it would be fun to work out together. What do you think?”

I know my man, and I know when he is up to something, and tonight was one of those times.

“Sweetheart,” I answered. “you know I love to work out. But, you know Barb and Tom (who own the center) close down at 6pm and didn’t they say they were going out of town this weekend?”

My words hung in the air as he continued to smile at me.

Doing his best Austin Powers impression, he replied, “You just don’t get it; do you, Kay?”

He started laughing, yet I was still in the dark about what my beloved was up to this time. You see, I married a practical joker who after 17 years together, has this uncanny knack of outdoing himself with every prank.

Reaching his hand towards my face, he rested it behind my ear and said “Oh, what’s that behind your ear?”

Suddenly alarmed as all us girls would be I jerked forward saying “What? What is it?” I am terrified of any and all types of bugs.

Now laughing he pulled his hand back yet this time it was closed.

“Well, looky here,” he said as he opened his fist and produced a set of keys that sparkled in our dimly lit car.

Puzzled, I thought to myself, “What the…”

“Come on, woman, let’s go work out!” And he started to get out of our car.

Still confused, I got his attention the only way that would work; I placed my hand on his crotch and squeezed.

“OK, now. Tell me what is going on!”

What is it with men? I could feel his cock starting to grow and this was not even a sexual moment! Like my dear mother once told me years ago—“Be careful, Kay—those things have a mind of their own!”

As Elaine from Seinfeld once said to Jerry: “I don’t know how you guys walk around with those things.”

As his cock grew through his trousers under my hand and I squeezed a little harder to get his attention, he finally relented.

“OK, OK, babe. I will come clean.” And of course he let that hang in the air for a few moments, so I squeezed harder. “Barb and Tom, as you know, are out of town for the weekend, and Tom asked me if I would like to keep an eye on things. He even said we could use the club if we wanted to do so.”

I loosened my grip on my husband’s bulge (yes ladies it felt good in my little hand) and the thought intrigued me. Alone together in their fitness center. Only one problem, we didn’t prepare or bring any workout clothes with us.

As if reading my mind, he said “Don’t worry, I planned ahead. Let’s go, I have our workout gear in the trunk.”

Getting out of the car, I felt nervous, like we were breaking in or something. It felt weird going into their fitness center alone under the cover of darkness, yet he already closed the trunk and was unlocking the back entrance door.

I did a quick 360 making sure no one saw us and quickly joined my husband in their darkened fitness center. Expertly, he deactivated the alarm and turned on the lights and music. It was just like a normal day except we were the only ones there. We had the place to ourselves.

And with that, I felt the first warm tingle deep inside me. This could be fun I thought to myself.

Reaching over and unzipping our exercise bag, I observed it seemed rather empty.

Handing me my sneakers, my beloved with a gleam in his eye said, “Here is your exercise outfit, and here is mine.”

That stinker! All he had packed were a couple of hand towels, socks and sneakers. We were going to exercise, at our friend’s fitness center, alone in the nude; wearing only our sneakers!

“Let’s get dressed, babe!” And with that he handed me my “gear” and walked towards the men’s locker room.

I couldn’t believe he dreamed up this scenario. As I watched his tight little ass wiggle its way towards his locker room, (yes husbands, your wives like to watch our men and their tight asses too!) I just shook my head and laughed. Yet another reason why I love him so much. He is our leader, provider, protector; and my best friend, partner, comedian and sexy hot lover. And he has great buns!

As I started to undress in the ladies locker room, I saw 2 fluffy towels neatly folded by one of the sinks. Was that a coincidence or was he hinting I needed a shower!?!?!? They smelled fresh and since there were two, I quickly decided to do a quick rinse. Being careful not to get my hair wet or wash off my remaining make-up, I quickly rinsed in the shower without doing much damage to my appearance, and slipped into my “exercise gear.” Rifling through my purse I fished out my brush working it through my hair and put it in a long pony until it looked presentable.

Standing nude, clad only in my “sexy” white sneakers and anklets, looking into the mirror, I laughed before getting to business. Knowing what my husband likes; I started tweaking my nipples so they would be erect for him. Slowly as I tweaked, I gently massaged my breasts which felt nice in my warm little hands. Noticing my pulse and breathing starting to increase, I knew it was time to stop and join my man. Yet my breasts felt so nice in my hands and my nipples were so delicious in my mouth as I gently licked and sucked them. He loves watching me suck and lick my own titties. One more glance in the mirror and another few moments of running the brush through my hair and pubes (yes my man loves my full brunette bush, especially when it is brushed out nice and fluffy after a shower); I walked out to meet him.

