Oral Sex – Make Me Shoot (L)

“What would you do right now if you were here?” I asked in a text to him.

“I would walk up behind you and grab your ass, squeeze it nice and rough. Reach my hand in your pants and rub my fingers up and down your slit. Play with your pussy. Kiss you all over. Touch and tug on your nipples and breasts. Then take you to the bed and eat you out. Use this tongue to make you wet. Then start to fuck your brains out. ”

“When will you get home to play with your naughty girl?  She has been so bad today, she has fingered and played so much without you… 😉 ”

“I’m coming home soon, love, and then you are getting a spanking, you naughty girl.”

“Can I make up for it, master? Want your slave to make you cum now???”

“Uh huh, make me cum, slave, I bet you can’t.”

“My mouth, sucking on the head of your cock, and then rubbing it against my lips, mouth, cheeks, down my neck, with me rubbing my tits against your cock. I wish that I was sucking you so that I could take that dick and slap it against my face and catch all your cum with my mouth, with my tits, and lick it all, taste all your cum and the rest of it cremed all over my body. I can’t wait to freaking rub your cock against my slit without letting you go in, to feel you so close to me, so close to being in me, to rub my wetness against your dick before guiding you in. I wanna make you cum right now! ” I texted back.

“Then do it, baby, make me cum.” Our ruse of master and slave long gone and forgotten.

“I want to cuff you to the bed posts and slowly take off a piece of clothing, barely touching you as I did so. Then when you”re completely naked before me, I’ll straddle your chest and kiss you from your mouth, down your chin, down your chest, down your belly, licking you as I get closer and closer to your cock, then when I reach the base, I’ll lick you up, and then lick you back down to the base, teasing you with my mouth until you beg and plead me to let you in. And then when you think that I am, and you begin to cum, I’ll stop and take you in my hands.”

I was fingering myself as I was writing this. My fingers found their way into my panties and rubbing along the outer lips of my slit, cupping them in my hand for a moment. I saw that he texted me back.

“I want that so bad, baby, I want that so much. I can’t wait for you to suck me like you do those teasing lollipops, and  I need you to make me cum. I want to be there with you, sucking your clit, your lips, your thighs, making that pussy drip, making you moan and groan my name, making your body shake and feel as good as you make me feel.”

“I imagined that you are here with me, that you are running your hands all along my body, then kissing my ankles, up my calves, to my knee, behind my knee in my weak spot, and then up my thighs, and into my pussy. You suck on it and play with it, sticking in a finger as you suck my clit. You know that this would make my body buck wildly, you know that I would scream your name as I am now in this bed.”

“What are you doing, baby? Are you having fun??? 😉 ”  We both know that I was fingering my pussy.
“You excited my pussy so much that I just had to finger, but they are nothing compared to your big dick. I want you so much, have you come too?” I asked.
” Yes, and thank you for this, baby, now I have to work, we will finish this later, you naughty girl, I love you.”
“I CAN’T WAIT, Lol. I love you too!”

A few hours later…..

I was lying on the couch, wearing nothing but some really short denim shorts and a hat. I honestly don’t know what possessed me to wear the hat, but oh well. I was watching a movie on TV with my legs spread over the back of the couch, hoping that when he came in he would “want to sample me.” Just thinking of what he might do had me all wet, and I could feel my cum sliding on my legs. Then I heard his car come into the driveway.

I pretended to be watching the movie, and as soon as he saw me, he went right to the couch and tenderly kissed my pussy. I moaned and looked into his eyes as he kissed it again, this time sucking the lips and making me moan, he repeated this several times and then he moved his attention to my clit. He had to slightly bend down over the edge of the couch, and his mouth felt so good on me.

“OOHHHhhhh, BABY—- D-oN’t Stop- Please—-e-eat—my—pus-pussy” I managed,  just as he stuck two moist fingers into me and he continued to suck on my clit. It felt so amazing, my body was bucking out of control, he slowed his pace and without breaking stride he turned me around so that he was on the couch with me.

My hand found a way to his head and I pulled it towards my pussy, and he knew that I was getting close. He sucked harder, and he fingered me even faster. My pussy making sucking sounds around his fingers.  I moaned his name so loud.

“Oh-HHH- Baby, don’t stop!  mmmmMM-MMMmMMMm don’t stop. Fuck my pussy with your—mouth and— FINGERS-OHHHH” I moaned as I came. Hard. And he lapped up the juices, and soon I was clawing at his pants.  I reversed our roles, and soon he was on the bottom and my head was getting ever closer to kissing his cock. I kissed his pubes and then I was kissing my way up his dick.

