The Little Things

Normally I write a story about a specific event that occurred that stands out in my mind.  But I got to thinking recently, there are a lot of little things that my wife and I have done over the years that wouldn’t make a full story on their own, but they are worthy of being remembered.  And often it’s the little things that keep us going.  We can’t have “mountain top” experiences EVERY day and life is full of routine and monotony.  So very often we need to sprinkle some little sexual moments at various times just to keep things fresh and fun.  A lot of little things can add up to one big thing eventually.  So I’d like to share some of these little moments with you.  So here they are, in no particular order.

1. One time my wife flashed me her boobs at a fast food restaurant and I took a picture.

2. We were helping family unload a storage shed.  My wife and I went by ourselves to get the last load and it was late at night and dark.  So after we emptied the shed, we turned the truck headlights to face the storage shed and we had some picture fun.  We took pictures of each other flashing the camera in various poses.  At one point she even pulled her shorts and panties down and flashed her boobs.  She also bent down and sucked my cock a little and we got a picture of that.  Even though we didn’t have sex, it was fun because it was unplanned, in a public place (even though nobody else was there) and we took pictures.

3. One night after my wife went to bed, I jacked off and shot my cum out into a small bowl.  I put a lid on it and packed it with her lunch.  I didn’t tell her the next morning and we both left for work like normal.  She didn’t see it until she unpacked her lunch.  Then she drank it.

4. My wife was going over to a girlfriend’s house one evening to hang out.  She was going to leave before I got home from work.  So she got her camera and made me a video of her jilling off.  At one point she took her panties she had been wearing all day and wiped her pussy getting her cum all over them.  She laid them on my side of the bed and told me in the video to jack off using them.  When I got home I checked the panties and they were still very wet.  I wrapped them around my cock and jacked off while watching my wife’s video.

5. My wife has this one piece zip up cover up.  It is sleeveless and only goes to her knees.  It’s supposed to be something you wear over a bathing suit on your way to or from the pool.  But she has often worn it with nothing underneath and driven to a drive thru or she will go out to the car in it.  One time she wore it and we had to go to the store.  She drove so she could drop me off at the door and pick me up.  On the way back I started playing around with her by unzipping it as much as she would let me and raising the hem up as far as I could.  I brought the camera and got some good pictures of her driving (almost) naked.

6. Another time my wife said she had to go to bed but forgot to make a lunch for the next day at work.  She asked me to make her a sandwich.  So I did.  But then I added my own personal touch to it.  I pulled my cock out and stroked it till it was hard and I touched her sandwich with my cock.  I took a picture of it and sent it to her the next day.  Then because it felt so good, I continued to stroke my cock until I came.  Then I took just a little dab of cum and put it on the inside of the sandwich. I took a picture of that and told her about it too.  She enjoyed her lunch the next day. LOL!

7. Once we were visiting my wife’s family and we stayed at her parent’s house.  She was sitting on the couch with her mother sitting next to her.  I was walking out of the room for something and she reached her arms up for me to hug her.  So I bent down and hugged her, but as I stood up I grazed both of her boobs with my hand.  Her mother didn’t see so it was a sexy, playful moment between us.

8. Once we went shopping for my wife for a new dress.  She wore a dress with absolutely nothing underneath.  No bra, no panties, nothing.  SO sexy!  She picked out a few things to try on and we both went into the dressing room.  She took off her dress and shoes and was completely naked in the dressing room. I wanted to take her right then!  But we didn’t do anything.  But it was hot because she was completely naked and there were so many people just on the other side of the door.

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7 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Loved the story Horny Hubby! Especially the parts where you jacked off into a bowl and packed it with your wife’s lunch. Now that is what I call a ” protein shake”. Lol.

    The part with the sandwich was really hot as well. Found something better than Miracle Whip! I bet she did love it.

    Gonna have to get Ben to read this! Maybe, just maybe he will jot down you’re recipes. Lol!

    Always enjoy your stories dear sir! Keep’em cumming! God bless you and your bride and stay horny!

  2. Michael Walken says:

    Lol. We had almost the same thing when she went shopping for an outfit. Althou she wasn’t naked underneath , she tried on a few outfits, kept on coming out asking me what I thought. The Manager came up to me & asked “Do you care to join her? See the outfits?”
    Whoa! Keeping down my excitement, I said “sure.” A touch here and there, but no – sadly – nothing really happened in the dressing room. BTW, she does wear matching generally front close bras & panties.

  3. Michael Walken says:

    Wellllllllll there was another time we were window shopping and came across this high end Lingerie shop.The prices were high ! She saw some things in the window, she was thinking to going in to try some things on. We whispered to each other that I would go
    inside w/ her and what we might do. Oh well

  4. hapster says:

    One time my wife and I were away on a trip by ourselves with another couple. I encouraged her to shop for something nice to wear while we were there. At some point she was trying so many things on that I just joined her in the changing stall. She was changing in and out of tops for which her bra needed to be off. It was very erotic seeing her topless with people just on the other side of the door. We had a few quick moments stealing kisses and I may have sucked her breasts for a moment, but we did not do anything more. I can tell you that my cock was hard as a rock for most of the time and I think she got a little thrill out of it too.

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