And what a sight to behold—there he was naked lying on his back on an elevated sit up bench, playing with his big dick. It even looked bigger in the mirrors on all the walls surrounding the fitness center. Suddenly I realized what if someone saw us? I looked around and saw no windows or doors. Unless there was a 2-way mirror! Yet my eyes kept returning to the sight of my husband now masturbating as he watched me. I love watching him beat off and I enjoy licking his sperm off his thumb when he is done shooting. I slowly became hypnotized watching his manhood grow bigger as his hairless balls tightened. The spark that was smoldering deep inside me had now grown to a small flame which was growing by the minute.

I slowly walked across the main floor towards my husband. “Mmm, Mmm, Mmm Kay, whoa girl! I love how your tits bounce as you walk. And have you been playing with your nipples? Look how big there are right now—like ripe strawberries.” He started pumping his shaft more rapidly as he lusted after his naked wife.

I didn’t say a word, just kept slowly and seductively walking toward my man with my eyes gazing at the sight of his right hand jacking off as his left hand ran though his neatly trimmed public hair. Not only was the fire growing deep inside me, the wetness was becoming more prominent between my legs.

“Oh, babe, I love how your tits and hips sway as you walk. And your thigh muscles bulge out with every step. I love your gymnast legs! What did I do to deserve such a beautiful, sexy nasty woman???”

Perhaps not the most romantic words, however, what wife doesn’t want to hear her husband singing her praises? Especially since so many of us girls still struggle with body image and feelings of self-worth in today’s skinny and hairless sex culture.

He didn’t take his eyes off of my breasts and bush as I slowly approached him. Seeing his dick extending beyond his belly button, I was now fully in heat. My God given feminine instincts took over.

Reaching over while he was on his back on that elevated bench, I deeply open mouth kissed my husband. He kissed me back harder as I slowly yet deliberately brushed my titties across his manly chest. I love how his nicely built hairy chest feels against my warm soft breasts. We kissed for several minutes like this (bringing to mind our Pastor who recently taught about the importance of couples frequently sharing six-second kisses) when on impulse in one fluid motion I stepped over the elevated bench and straddled my husband—sitting right on his throbbing penis.

We both gasped as he impaled me.

A perfect fit, perfected after 17 years of practice with one another. I threw my head back in ecstasy holding onto his shoulders as I rode his dick as if my life depended on it. Looking to the side I saw the most amazing sight; our bodies in perfect unison, the way God intended when he created Husband and Wife and gave us this most special gift of married sexual intimacy.

I watched the reflection in the full length mirrors throughout the center of our hips working together as one, giving us profound pleasure and erotic bliss. My titties bouncing and swaying to his thrusts. My prominent thigh muscles flexing and contracting as he drove himself deeper into his wife. What a beautiful, innocent and intimate Godly sight of this couple so in love with one another. And as I glanced the other way and saw another view of us, this time with a rear view of his dick slowly entering and exiting my now swollen hairy pussy- I lost it for the first time.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, my husband. You feel soooo good! I am going to C…U…M!

I started panting like a dog in heat and since there was no one else around, I could let it all out. And I did.

Literally yelling (which I rarely if ever do) I looked down at my husband, straight into his eyes while digging my nails into his powerful shoulders—“Fuck this pussy, K, fuck this pussy. MMMMMMM, that’s right, that’s right. You like to fuck me, don’t you, K? You love to stick your cock into this hairy pussy, don’t you!”

That really got him going (it usually does when I talk dirty to him) and he started pounding me harder. When he started slapping my ass, I went off the cliff.

“Oh my husband, my husband, I am CUMMING! Can you feel it??? Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

He kept slapping. A massive orgasm enveloped me, like a gigantic wave at the beach. I felt so connected to my husband at that moment.

“Shit, Kay, you are so amazing, girl, I love you so much! I love to hear you and feel you cum, but I gotta slow down or I’m going to shoot right now. Oh how I love this, babe!”

