Words of Wisdom to Young Women – Penis Size

Nope, this is still not a story about a special night I had with my husband, I am still waiting for that night. This story has a few words of wisdom for the young women that come to MH in search of sexual advice concerning their wedding night. I came to write this story because of a lesson that was learned by a close friend of mine named Monique. Monique gave me permission to use her name. However, I am not going to use her husband’s name because I didn’t get permission; I have to respect privacy and rights. So I will just call him Zoe.

Monique and I have been friends for a long time, since we had started working together two years ago. We both stopped working around the same time, but continued our friendship and it grew and we bonded. We have become very close and share all of our personal secrets with one another. About a year and half ago Monique met a nice man that is about fifteen years older than her. She met him through a friend of hers. Please, allow me to give some background on her husband real quick. Zoe is an average man, no lawyer, no accountant, no doctor, no engineer. He is instead a hardworking diesel mechanic. He dropped out of high school his senior year to help his mother provide for his family when his father was diagnosed with cancer. Zoe would drive his father back and forth to the doctor and to chemo treatments while working two jobs to help pay bills, buy food, and supply for his two brothers and baby sister. When Zoe’s father passed away and his sister graduated from high school he then went back and received his GED. He later became a certified diesel mechanic.

About a year and half ago Monique and Zoe were introduced and they became very close during the following months. They went through the process of getting to know one another and enjoyed each other’s company. He treated her like a queen. Zoe did not believe in sex before marriage and he even accepted the fact that Monique was not a virgin and still showed her the utmost respect. Zoe told her that since she was not married when she had sex he still considered her a fresh virgin waiting for her husband to arrive (I thought that was so sweet). Sometimes Zoe would take her away for the weekends and would always get double beds so no one would be tempted to sin. When she was ready to shower he would leave the room completely to give her respect and when he showered he would take everything he needed with him so she wouldn’t have to see his body and be tempted.

(Interesting Part)

One weekend they were away on a trip and started to make out very heavily. Passion over took them and they started touching, feeling, and exploring below the waist. Luckily, Zoe stopped things before it got out of hand and he took a walk to let them calm down. That’s when Monique called me very upset. I didn’t know what was wrong; she scared the heck out of me. When I could finally get her to calm down she explained to me that when she grasped his dick it was small in flaccid state and when it grew to full erection it was still small. She said it was about six inches fully erect. (Yes, unfortunately my close friend was hooked on penis size as well) I mean this girl was really upset, seriously. I didn’t know what to think at first. I was actually dumbfounded for a minute. When I came to my senses I reminded her that things shouldn’t have gone that far and don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover. But she couldn’t get past his “size”. She stayed hung up about this for some months and was about ready to write him off.

(Wedding & Honeymoon Wisdom)

Well, last June Zoe asked Monique to marry him and of course she said yes. But, she was still worried about his penis size. She was worried that he wouldn’t be able to satisfy her. Once again we had a long talk and I did all I could to convince her not to let the size of his penis get in the way of her happiness and not to break his heart in the process. This conversation went on for weeks (about a full two months). (LOL) I was to the point where I was ready to strangle her. Finally she agreed to let the penis issue go and enjoy what God had given her. She had a beautiful small elegant wedding that December. Zoe wanted to get married in December so that their wedding anniversary will always be his number one Christmas present. Anyway, everything was so beautiful and they wrote the sweetest vows I have ever heard and I am not a crier, but I cried as they read their vows. The only sad thing was that her mother was not there because she had committed suicide when Monique was about eight or nine years old; other than that it was lovely.

Two days later they left for their two week honeymoon in Florida. I must admit, I was worried about my friends and their wedding night. I didn’t talk to her the entire trip so my mind was in overload with suspense. My husband told me to get a hobby and stop checking email every five minutes. It was not every five minutes; maybe every few hours (now you know I am going to make myself look good here right, LOL). Well, during their second week of the honeymoon Monique called me one morning while Zoe was out. I was so shocked by what she said, yet so happy for her.

She told me that their wedding night was so special. He had the most romantic set up she had ever seen. Wine, candles, music, delicious snacks. They didn’t even sleep together that night they just shared a long hot bubble bath and he held her until the water got cold. He dried her off, dressed her in her night gown and put her in the bed because he knew she was stressed from the wedding planning and making sure everything went smoothly. He only wanted her to relax that night and unwind. Then he got in the bed beside her, lead them in a prayer of thanks, then they drifted off into to sleep with him holding her.  She woke up the next morning still in his arms. The second night Zoe had the same romantic set up with the snacks and Monique stated that they made beautiful love. She had orgasms she didn’t know she could have. She also found out that she is multi orgasmic; something she never even experienced with other guys even though they were very blessed below. She even found herself day dreaming about his dick during the day.

