A Special Night

My husband and I had already been married well over 3 years, and had a beautiful daughter. We are always thankful to

God for our wonderful marriage and 2 wonderful daughters.

The 2 of us had photoshoots with our bands that day, and they were quite fun to do. Even though my husband posed quite innocently with his bandmates, there was something about it that got me going.

After having dinner at a fancy restaurant, we went back home and put our daughter to bed. As my husband and I were getting ready for bed, he told me how sexy I looked during our photoshoots.

My husband watched as I slowly lifted my dress off. I noticed the nipples on my perky breasts were hard. I turned around, and I saw that my husband had hardened up. It felt good that I still turned him on.

My husband slid his hand down my panties, and felt my slippery hot and wet lady place before he carried me to our white, comfy, silk bed.

My pretty little panties were soon off, and I lay naked in our beautiful bed while I watched my husband undress himself. He cupped my face with his hand as he climbed on top while kissing me, and my eyes fluttered as he went inside me with ease.

“Oh, that feels so good!” I remember thinking.

“I love you, honey!” He said.

“I love you too, honey!” I told him.

(We frequently call each other “Honey” because, “our song” is called ‘Honey, Honey’)

My husband took it slowly at first, he didn’t thrust yet, but we lay in bed, kissing while I stroked his hair with one hand, and caressed his neck with the other.

We nuzzled each other between kisses, while I lightly rubbed my husband’s back.

He caressed my face, and kissed my neck as he started thrusting gently inside of me.

“Oh, you are so beautiful, darling! The most beautiful woman in the world,” My husband whispered while he nuzzled my neck. I kissed him, and held him close to my heart.

I ran my hands up his body, and wrapped them around his back, while he thrusted a little harder. I love feeling my husband’s hard man-part being embraced by my wet lady place, giving and receiving pleasure.

Sure enough, my breathing turned into moaning as the pleasurable sensations became stronger. I rubbed and caressed my husband’s back, as he lightly panted in pleasure.

The warmth of his embrace felt so good, and the heat of his body melted my heart. And how great it felt to have this throbbing and slippery hot, orgasmic feeling in my lady place, all at the same time.

My whole body felt the pleasurable waves, while I cried out in ecstasy.

My husband gasped, then started to moan, he thrust differently while he wrapped his arms around me even tighter. I felt his hot breath on me before he showered my neck with kisses.

Then, when we came down, we cuddled and I fell asleep in his arms, while he stroked my hair, kissed my head, and held me close to his heart. It was a special night. The night that I became pregnant with our second daughter.

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    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Thank you. I remember the conception of both our daughters. God willing, your time will come, son! God bless

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