“Oh, honey, I don’t care. If you want to explode inside me, go ahead. I just want to be with you, my husband. We are one, baby, we are one flesh, just the way God created us.” We were holding hands while we were talking, still making love, still straddling my husband on that elevated sit up bench as he continued slapping my ass which I felt warming to his loving and welcome strikes.

Tenderly, my beloved gently pushed against my shoulders for me to get up, which means he is close to climaxing. As I stood up and stepped off him, his penis was throbbing, very veiny and shiny wet with my juices. What an amazing sight to behold. I could not help myself, spousal lust enveloped me.

He stood up, his penis at full staff pointing straight up towards his chin (man that looks sexy) and by the hand he led me to some type of a pull down machine with a bar on top. Standing up in front of the mirror with his hands wrapped around the hand holds attached to that bar so his hands could not move, I got down on my knees and went down on my man.

Oh he was hard. I devoured his cock and savored the taste of my sweet pussy embedded upon his manhood. Mingled with his sweet pre-cum, I was in my happy place. Burying my nails into his cute tight ass cheeks, I took my husband further into my mouth and down my throat. I love the sensation of his meat in my mouth knowing what pleasure I give to him. Plus it looked so amazingly hot right in front of the mirror watching me bobbing up and down on him giving him head. Every few bobs I would let his shaft fall out of my mouth making a loud popping sound before devouring his penis again and again. Good thing I put my hair in a pony!

“Oh, Kay, be careful, you keep that up I am going to explode all over you, babe!”

Letting him escape from my mouth, I started playing with his balls in my left hand while slowly pumping him with my right. Looking him square in the eyes I said “I love how your cock looks and feels in my hands, K. Look at us, look at us in the mirror. Oh, that is so erotic!” I continued to pump him on my knees while admiring how thick and veiny his penis was.

“You can cum on my face if you want, honey. Or on my titties, I don’t care. Or down my throat, you know how I love to devour your hot seed, darling.” I kept licking his shaft and hairless balls saying all this.

“Oh, babe, I am about to shoot, but not yet. I want to eat your pussy first. But oh, you are so gifted at this. This feels soooooooo good, hon. So good!”

Reluctantly, with one last plop, I let him go and stood up. Facing each other we embraced and kissed slowly and passionately. With our bodies tightly embraced, my full breasts molded onto his chest and his fully erect penis standing at full combat alert against my tummy; I kept stealing glances at the sight of us in the full length mirrors. We looked so romantic (except for the sneakers, lol). There we were kissing and embracing, in the nude; husband and wife, the way the Lord intended. “For the husband and wife were naked and they were not ashamed.” No, we were not ashamed of our nakedness. In fact, I was getting even more turned on by watching us kissing and embracing in the mirrors.

Gently taking me by the hand, my husband led me to another exercise station. This one seemed to be some sort of an ab or inner thigh machine. Sitting down (it didn’t have much of a seat), I placed my feet into a stirrup type device. I quickly figured it out. The object of this machine is to place one’s feet into the stirrups and bring your legs together before letting them relax back to the fully exposed or “spread” position to tense and exercise one’s inner thigh muscles. Gladly, I placed my feet into the stirrups and placed my hands up on the hand grips.

Splayed out for him, expertly my beloved got down on his knees and slowly started to tongue my pussy. He is such an excellent and tender lover. He knows all my intimate secret places. And he is so gentle.

Closing my eyes and tilting back my head, I enjoyed the sensations of his mouth and tongue working their way slowly up my legs. He would gently lick and nibble behind my knees, working his way up and down my legs and thighs. Yet as he approached my sex, he would reverse course and work his way back down. A few minutes of this extended foreplay, I was begging for him to eat me out. The thick baby down peach fuzz on my thighs, tummy and arms were literally standing on end at his touch. My breathing and pulse quickened in anticipation. Opening my eyes I saw my nipples swelling again and areola darkening. When I caught the sight of him going down on me in the mirror, my hormones went into overdrive.

“Oh, K, my beloved, eat my pussy, please, babe. Eat my pussy and make me cum with that magic touch of yours. Please, honey, please.”

My hips rocked in anticipation and the wetness between my legs was more prominent. This girl was ready for her man to do his thing to her the way that only a married man can do to his beloved and very horny wife.