That was about three months ago; Monique said their sex life is so exciting and keeps getting better and better. It turns out that Zoe introduced her to MH. That’s how he became so romantic; he had been reading up on how husbands romance their wives. They now read stories together all the time, but they are not comfortable posting stories about their sex life just yet. Also, Monique even thanked me for talking some sense into her before she made the biggest mistake of her life by letting him go because of worldly thinking. She is now emotionally fulfilled and satisfied

So my advice to young women is simply not to judge a book by its cover. Just because a book’s cover is plain and brown with no eye catching eye popping decorations does not mean it is boring and a waste of time. Put the worldly thinking away and think with your heart and soul and enjoy what God has blessed you with.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my dear and close friend Monique’s little awakening.


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18 replies
  1. Blondie says:

    Great post, Seeking Passion! Excellent points. I totally agree with you and it sounds like Zoe has “huge” heart for his Monique. And the size of heart is what truly matters.

    I wanted to point out that one thing your friend may not realize is that Zoe’s size (6 inches) isn’t “little” as erect average penis size is around 5.5 inches.

    • Seeking Passion says:

      Thanks Blondie,

      Zoe really do love her a lot. He always get her a small inexpensive present every month on the day they were married and the day they became a couple. Monique has finally realized the blessing and the gift that God gave her in Zoe. They thank God every day for blessing them with each other.

  2. hornyGG says:

    Seekingpassion, this is Ben ( GG’s husband). Excellent post! I just want to say that “women” are not the only one’s hung up (pardon expression ) about penis size. Slot of guys are very insecure about the size of their cock. In this society all you hear is “bigger is better “. It is a shame because God created each of us in his own image. I agree 100% on what Blondie said, never judge a book by it’s package.

    Thank you and God bless! BEN.

    • Seeking Passion says:

      Hey Ben, thanks!

      You are exactly right All you hear is that “Bigger is Better”. It’s all worldly thinking. They are mot thinking with their heart and soul. Like you said, “God created everybody in his own image”. We are all designed uniquely.

      My husband is very satisfied with his penis size and so am I. I love his dick size, the softness and smoothness of it, the veins, the curve, and the way it feels against my tummy. He is the perfect size for me.

      It’s a shame that some people can’t accept the human body and love it for the way it is. Hopefully they will change:-)

  3. texasman76 says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. What a sweet and romantic outcome. My wife and I were virgins when we married and did have sex for a while as well. When we did it hurt her but she told me to keep going. I had no idea of my size nor did she since we had no experience. I am 7 3/4 with 6 1/2 girth and 6 1/2 flaccid. I hope this is not too much information. Why I am saying this is having a large member can have drawbacks. One such thing is I cannot have oral sex due to the girth. I LOVE pleasing her that way but she cannot do me. I am fine with that though. Marriage is so much more than the size of the husband’s genitals or the size of the wife’s breasts, etc. Again, thank you so much for this wonderful story. I am so proud of Zoe and how he treated his bride.

  4. She Writes says:

    In my experience, women with hang ups on penis size are far and few between. In fact, I’ve never heard a close female friend complain about her spouse’s size. Knowing what to do with it is WAY better than just relying on size. A 9 inch unskilled lover will bring far less pleasure than a skilled 5 inch lover.

    • Seeking Passion says:

      She Writes, I couldn’t have said it better, Skills most definitely out weigh size as my close and dear friend Monique found out:-)

  5. ladygarden says:

    Seeking Passion this is a wonderful post; very honest and genuine. Thank you for sharing it. Sounds like Monique found a real diamond in the rough. And like others have shared, its not the size of the tool that matters–rather, how it is utilized! Its how we use what God has given us is what truly counts.

    • Seeking Passion says:

      Thanks Ladygarden,

      Monique definitely has a wonderful God given husband; he treats her like a queen. Monique realized that the size of the tool don’t matter but how it is used:-) I am so happy for her:-)

  6. Lovinghusband says:

    Just a quick word to wives: We (husbands) need to let you know how much we are contented with the size and shape of what God has blessed you with. Please forgive us for not doing this well enough!

    I would add that we (husbands) do love “to hear” that you are content with the size and length that God has given us. I know my wife lets me know and it is not only meaningful – it is hot! So keep on telling us (or start if you have not).

    God bless you!

    • Seeking Passion says:

      I agree with you 100% Lovinghusband. It feels so good to know that your spouse accepts you, appreciate you, desire you, and love you exactly the way you are. Very well said:-)

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is an interesting story on a number of levels. I appreciate a story where individuals or a marriage can change for the positive, and I hate to be the only naysayer here, but there are some things here that trouble me. Perhaps someone will kindly clue me in.