When I got to the tip I licked it all the way around and back up again, making him struggle not to thrust it upwards into my mouth. I knew that he wanted the sensation to last. I hungered for his cum, so I sucked just the way he liked it.  Soon his hips were thrusting and pushing his cock into my throat, and I took it without choking (practice makes perfect after all).  He gently pulled back on my hair and I didn’t stop. That was his sign to me that he was close, so I sucked deeper, better, until he was so close that his body was bucking. He was pressing my head down. Then I took all of his juice in after his eruption, and I licked everything. What a great day!

Married Oral Sex Challenge – Hey, Marriage Heat lovers! Alextif wrote a creative married oral sex story. Create an oral sex scenario and make it happen and write about it.

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48 replies
  1. Love0810 says:

    Awesome! Made me want my husband even more. Sadly he won’t be home for at least a week probably. Our sex is always so sensual when he gets home because we’ve missed each other so much, in more than one way

  2. ladygarden says:

    Oh Alextif thank you! Such a hot story and knowing you fingered yourself while writing it makes it even more exciting. Thank you for the couch inspiration–you just gave me an idea. Loved reading this–great story!

  3. smitten says:

    Thanks for a real fine story, Alextif. It brought back a memory. We don’t travel much away from each other but one time my wife took a plane to see her mother. She was supposed to be gone for 10 days. I was sooo ready for her to get home! Then she called and said there was plane trouble and had to spend one more night at her mom’s.
    The next day when she got home I was like a little puppy chasing her around and begging. We did every position, every oral, and had lots of snuggling.

  4. Lovinghusband says:

    I love oral sex with my wife. Your story made me want it tonight like we’ve never had it before!! Thanks for getting me (us) horny for our feast tonight. Now, I just need to wait a few hours!!

  5. KarenLovesSex says:

    Beautiful story sweetheart! Reading it made me really wet! I love sucking my husbands dick! I love the taste! I love swallowing his cum……I LOVE IT!!! I’m inspired now……we he gets home…….he’s getting is cock sucked!! 🙂 Bless you! 🙂

    • KarenLovesSex says:

      Also……I have a wonderful story to share with you all……but I can’t seem to figure out how to post it. Some help would be great! My hubby and I work the graveyard shift so I may only see your posts when you are sleeping. Thanx – Karen

  6. lovegood says:

    Hot, hot, hot!! This one made my pussy tingle, and I now I can’t keep my hands out of my panties (as I type this with one hand)! My hubby and I love oral sex and masturbating! Mmm, sucking on my man’s cock is sooooo nummy! I especially love his thick head, sucking on it like it’s a lollipop is my absolute favorite! He loves watching my head bob up and down as I blow him. I love it when he moans and says “where did you learn how to give such good head”? Mmm, I am so freaking wet right now!!!! I can’t wait to give my husband a blow job tonight! Gonna go now so I tweak my tits with my typing hand, lol! I need to finish what I started so I can cum now! Thanks for the story!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Lovegood, I don’t know what is hotter, the original story or your reply!? My wife and I plan on a very sexy finish to this day too – but your reply might have moved our action up a little – an given us even more horniness! Thank you! I’m sure you two had a fun finish…maybe a story?

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Okay…here is what is hotter: Alextif’s story wins for hot story – while Lovegood’s description of her response wins hottest response to an original story! Both got us horny!! That is it for tonight’s MH Award’s Show…

    • lovegood says:

      Lol! So nice to be part of the “awards show”! You’ll have to fill us in on what kind of show you and your wife put on after getting so horny! Don’t leave us hanging, lol! I’m definitely in the mood for another new, hot, little story to get my pussy good and wet for my hubby to “nibble on”! And, yes, I did get my lolliPOP last night… Mmmmm! 😉

    • Lovinghusband says:

      lovegood – I’m glad you enjoyed the “awards”!

      I’m thinking about tonight’s show with my wife (back to back!!)

      But, last night was heightened by your wonderful and horny comments above!

      My wife gave me an aggressive BJ – with some sensual slurping! I told her I wanted to cum on her tits after some boob play. She slapped me over and over with her nipples as I alternated sucking on each one in a frenzied fashion. She knew I wanted to blow my whole load on her tits, but when she got on top of me and mounted my cock – we fucked so ferociously – I didn’t care where my seed landed (nor did she!).

      We ended with her wanting me to turn her over and fuck her hard and deep. I was happy to oblige!! We both came at almost the same time – as I was whispering some of my masturbation fantasies of her in her ear. She loved what she was hearing and went into orgasmic orbit. I hung on for the fun ride.