This time, my kindred licked me all the way from my ankles, up my shins, my calves, behind my knees, to my thighs where he gently nibbled and bit them (I subconsciously flexed my thigh muscles making them rock hard so he could bite even harder—I love that) up to my hips, then my inner thighs—until he finally hit pay dirt. After a lot of teasing and licking, his mouth made its way to my eager pussy.

“Oh, Kay, you taste soooo good. Mmmmmm, I love your pussy juices, man you are wet tonight, girl!”

“I’m always wet for you, my beloved, please eat me, eat this pussy and make me come, darling. I can’t wait.”

And with that, K buried his head in my muff and went to work. His mouth and tongue felt so good between my legs and he was making me squirm. As he started slowly manipulating my swollen clit, I thought I was in heaven. So warm, so tingly, so magical was his touch.

“Wow, Kay, you are amazing. I love how you taste, and how hairy you are. Yum yum! I could do this all night.” When he put two fingers into me, I lost control.

“Oh, babe, feels so good! Don’t stop, don’t stop! Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm—I am C…U…M…M…I…N…G…”

He finger fucked me harder as this massive orgasmic wave took me over. Again I was panting, the sweat beaded down my chest between my breasts. This orgasm was so intense I actually started to squeeze my legs together performing the actual exercise this machine was designed for. Bucking like a wild animal and panting I couldn’t stop as orgasm after orgasm overtook me.

“I love you, my husband, I love you—Oh here comes another—Oh, Oh, Oh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Feels…so…good…you are wonderful, my husband—Oh…Oh…Ahhhhhhh…Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm.”

I was screaming in ecstasy and watching us in the mirror—we looked so erotic. The image of us loving each other, both naked, my legs wide open in the machine’s stirrups, arms up on the handles; my husband’s head buried deep in the forest between my legs, it was the image of pure marital bliss and intimate heat.

After too many orgasms to count, I could take it no more.

“Oh, K, I love you so much, make love to me now. Please, I need you so badly, make love to me now.”

With a look of pure lust, my man got up, took me by the hand, and led me over right in front of the mirror and the exercise ball station. Knowing I like to work out on exercise balls at home, I knew what he wanted to do. So did I.

Quickly selecting the right sized ball for my build, I got down on my knees and laid tummy down upon that purple ball, quickly balancing and presenting myself to my husband.

I intently watched our reflection in the mirror as the father of our children, our spiritual leader, our provider and protector—took me from behind. Right there he slowly parted my legs as I lay upon that exercise ball.

What a sight as he carefully yet expertly entered and began pounding me doggy style. As he slapped my ass for good measure, I was in my happy place. I love how his penis feels inside of me from this position. And the sensation of his meaty balls cascading against my ass with each thrust is quite erotic too.

“Oh, Kay, your pussy is so tight and wet. You feel so good, babe. So good! I’m so blessed to be married to you, hon.”

“Oh, my husband, I am so in love with you, thank you for being my husband and for making love to me. I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU sweetheart!”

Watching the amazing sight of our lovemaking in the mirror with me on the exercise ball as K took me from behind, I felt something different going on. Then I realized he started fingering my tiny asshole.

Panting again and breathing hard as his pinky entered me there in my ultimate secret sweet spot as his penis continued impaling me, I lost it again.

“Oh, my stud, feels so good! Mmmmmmmgh, Mmmmmm, I am going to co—-Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh, Oooohhhhhhhh shit—I am cuming!!! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The most intense orgasm of the night overtook me as his finger worked its way up my ass as his penis had its way with my pussy.

So much so, I lost balance and fell off the ball onto the matted floor.

Now on my back, my husband expertly grabbed me by the ankles, forced my legs wide apart, and manhandled my pussy with his penis. He was not gentle this time. Not at all. By now we were both in full heat mode and we wanted it nasty and hard.

“Yes, yes, yes, my beloved. Fuck me harder, fuck me harder. Stretch my pussy with that monster of yours, stretch my hairy pussy!”

Our eyes were locked upon each other. He continued pounding me while holding me wide open by the ankles. He was in total control now, I was at his mercy—and I loved it. Titties bouncing thrust after thrust watching him in the mirrors going in and out of my pussy for what seemed liked forever—I didn’t want this to end.