    Some background is given on ‘Zoe.’ He’s a hardworking diesel mechanic. Good for him – I wish I knew mechanics. I guess I’m somewhat perplexed that he’s simply considered ‘average’ because of this, since he’s not an accountant, lawyer, etc. Is there a book somewhere that indicates which occupations are average or hardworking and which are not? I don’t know why this hit me, but it just did. However, from what you’ve described of Zoe’s character, he seems far above average!

    Monique is an interesting lady, too. I guess she can be praised for honesty! Her honesty somewhat confirms a concern that is practically universal to men, that size ‘does matter,’ and yet is something none of us can do anything about. Her honesty can make a number of us wonder if it’s also a concern to other women. Sure, you can say it doesn’t matter to you, but we can wonder inside if you’re just being polite by not being as brutally honest as Monique. Then again, I suppose the reverse is also true. Perhaps some men will be brutally honest about what they wish the shape of their wife was… and women can feel the same insecurities, or wonder if their husband is ‘just being nice’ by not saying what he wished was different. Oh, the things we wonder about!

    However, while honesty is wonderful, I sometimes wonder if some things should simply not be said. Maybe some here will disagree, but in this case, the cat is out of the bag. Zoe will always know that she had an ‘issue’ with the size of his penis. Once something is said, it can’t be taken back no matter how much we wish we could. Zoe’s generous spirit to overlook her lack of virginity is admirable; I would think that would be a tough hurdle to overcome knowing she had been with other men. His attitude about this was most gracious. But regardless, now he knows that she considers his penis small. I certainly can’t speak for Zoe, but if I was in his shoes, I would forever wonder if she would continue thinking of me as ‘small’ or ‘unsatisfactory’… even if she doesn’t say anything about it. I would wonder if she would continue comparing me to the other men she’d been with. I guess it’s not my concern – I’m just trying to be honest with how I’d feel in this circumstance, and I think I’d end up having to face down a number of additional insecurities as a result of what she literally said. I just wonder if out of kindness there are some things that shouldn’t ever be said, because the hurt drives right to the soul, and is not lightly forgotten. We might say that a man’s penis is not an extension of his soul, but I would suggest that for most of us, male or female, our naked body is very close to our soul. Speak about the body, and you speak about the soul.

    I admire and appreciate the close friendships my wife has. I have no idea what things she shares with her friends, and don’t need to know for the most part. Again, no offense is intended, but I sincerely hope my wife’s interchange with her friends is different from what is depicted in this story. If I knew my wife talked to her friends about her dissatisfaction with me (whether it was penis size, occupation, or anything), that would hurt a lot. Even if it wasn’t dissatisfaction, but a mere ‘ho hum’ about me, that would hurt too. Deep down, don’t all of us want to be ‘wanted’ by our spouse? Don’t we want to be the most cherished thing on earth to them? I’m not so naïve to think that even the most loving couple will have areas of potential dissatisfaction with one another… but is it right to bring this to the attention of even a close friend? If there is a literal danger to one spouse or another (ie, “I need help – my spouse is beating me”), I’m not talking about that – I’m talking more about the things in this story. Does the friend really need to know about this? How would Zoe feel about this? Would Monique feel hurt if Zoe complained to a close friend that her breasts were inadequate to satisfy him? I’m not trying to say I’ve been perfect with this either, but it seems much more edifying to build one another up when speaking to others. Sure, there are things about my dear wife I wish were different… and I’m sure there are things about me that she wishes were different. But if I’m talking to a friend or someone else, I hope they hear nothing from my lips but how wonderful I think she is, and about all the things she is and does that I think are stellar and exemplary!

    One more thing. Again, I can’t speak for Zoe’s feelings in this, but I dearly hope my beloved wife didn’t feel the need to contact one of her friends on our honeymoon. Perhaps it is a selfish thought on my part to have desired all of her attention during that wonderful time… but then again, I gave her all of mine. The very idea that she would have called up a friend during the honeymoon to comment on my bedroom performance is most disconcerting.

    I don’t know. Perhaps these are simply my own insecurities, though I’d venture a guess that I’m not too much different from the ‘average’ man. I really don’t care so much what my wife shares with her friends, even if it included some intimate details… so long as it is positive and builds up our marriage. I just fear a part of me would die inside if some of the things mentioned in this story were said or done about me.

    • Seeking Passion says:

      Dear Anonymous,

      I really do understand your point of views and I totally respect them. Please allow me to explain my story. First, when I said that he was “average”, I didn’t mean anything by it. I simply meant that he is a very hard working guy that works very hard from sun up to sun down to support and provide for himself and his family. When I said he wasn’t a lawyer or accountant, etc., I just meant he didn’t have a formal education. I should have worded that better to be clearer. Zoe even describes himself as “just an average hard working diesel machanic”. I do agree that his character is way above average. He has a very admirable character.