      Another great adventure that we thank God for. Thanks again for your horny descriptions of playing with yourself while typing. I haven’t totally figured out why – but that gets my cock hard instantly!! So, please keep writing.

      God bless you and you husband!

    • lovegood says:

      Lovinghusband, THAT was hot! You and your wife like the same kind of sex play that my hubby and I like! You about sent me over the edge when you wrote about wanting to cum on your wife’s tits, but then gave her a nice, hard fuck from behind! Getting fucked from behind is my favorite position (which we did last night), but I also love it when my husband cums all over my titties! Oh the dilemmas, lol!

      You HAVE to write a story about you and your wife’s “masturbation fantasies”! Would make for a GREAT foreplay read! 😉

      God bless you, your wife, and your amazing sex lives together!

  7. Gina says:

    OMG! Your story is so sexy… got me all wet imagining me sucking and licking on my hubby’s cock! He is so getting a blow job from me tonight… Cant wait for him to shoot his tasty cum on my face, lips and in my mouth…I’m so freaking horny now!

  8. Ladyjk says:

    I want to feed myself to my hubby right now … Spreading my lady lips and juice all over his face … I want to feel his tounge fuck my cunt …. I want him to suck on my clit and finger fuck me at the same time …

    • A Better Pastime says:

      WOW! @Ladyjk just gets it! Love the way this woman thinks with regard to her husband and how she is able to so explicitly verbalize EXACTLY what she wants: "I want to feel his tongue f*** my cunt". Love the "feed myself" to my hubby. Feed away Ladyjk! 😉

  9. Johnno says:

    Am I the only one that loves to feel my penis inside my wife’s vagina. I have been a Christian for many, many years and I find I am appalled at the easy way you folk use what, in my youth, would have been called vulgar wording never mind your activity. Haven’t you realised yet that men were kitted out with a penis, not a Dick, cock or whatever other vulgarity is used to,describe the male genitalia. Women are wonderfully made with a vagina that is perfect for,the male organ to fit into. All the ” bells and whistles” were built in, not optional extras'”and gentle searching will soon reveal them.
    I am appalled that not one of your respondents have mentioned that fact. Have modern day Christians been released into a pornographic state just like the porno trade. Vulgar words are bad but vulgar words dressed up,to seem to be ok yet male the same statement as if the usual vulgar was being used or most certainly insinuated.
    The. Scriptures talk about never letting ones seed fall on the ground. To me, these vulgarity cheapen the whole activity of love,asking. Now it seems that lust rules the roost. In my early years, foreplay might accidental
    Y led to orgasm by one partner or the other. I remember coming home from stints away while in the army and, after a wonderful bath which was prepared for me by my loving wife was accompanied by some feely touchy but, because I was close to,exhaustion, those moment where the down payment on what was offered for later. AND, before anyone asks, no, we didn’t use just the missionary position for over fifty years but, we learned the art of making love that more often than not concluded with a vaginal penetration and some tremendous orgasm, WITHOUT A VULGAR WORD HAVING BEEN UTTERED. the is nothing more likely to bring each of us to a head as the words, I love you, I need you, I want you without a swear word in there. I have not hear too many expressions of love in these so called Marriage Heat, publications.

    I am in agreement with the comment that says,.

    “Why should the Devil have all the good . . . Whatever, be it music, film or sex.
    We have the God givens tools (pardon the pun) to get the pleasure activity completed successfully.

    Just a thought, if your children used the words used by most of your writers, what would you do. I remember my wife literally washed out the mouth of one of our children when vulgarity was used in our home.

    Am I wring in my position? Maybe I am but so far as I try to listen to God’s direction in my life and that of my family, I have not heard one word from Him telling me to expand my vocabulary. Nuff said.

    Well almost, HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY COMPUTER APPLICATION DO NOT RECOGNISE WORDS USED TODAY TO DESCRIBE SEXUAL ACTIVITY, INCLUDING, BUT NOT CONFINED TO, .”cock, cunt, dick, fuck, etc etc. I feel unclean just to write them. I would be appalled if the woman I love dearly was to hear such, “expressions of love”. I recall the days when such words very rarely came from the lips of my mother, sister, mother-in-law etc.

    I am willing to be re-educated if anyone can tell me I am wrong and why. Profanity is profanity no matter how you dilute it, cut it or change the spelling.

    • ladygarden says:

      Hi Johnno–Sorry you feel this way; we love and greatly appreciate Marriage Heat, the authors, the stories and the writings. This is a wonderful close-knit community which has greatly benefitted many of our marriages.

      We thank you for your faithful military service to our nation.

