Taking Control (L)

My wife and I had been going through an enormous amount of trouble but were doing better. I attributed

this to my new found faith in God and my undying devotion to the most beautiful woman I have ever met. To say I’m attracted to her is an understatement. She glows beauty. Even before she got a breast enhancement (which I did not request), I found her to be an incredibly attractive woman and I would say she is out of my league. Her curves make my mouth water and my dick hard almost instantly. Yes, I’m a blessed man. One thing I wish we had more of (and we have talked about it repeatedly) is spontaneity and passion.

Well the wish came true recently. She was out with a friend who had just filed for divorce. I figured they would have a few drinks and this could end well for me, but I had no idea just how well. I am usually a night owl, especially when she is out late, but on this occasion I had gone to sleep around ten o’clock. Now this is going to seem weird, but we actually sleep in completely different rooms at the opposite sides of the house. This is mainly because we are on different biorhythms but also has to do with us slowly getting to know each again. Anyways, I heard her come in and go into her room so I figured that was the end of it. She’d crash (way late for her) and that would be the end of it. Little did I know she had something way more salacious in mind.

I heard footsteps coming through the living room and my door crept open. Through the moonlight I could see her outline. She had on pink lingerie that I had never seen before on her. She tip toed in (as I feigned sleep) and dragged the covers back. I had an incredible hard on waiting for her which she liked. She is usually very conservative in bed. We both are really. No dirty talk, barely audible moans, down to business and back to reality. This was nothing like that.

“What’s going on?”  I asked coyly.

“Just wanted to see if you’re still up. Maybe we could play?”

“Absolutely,”  I said. “What kind of game did you have in mind?”

“The game where I fuck your brains out!”

Whoa! She had my attention to say the least!

She crawled into bed with me. Her hair is fine and cascaded over my legs and tingled my cock and balls. This is a major turn on. Not that there is a lot more to turn on. He’s locked and loaded to say the least.

She ran her nails down the front of my chest and whispered in my ear as she gently sucked on the lobe, “I’m so wet right now. I’ve been thinking about this dick all day.”  Then she reached down and stroked my cock fully. Again something I’m not accustomed to, but something I could get very use to.

This started our night of passion. She swung her right leg over my head and positioned her glistening pussy over my mouth. (She absolutely loves oral. She loves me licking her clit. It’s something I’ve  known since day 1. The great thing for both of us is that I love giving her oral as much and maybe even more than she loves getting it. I love her taste. I love connecting with her and getting into a sensual rhythm). Well her pussy was now grinding on my tongue. And out of nowhere came, “That’s it. Lick my pussy. It feels so good.”

Wow! Another shocker. I was so in ecstasy now that the passion has been dialed up to an entirely new level.

I was doing my best to keep up with her gyrations as I flicked her clit over and over again. I’ve found  that broad strokes with intermittent rapid flicks work best to get her moaning. As I was doing all of this her mouth was bobbing up and down on my cock. She has nearly perfected giving head. Her mouth was wet and she took me down as far as she could and worked to my same rhythm. Except tonight she was using a weapon she had never used before. The dirty talk.

“I love the way your tongue feels on my clit. Please don’t stop!” She said, “I love the way your cock feels in my mouth. I want you to cum all over my tits. I love watching you squirt onto my nipples.”

This kind of talk absolutely drove me wild and my pace on her clit picked up. I was really loving the taste of her and was dipping my tongue deep into her pussy then pulling out and working her clit with rapid strokes. Then I heard the most amazing of commands: “Play with my ass!”  This pushed me over the edge because I know she secretly loves her ass played with. I dipped a finger into her wet pussy then gently rubbed it around the smooth edges of her beautiful ass. That sent jolts of electricity through both of our bodies as she cried, “Put it in! Push your finger into my ass!” As soon as I did this  we both exploded in ecstasy and her bare pussy is convulsing on my face as I lap up her juices. Meanwhile she has expectedly lived out her prophesy of having me explode all over her right nipple and is rubbing my cum into her now sensitive areola.

On any “normal” night this would be the end of our adventure and we would say our “love you’s” and make our way back to our respective rooms. Tonight was anything but ordinary. After our explosions she started working my dick again ever so slightly pumping up and down. I usually need recovery time but not tonight. The tingling and familiar twitch was making its way back within minutes of her touch. She even went down and licked me from my balls to my familiar happy zone. Normally I would be stimulating her too but she needs time to desensitize, so I wait patiently. She was working on my cock with more vigor, taking it into her mouth again and again. She even spit on it knowing I like it wet.

I was now rock hard again and the dirty talk resumed, “ I need your cock inside me! I want to fuck you hard and deep!”  WIth that she climbed on reverse cowboy and squatted over my dick. She reached back, grabbed my hard love tool and placed it at her loving entrance. She lowered her pussy down and took the first few inches and just bobbed up and down. It was a thing of beauty watching my wife’s beautiful ass glide up and down on my cock. My hands were on her hips as she again alternated between shallow and deep strokes. She was fucking me just like she knows how I love blow jobs. I’m not known for my stamina so I was hanging on as long as I could. I did notice that she was going the extra mile and feverishly rubbing her clit as she bounced up and down.

She now moved positions where her knees were bent, leaning forward and she moved back and forth on my dick. She was still working heavy on her clit but now rubbing her left breast and pinching her nipple. I couldn’t hold on any longer and shot three times deep inside her honey hole. “That’s it fill me up with your cum. I’ve got another present for you.”

As soon as I finished I was about to get up when she pushed me down and said, “Not so fast, lover boy. You went twice, now it’s my turn.”  She again straddled my face. I’d gone down on her after shooting in her before so this didn’t bother me. And the way she was talking got me going again.

“Lick me clean, lover. That’s right I don’t want any of your cum leaking out of me tonight!”   This was not something I had done before, but I could not deny her request. I’d really do anything she wanted. She had never asked me to do anything like this, so I was up for the request.

Immediately I could taste the difference, but it was not like I expected. It was sweet and salty. The way she was grinding into my face made it worth every drop. I went back to licking her clit and then even licked around her ass. She was loving this and screamed, “Tongue my pussy. Get it deep in there. Lap that cum up!”

As I was doing this, she discovered my nose was resting on her clit and used this to her advantage. She ground it back and forth until she was on the brink and then ground hard twice more. Her legs tightened and she nearly squeezed the life out of me as her body shivered. A completely mind blowing orgasm rolled through her.

This time she grabbed her clothes, headed for the door, turned and said, “I could get used to this,” and winked with a smile on her face.

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10 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Wonderfully hot story! “Dirty talk” is so erotic and fun, my husband and I love it. I loved the part where you cleaned her with your tongue after dumping your load into your loving wife. This is something my husband Ben hasn’t done “yet”. It’s not that he minds the taste of his own cum, I have given him a taste after giving him a blocking and kissing him. He also has admitted to having an occasional taste when he beats off. He just hasn’t had the desire for ” cream pie” . I hope to change that soon! Thanks for the inspiration! Have to go masturbate now. God bless and stay horny!

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    Wow! Did you ever find out what prompted such a difference in the way she talked?
    What an amazing night!

    On a much more important note – It is a blessing to hear about your coming to faith!
    May you grow strong in the teaching of God’s Word! Blessings to you and your
    wife in Christ’s love.

  3. Wife Luver says:

    “Lick me clean, lover. That’s right I don’t want any of your cum leaking out of me tonight!”
    “Tongue my pussy. Get it deep in there. Lap that cum up!”
    Oh Oh, i have so much precum that I’m wiping up with my finger and licking right now. I so want to lick my load out of my wife!

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