As I saw his face start to contort, I quickly pulled free of his hands and wrapped my legs across his back, pulling him all the way in and buried my nails into his meaty shoulders. The sexy image of Horny GG’s new book cover came to mind (love ya girl!) as our bodies molded into one. We were so spiritually connected at this point with my legs squeezing with all their might around my husband, and his powerful embrace with his arms behind my shoulders as he drew me ever so close to him—I literally started to lose my breath. Our passion was forcing the air out of my lungs and I couldn’t take any more air in. I started to feel light headed but didn’t want this moment to end. We were one at this point, in perfect spiritual and physical connectedness. Just as God intended. My husband kept squeezing me harder and harder and I felt my legs starting to have those “pins and needles” sensations as I kept them wrapped around him with all my might. This felt so intimate and so exciting yet also dangerous. With the lack of oxygen from his intimate vise-like embrace, I started to become even dizzier, yet I didn’t want this moment to end.

Oh, how I love this man; I am his and he is mine.

Realizing I didn’t have much time left before entering very dangerous territory, with our bodies drenched with raw lustful sweat in the throes of pure marital passion, and my little body fighting for breath as what seemed to be the last of my air pressed from my lungs—my husband exploded into me.

Releasing his smothering yet intimate grip from my torso, he looked lovingly into my eyes as he shot load after load of his precious hot seed into my body. Just the way God intended.

As the oxygen slowly returned to my lungs, my legs released him as the circulation returned. And he continued shooting load after load into me.

It was so honest and so beautiful; a tear ran down my cheek.

“Oh, how I love you, my husband, I love you, I love you. I can’t live without you. Please never leave me!” I was regaining my senses.

“Oh, Kay, you are my bride, my kindred, my soul mate. I love you and adore you. Thank you for marrying me and for being my Proverbs 31 girl.”

Still inside me yet falling out, gazing into each other’s eyes and holding hands, we kissed again, sealing this intimate husband and wife love session with a tender kiss.

Afterward, we enjoyed a luxurious hot shower together in the Ladies Locker Room (his idea) dried off sharing those two towels, got dressed, and using the sanitizers at the various exercise stations, we cleaned up after ourselves, taking special care to remove any evidence of our little visit tonight. And yes, it’s a good thing we did as we did leave some evidence of the intimacy we shared this evening, lol.

Walking hand in hand to make sure everything was in order and put back as it was when we first arrived, our last stop was to the business office where my husband was told to leave the keys (the back door automatically locks when closed on the way out).

Dropping the keys onto our friend’s desk—we stopped dead in out tracks. To our horror, there was a bank of television monitors with camera feeds from several angles of the gym. I swear we never saw them before. They must have been concealed. The monitors were wired to some type of a security computer.

The blood drained from our faces when we realized the implications of all this. Looking each other in the eyes for several long moments, for some reason, we both started to giggle, then began to laugh.

Doing my best Laurel and Hardy impression I said to my beloved, “Well, this is another fine mess you got us in to!”



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29 replies
  1. Seeking Passion says:


    Hot Hot Hot !!!!

    This is one hot, passionate, erotic story. I loved it! Plus, the ending is too funny; I would have died twice, LOL
    Ladygarden, I do indeed love all of your stories:-)

    I am, however, curious about the outcome of the cameras;-)

    • ladygarden says:

      Seeking Passion we thank you sincerely; what kind feedback! So glad you enjoy our stories–please know we enjoy your stories too. They are quite good.

      Believe me I too nearly died twice! Regarding the cameras, we will disclose that outcome in a few days. Meantime, what is your guess? Hint–we are still close friends with Barb & Tom! 😀

    • Joseph says:

      Thanks, Ladygarden! I was wondering about the cameras as well. Your hint has me thinking that you were able (inadvertently?) to share at least some of those passionate, erotic, juicy, sexy, steamy moments with your close friends. And it’s drawn you all even closer. Am I close?

    • ladygarden says:

      Hi Joseph, thank you for writing and for your positive feedback; we are pleased our trist on the old Olivia Newton-John song had such a profound impact on you!

      Regarding the cameras; we don’t want to disclose what happened afterwards…yet, lol. Suffice it to say however, yes, you are getting a little warmer. 😀

    • ladygarden says:

      Seeking Passion we apologize. Yes we sincerely thank you for your compliments; yet we got you mixed up with Smitten. How stupid and insensitive of us. It was a mistake and we are very sorry for the mistake. We hope you and your husband continue heading in the right direction.