      K & Kay

    • Blondie says:

      Johnno, we have many stories that do not include the f word and the stories with the f word are marked with a letter (L). I noticed this story forgot to get an (L) mark on it, I have been away from editing, but I just let the other admin editor know about this, and in the future the appropriate stories will be marked again. Also, most of the words you mentioned are euphemisms and if you are using them in context during sex are not vulgar as they are just words to refer to genitalia, intercourse, etc, the only reason these words would be vulgar is if you used them outside the bedroom in name-calling and cursing others. We have a rule to not use the Lord’s name in vain on this site and are strict to that. But that is our stance on the matter. Every couple has different styles of lovemaking, some like to use the actual names for body parts, but we see nothing wrong with couples using euphemisms to refer to body parts or the act of sex.

  10. Caveman says:


    I don’t think this language has a proper place outside of the bedroom and we choose to confine it to ours. Yet, I believe that what is said and done in the marriage bed is undefiled. I think that goes for what is or isn’t said. Your marriage bed is no less defiled than mine and my bride. I believe that the language used, in the bedroom, is more style than substance and each couple must find a comfort that works for them within the boundaries set by God’s word. If the Song of Solomon is any guide, then its encourages much and not merely intercourse.

    I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste. 2:3

    My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feedeth among the lilies. 2:16

    Come … blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits. 4:16

    “Thy navel is like a round goblet, which wanteth not liquor: thy belly is like an heap of wheat set about with lilies.” 7:2

    “I would cause thee to drink of spiced wine of the juice of my pomegranate.” 8:2

    That said, each of us should earnestly seek God’s wisdom in their marriage bed, just as they should do in all other areas. That is my prayer for my marriage and I hope for yours as well.

    Of course, thatn

    • possibility says:

      Would anyone be able to bring the Song of Solomon into modern day language – it would be good to see it interpreted into what we do sexually in the marriage bed.

    • MaxLoving says:

      Interestingly enough, I wrote a story, finished it today along those lines. But it will most likely be a month or so before anyone reads it, assuming it passes muster by MH, of course. 🙂

  11. hornyGG says:

    Johnno, sir with all due respect no where in the Bible does it state that these sexual terms should not be used or that it is a sin.
    I have read my Bible and even had discussions with my minister about the subject you bring up.

    Marriage Heat does not allow the taking of the Lord’s name in vain, which is in the Bible. I respect your opinion, but there are plenty of stories on this site that do not use them. My husband and I only use such terms in the confines of our bedroom and never use them in anger or any other time.

    I am so sorry you feel this way, but you h as very the right to not read if you find such stories offensive. It is not the writers or Marriage Heat’s intention to offend anyone.

    Thank you sir for the post and God bless you.

  12. rocket says:

    Within marriage sex become sacred, especially within Christian Marriages. Outside marriage, sex is vulgar, dirty and sinful even if most clinically correct or most parliamentary words are used to describe the activity. Within marriage especially within Christian Marriage, even the most vulgar or dirty word is sanctified when used between wife and husband and when describing sexual activity within Christian Marriage.
    Sado-masochist sexual activity would be wrong as it would hurt the human body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. By the same token, alcohol and drug use and wrong eating habits would also be wrong. But not any type of sexual activity within marriage or any way of describing them. We should respect the likes and sensitivities of those who may not appreciate some types of sexual activity or some words. That should not prevent others from enjoying variegated sexual activity within marriage including ability to enjoy the vulgar words.
    But let love and respect prevail.

  13. She Writes says:

    I’d like to challenge this statement: “Profanity is profanity no matter how you dilute it, cut it or change the spelling.”

    Profanity is profanity based on the context and intent.

    I can say “I love you” with sarcasm dripping and hate in my heart. The statement is evil if I say it with malice and bad intent.

    I can say “Fuck this” as I writhe my body against my husband’s begging for him to join me and become one flesh. The statement is pure love if I say it with desire for him in the safe context of our marriage.

    The words themselves are just a tool in the hands of our context and intent.

    And about my kids saying those words. When they are grown and married, I hope they will be as blessed as we are to say “Fuck me now” and have their spouse eagerly join them in a sexual experience together.

    • hornyGG says:

      Well said she writes! I totally feel the same way. I can add no more, thank you so much for this. God bless and stay horny my dear!

    • A Better Pastime says:

      We could not agree with you more (She Writes) on this one. Love the way you think and mindset on this topic. We are very verbal (VERY) during sex ourselves…it just lights us up like nothing else. We've never used "Fuck this", but will be using it this weekend a great deal. WOW! Thank you!