      Honestly, I don’t think Monique stated that concern to him, at least I hope she didn’t. Monique is not the type to hurt someone’s feelings by saying hurtful words or saying what’s on her mind. She is a beautiful and caring soul with a big heart that was just hung on penis size. However, she did learn that size does not matter and that he can bring her mind blowing satisfaction. As a result of that, his size is no longer a concern to her, which it shouldn’t have been in the first place. You live and you learn though. One thing I defintely like about MH is that it’s all anonomyous. One may read a story with the exact same circumstances and situations but can’t possibly know who the author is; the identiy is protected. Besides, if I’m not mistaken she didn’t even tell him about the story anyway, so if Zoe does read it he’ll more than likely assume it’s just another post by a member.

      Also, Monique knows that she can trust me and I know that I can trust her. She knows that what she confide in me will go no further. We value our friendship with one another and completely respect it; that’s why I got her permission to write the story and use her name. I never spoke with Zoe for permission of his name that’s why I didn’t use it. When we do engage in personal issues (which is not everyday or every week) it’s usually to get some advice or just vent in a healthy way. I know everybody does not agree with that and I resepct that, but that’s how our friendship is built. We respect each other’s privacy; that’s why I don’t discuss her personal concerns and issues, not even with my dear husband (my best friend).

      When I was going through some issues of my own with my husband, Monique was there for me. She was the only one who knew and then I came to MH for advice (which was great advice). She didn’t tell anyone, not even Zoe. She respected my privacy. She would text me scriptures everyday to encourage me and give me strength; she would pray for me and with me, sometime over the phone or face to face. Agian, that’s the friendship we have. What I confided in her stayed between us and didn’t go any further.

      As for her honeymoon, I am not sure if Zoe know she called or not, but I defintely didn’t call her during the trip; I respected her honeymoon. I’m not going to lie, I was curious, but I wasn’t going to spoil her special time by calling. I wasn’t expecting her to call me either, I was just looking for an email. When she did call it was during the second week and the last day of the honeymoon. Her honeymoon was a special time and I would never do anyhting to interrupt that special bonding of a husband and his precious bride.

      I really hope this clears up any confusion and concerns you have:-) I really do understand where you are coming from:-)

  8. John no says:

    I takes my hat of to Anonymous for a warm but sincere insight into,the Phyche of many men regarding their “attributes” or the lack thereof. He should become a guidance counsellor.

    I am a man who has survived the three score and ten milestone. I saw my future wife across a crowded room and I fell in love before I ever spoke to her or her knowing that I even existed. Thankfully she returned my love. My wife of fifty years and I have endured many painful hardships during those years and I can tell you that with the effects of many major spinal surgeries and subsequent medication I was left, not only unable to enjoy our sexual union but was also unable to envision a romantic night with my beautiful wife. In our early,years we enjoyed a successful sexual life and, despite my “short comings”we managed three wonderful children. I remember seeing her naked for the first time but strangely, what really turned me on I was to look at her in her wedding dress.
    I was always conscious of my lack of length so determined to compensate busy providing a quality experience for both of us. In our early years she could have got my hormones raging with just at her smile. Sadly, even migh normally vivid imagination could not conjure up a scenario in which I was making mad passionate love to my lovely wife. It was much harder knowing that your man could not be stimulated no matter how sensual you might be. Things that would have got my motor going did not even raise a whimper from my loins. For many, many years she lived a celebate life, sleeping in a bed with a man who was, sexually at least, useless to her.

    I tried to visualise a romance in my youth whereby we got hot and heavy , but without ‘going all the way’. I firmly believe in a persons virginity and the right of a woman to keep her virginity until the man of her future sweeps her of her feet. She should be the one who decides to whom she will entrust that one thing that only she can gift.
    Men, your virginity is also important to your future bride. Save the best for her as she gives herself willingly and lovingly.
    I often cried to God to take me or fix me but it would seem that like the apostle Paul, I had to be content in whatever situation we were in.
    Things have changed a little for us in that I got my imagination back although the physical side is still a ‘work in progress’.
    Please, please ladies, if the man God set aside for you must be the best one for you. If your man doesn’t know how to love you, tell him what you want. Don’t make the poor man guess. Some of us are afraid of messing things up. That will affect his performance. Guys, learn to love your wives, passionately, honestly, lovingly and respectfully. Folks we are not all mind readers. We have to learn the art of love making, just like any other skill.

    Anonymous, I totally agree with you regarding Zoe’s occupation. He is an honest man doing an honest job and loving his wife with an honesty that is refreshing.

    Everyone, please love one another, as God loves you all.

  9. Afscno says:

    There can be other misconceptions as well, such as the fact that flaccid length oftentimes bears no relationship to erect length. Some men, like me, can have a length of only a couple inches when not in use, but grow to over seven inches when erect. The first time my innocent wife saw me in the former state after our wedding, she thought she’d been “shortchanged.”

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