    • Seeking Passion says:

      That’s not stupid or insensitive; mistakes happen all the time. Don’t worry about it:-) My husband and I have made major progress within our marriage! Thank you so much Ladygarden for caring:-)

    • ladygarden says:

      Sigh of relief Seeking Passion and that is wonderful news about you and your dear hubby. Yea God! We are proud of you both–keep up the good work. And keep the posts coming as we love your spirit of honesty and openness.

    • ladygarden says:

      Seeking Passion, Joseph, Lovinghusband and everyone else who asked about the “outcome of the cameras” from our recent story. Did you figure out what happened??? Here’s the outcome–

      Remember, Barb and Tom went away for the weekend and my dear husband schemed with Tom to let us “borrow” their fitness club for the weekend; and our story occurred on a Friday night. I cant even begin to describe the mortification of realizing on the way out that we had probably been secretly videoed the entire time! I mean all of our raw, hot passion right there together on their cameras that I didn’t even know existed.

      Friday night and all Saturday we discussed what we should do. Do we come clean with them and apologize for our actions? Do we ignore the subject and hope they didn’t notice or don’t bring it up? so many ideas ran through our heads. No options sounded good.

      So after a day of soul searching (Saturday) and being naked together most of the day (the kids were with grandma until Sunday night) we decided to sleep on it one more night. As we enjoyed some wine, Smooth Jazz and were both naked stretched out on the blanket in front of the fireplace; simultaneously, both of our cell phones alerted us we had an email–at the same time. That sure seemed weird. Normally, we ignore these notifications if we are about to enjoy some hot romance. But hearing them both beep at the same time somewhat concerned us.

      We both retrieved our phone to see who wrote us. Oddly, it was an email with an attachment from barb and Tom; to the both of us. Greatly intrigued, we looked at one another and opened the attachment on our phones. It was a video file.

      Our hearts sank as we opened the file. You guessed it, there we were, naked in the fitness center, right there on their surveillance system, making love at the various stations as described in our story!

      How much did they see? Did they watch all of this? I was mortified. How could I face Barb ever again? I mean yes, we are close friends and members of the same Home Group. And now, she saw me naked, making love to my husband? In their fitness center? I broke out in a sweat while my husband seemed remarkably calm. Was this a bad dream? Sadly, it was not a dream; more like a nightmare.

      Now panicked as we discussed our options, after what seemed like an hour, my phone rang. It was Barb and she couldn’t stop laughing. I finally asked her to forgive us and said how embarrassed and humiliated we were. Yet her voice was so fresh and kind. So full of love–that’s Barb.

      She explained how both their cell phones are linked to the video security system, and whenever there is an “unusual event” a live streaming video feed is instantly sent to both their cell phones. They knew we would be borrowing their gym that weekend, but they didn’t know when.

      So when their cells alerted them of the “unusual event” her husband was out playing poker with the boys and as a rule, he never carries his cell with him when playing cards. His was on the coffee table next to hers in their room at the resort.

      Yes, she was concerned what the “unusual event” so she tapped into the live feed and saw us in all of glory. She confessed to watching abut half of the feed, then felt guilty and logged out. (at least she was honest).

      She deleted the alert from his phone and confessed she spied on us before logging off. She also admitted she and her husband have done the same thing we did alone on numerous occasions, so we shouldn’t feel too badly about it.

      Again, we remain close friends with them and she and I laugh about it to this day. (we even compare notes, lol). Yet I don’t think Tom knows and K is sworn to secrecy…

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Ladygarden, so nice to have you back at MH! You and K were not seeking to be seen by others – so your intentions were only for each other. God knows this! I’m glad Barb was honest with you! I’m glad you can laugh about it. God bless you both!

    • Seeking Passion says:


      I was heading in the right direction with my conclusion:-) I didn’t, however, think that their cell phones were connected to the cameras which meant she was able to see the loving event right away. I thought the event would be discovered the flowing week upon their return. That was a twist for me:-)

      I’m glad that you two are able to laugh about it and connect in a special way. I am so happy you two had a positive outcome:-)

    • ladygarden says:

      Hi Seeking Passion! Yes, you were headed in the right direction, lol. That evening was so hot and erotic yet for the life of me, I never thought for one moment there would be cameras there recording us in action. You nailed it–she did indeed “see the loving event right away.” I’m just glad her husband didn’t see it–it was one thing to have a dear girlfriend see something like this–but had her husband witnessed it–I would have had to move out of town!