  14. Loved by my Wife says:

    You all make good points regarding ‘vulgarity’ in language. I am especially in agreement with the emphasis on context & intention. I recall in my youth being shocked by the language used by adults I respected when they were discussing breeding dogs, which was their profession…
    That being said, the Bible does say that we should go out of our way not to offend, use ‘vulgar’ language, or anything else that would detract from our public witness or cause other Christians, even & especially less mature, to sin.
    For that reason, I really appreciate the editors’ use of the (L) indicator. Perhaps we should have a more obtrusive disclaimer?
    It occurs to me that in describing sex, we often have only the sterile clinical terms (ie vagina) or the ‘dirty’ terms as so accurately listed above.
    Personally, i feel kind of caught here: i do not like the dispassionate/scientific words, and don’t mind reading the ‘crude’ terms, but i can’t use them myself & I know all but the most intense love-making would be shattered if i uttered an ‘obscene’ term.
    At the risk of referring to the story at hand, thanks Alextif for a good story.

  15. Bootylicious says:

    I agree. Clinical terms for body parts just aren’t sexy in the bedroom. “I want to lick your vagina” just doesn’t do anything for either hubby or me. “I want to lick your pussy”, on the other hand, does wonders. Hubby and I both think the word pussy is really sexy. Just like we do, “dick” “cock” “tits” “titties” etc.

    Point of interest: my female doctor (whom I’ve had for many many years) uses the word “pussy” during my annual check ups. “So you’re here for your annual pussy check up” she’ll say. She knows I’m not offended by the word and use it myself so she feels comfortable using it too (honestly, I hate the clinical terms for body parts (call it a coochie, a beaver, a fuzzy taco, whatever floats your boat! LOL I jut really hate vagina)

    • Horny_boy says:

      Even my little sister say "titis"because my parents taught her to say it and there's nothing wrong about that word … And about those sexy words, I love them! and I think is totally fine to use them when married couples are having sex and for sure I will use them with my wife when we have sex!

  16. Bootylicious says:

    I agree! I love it when you guys write about what you’ve been up to while reading the story or typing a response. My hand is always on my pussy while reading these hot stories too or on my tits…I like playing with my big nipples too…and sucking them myself. That’s the first time I’ve ever come out and said that to others. But yes, I’ve discovered that sucking my own tits feels really good!! There, I said it. I feel so much better having gotten that off my chest (pun intended) LOL

    • Horny_boy says:

      I love To masturbate while reading these hot stories. I just can't pull my hand out of my underwear, for some reason I love to jack off to this website and I'm glad that I'm not the only one!❤️💦
      I hope MH come back to the old terms and allow the use of explicit language in the comment section.🙌

  17. rocket says:

    This is in response to hornyGG April 3, 2014. Your stories are the most romantic and loving in MH. Those stories come from healthy and deep love between you and your husband. This is what makes even your terminology enlightening and exciting. Some people who are not accustomed to such erotic words may find it unpalatable. However, these stories surely heal a lot of marriages by bringing erotic heat to marriages that may be cooling off, after years of romance. Surely it is more Christian to find eroticism within marriages, rather than seeking it in a sinful manner in extramarital relationships. In fact yours is a truly Christian Ministry. Keep at it. May God bless you.

  18. Horny_boy says:

    OMG this is really hot ❤️❤️😻😻 , I know it's been 4 years but this is an amazing oral sex story between a man and a woman and the comment section is awesome too. I hope my future wife would let me eat her delicious wet pussy! ❤️🙌💦 It clear that marriage is awesome and sex is really good!

  19. Horny_boy says:

    Omg , I just can't get enough is this story, , I read it almost the time I found MH and it still makes me cum every time I read it , I had 3 sessions of self-fuck and I had 3 orgasms reading this and the comment section […] ❤️🔥🔥🔥 I hope that more women share more stories of oral sex just like this!

  20. SecondMarge says:

    I enjoy it when someone’s current comment draws my attention to a older story. Especially those that bring up controversy between the strict and more open believers. Since I fight that battle within myself.

  21. Bjlove says:

    My hubby and I have regular oral sex. When we decide it’s purely oral sex week, we go about doing it anywhere where there’s an opportunity , and never do we hold back. If it’s time to shoot my husband Normally give me a mouthful and I swallow till his cock is clean and thereafter we go after our business. In the event if I am wearing a panty I go a bit wild , knowing that if my mouth target is mistimed I remove my panty and wipe off his sweetness before discarding it.

    • Horny_boy says:

      Wow!! Bjlove, Your husband really is a lucky guy to have such a loving wife who's willing to give blowjobs to her husband, I don't like stories about the man getting head because I think it's a little selfish; I just prefer cunninlingus and the ones that portraying women experiencing pleasure from it! But in your case, your love for bjs, it's just amazing!

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