Just Two Bears in the Woods

To some we’re known as Mr. and Mrs. Bear and I think it’s because my husband gives the best bear hugs in the world. He is so big and tall that when he hugs me, I feel like I am in my own shelter. His chest is so broad that I can comfortably lay there for hours. Being secure in his arms makes me feel free to express my deepest desires.

On a much needed weekend trip away, we found ourselves on a little island, a boat ride away from our hotel. We were driving along in our rented golf cart and I was enjoying the bright sun that warmed my skin and convinced me to remove my jacket and reveal my tan shoulders (one of my husband’s favorite of my features) but the chill breeze coming off the water soon covered my body with goosebumps. Sitting next to him was the best place to be, or so I thought. He kept looking at the map and turning the cart around so I asked him what he was looking for and where we were going. All he would say was, “It’s a surprise.”

We finally pulled up to a little trailhead leading into a thin line of trees he stopped the cart and we got out. My hand slid into his as we started down the path. Soon the path became too narrow and he began to walk in front of me. How I love to hike behind him! His calves are huge and muscular but the cross tattoos that compliment their shape make them even harder not to stare at. Of course this amazing view caused my imagination to wander. Without even turning around I heard him say, “You know, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have sex in the woods.”

I giggled and blushed, my body was suddenly hot and covered in chills thinking of the exciting possibility. I could feel my heart speed up as I managed an innocent response, “Oh really?”

Finally we arrived at a little clearing with a small wooden bench and I could see that he was disappointed. “This path was supposed to open up into a field of wildflowers,” he explained.

“It’s ok, honey. It’s the thought that counts,” I answered as I slipped my right arm around his waist and leaned my head on his shoulder. He looked down at me and almost immediately our lips met. It had been a long time since we had kissed this passionately. His hands came up to hold the sides of my face. Then he slowly dropped his left hand down my spine and let it rest on my lower back before using it to draw my body closer as we embraced. My fingers were running wildly through his hair and down his neck and shoulders. I just couldn’t get enough of the sweet musky scent of his cologne mixed with the fresh clean aroma of his sweat. His tongue began exploring my mouth and soon it was met with my own eager tongue. His hands were now both on my butt and he was caressing and squeezing with all his might.  I slipped my hands up the back of his shirt and began to softly scratch his back with my nails. Instantly his body was covered with goosebumps.

Suddenly he pulled away and I could see that the front of his thin basketball shorts was no longer laying flat. Oh how I wanted to see, touch, and play with that gift he granted me on our wedding night. His eyes were determined and focused, I know  this type of arousal will not just dissipate. He needed a satisfying climax. We continued down the path hoping to find a secluded place to lay down. Neither of us spoke. We were both playing an unspoken game, still pretending that this was nothing more than a little walk through the woods. Soon we realized that the path looped around and we could either head left back to the bench or right back to our golf cart. I was leading this time and we were practically jogging down the path but my shortness of breath was not from the physical exercise. I turned left and he was close behind me.

Soon we were back at the bench clearing and he was unbuttoning my jeans as we began to make out again. Our lips were joined and as I began to part my mouth he inhaled sharply which took my breath away. He knows this drives me crazy, so I grabbed his shoulders, hopped up, and wrapped my legs around his waist. He is so strong! I was clinging to his arms and shoulders and kissing his neck. I slid down quickly and got to work on his shorts, my fingers untied his drawstring and pulled them down so that my face was level with his big, hard, delicious smelling manhood. I gave it a quick kiss through his boxer shorts before pulling it out through the opening. The sight of it proudly protruding in the bright daylight made me begin to drip. As I stood back up to find his lips once again with my own, his hands began to work their magic on me. My jeans were off, my lace thong was exposed, and my round fair butt was also boldly facing the sunlight for the first time. His fingers found my clit and softly began to massage it while moving the fabric of my thong off to the side to make room for him. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around him again while he slid into me as we embraced in the wooded area and kissed so deeply. We were both so horny and nervous because we had no idea if there were any other people nearby who could find us. He thrust himself deeply into me as we breathed heavily into each other’s ears until all of a sudden we heard voices. We reluctantly but quickly pulled apart and were dressed in seconds walking down the path, just two bears in the woods, knowing that this was not the end…

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  1. Michael Walken says:

    Nice story Mrs Bear. Kind of along the same line, my wife & I have done camping and hiking in the wild and have read/heard and experienced that many animals are keen are certain scents that we emit….. It may draw them!

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