      Thankfully through this unintended awkward experience, Barb and I did become connected in a very special way and she has become my closest sister. We had no idea we had so much in common, especially our sexuality. Early on she confided that she and her husband had several romps alone in their fitness center using the same machines/stations that we did!

      She eventually admitted to enjoying seeing me in the nude–not in a perverted or sinful sense–rather, as another woman and mother her same age. Yes we compared notes, she was appreciative to know she wasn’t the only woman whose breasts are not as perky as they once were; or whose hips are a little wider than they used to be; or that she is not the only woman will a full bush like mine.

      Yes, in some ways we are closer than my husband and I are, its a girl thing. And yes, from time to time, K and I play that surveillance video on our flat screen TV and loving re-live that amazing evening. 😀

    • Joseph says:

      Thanks for satisfying our curiosity! But I’m curious about a couple of things. You were there on a Friday night, but you got the emails on Saturday. Wonder why the delay? If the purpose of the emails was to provide security, seems like they should’ve gone out immediately, right? Also, if Barb or Tom had gotten your email addresses for security purpose, they probably would’ve told your husband, right? I wonder if that’s why your husband seemed remarkably calm: is it possible he knew you had been watched, and he was expecting the email? Ah well, I love a good mystery! 😉

  2. hornyGG says:

    Hey ladygarden! This is Ben, nice to see you two back! Very hot story, got my blood to pumping if you know what I mean! You two haven’t missed a beat. Loved the ending! The risk of getting caught always adds to the excitement don’t you think?

    Gina is in Tennessee, her dad fell ill, nothing serious but at his age you never know. Anyway, thanks for the story. God bless!

    • ladygarden says:

      And yes Ben you are right; we totally agree the risk of getting caught certainly does add to the anticipation and the excitement! Especially as the “blood gets to pumping!” 😀

  3. hornyGG says:

    Hey, Ben again! Just wanted to let you know Gina and I will be praying for your son. Remember, through Christ no mountain is too high or ocean too deep that he cannot conquer. God bless you both!

    • ladygarden says:

      Ben–good to hear from you sir and thank you for praying for our son. In fact, he had a wonderful Celebrate Recovery session and God provided him a sponsor. We are praying for Gina and her father’s illness.

      We are honored you enjoyed our latest sexventure; its always nice to hear the impact our stories have on readers. Is Gina still planning to work on that idea we gave to her a month or two ago? Take good care and thanks again for your and Gina’s encouragement!

    • ladygarden says:

      Madeline 27 thank you for finding our story to be sexy. It made me very writing it which became quite distracting at times, LOL. Don’t worry, we will give an update by this weekend about the cameras, Barb & Tom, etc. 😀

    • ladygarden says:

      Loving husband thank you sir; we are honored to have helped you both get hot through our story. And yes, that night was indeed “a major bang!” ;-D

      He really ravaged me that night; so much so, I was sore for the next 2 days. Reminded me of our honeymoon screw-a-thon, lol. Yet he didn’t complain about the fresh battle scars I engraved upon his shoulders with my nails.

      Keep writing and take care sir. BTW it brought a smile to my face with your recent post of Song of songs and how you translated “her cistern” to “pussy.” You were right of course, it just sounded cute. lol

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Ladygarden, some kinds of soreness are well worth it! I’m glad you enjoyed the translation! Keep smiling! God bless!

  4. hornyGG says:

    Been waiting for this! Well worth the wait my dear. Ben is definitely gonna get some hot pussy tonight! ( been out of town so I am over due)Lol.

    So glad you two are back! God bless and well you know…

    • ladygarden says:

      Dear GG thank you! We appreciate your posts and prayers for our son. Thank you for caring. That’s wonderful about your dad improving too.

      We are glad to be back and are pleased you enjoyed the story. Sounds like Ben is going to get very lucky tonight–whoot whoot! lol We love reading and acting out your stories girlfriend.

      We love ya too and really very your friendship. Promise us you will make up for lost time!!! ;-D

  5. mary says:

    I read this last night, and I had to re-read it again today with Nate. I think the comments got us just as randy, if not more than the story! Ladygarden, your stories are amazing and your passion for each other gives us something to aim for in our own marriage!

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