No Panties in Public for the First Time

Such a simple gesture that was so effective at turning me on!  My wife June does naughty but nice so

well.  One of my favourite sex memories is of a night out with my wife to celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary.

She is great, we are best friends….and she is hot, blonde, fit, and perfect for me. My beautiful wife June is also a little adventurous and playful, two qualities that attracted me to her since I first laid eyes on her. We were at an Italian restaurant just enjoying our meal and talking as we normally would.  She looked amazing in one of her favourite dresses and heels. Early on in the conversation my wife made my night when she mentioned that she had no panties on under her dress. I had asked or at least hinted years ago that I would appreciate this at some point.

Almost immediately I became hard thinking of the sweet pussy sitting between her legs with nothing in the way. I was also aware that she had been for a wax earlier that day. We both prefer her pussy bald as I consistently give her sex hive a thorough tongue lashing as a part of our normal lovemaking and love the slippery silkiness of her aroused mound when she gets turned on. Of course, my mind was fixated and fantasizing about how to make the most of this window of sexual opportunity.

I remembered a place which was mainly a chocolate and dessert restaurant which was a brothel years ago that had been renovated, but they have kept the booths so you can normally get a little bit of privacy, although the booths aren’t totally closed….just partially. I suggested we go there for dessert and June happily agreed, although she had no idea what my intentions were. We got a booth and ordered our desserts….and once the dessert was on the table I started to progress my plan now that the waiter wouldn’t be bothering us for some time.

Our booth had a red couch, a table and a two foot wide gap where we could see other couples enjoying their desert and if they were looking toward us they could see us….but for the most part everyone was minding their own business and I was certainly minding mine. June lent into me so my arm was around her and it didn’t take long for my hands to wonder off her thigh down around her tight arse and of course brushing over her skirt right above her lovebud. She loves turning me on like this….feeling like she has control and all my attention, which she did. We have had sex outdoors a number of times, although this was pushing the envelope an extra step because of how close other people were to us in the room.

We small talked, laughed and caressed and I started to ease the front of her skirt up a little so I could reach her shaved pussy with my fingers…..The first touch on her silky flaps sent me wild…..and I discretely continued to caress and brush my hand around the top of her sex box and clit. She started to really enjoy it….I could tell by the change in her breathing as well as her strong verbal encouragement saying it felt soooo good to have my hand brushing over her clit. There was a point where I was feeling her up with her skirt pushed right up so you would have been able to see everything if you looked in. While this was happening a group of about 6 people walked past and neither of us even flinched because of the naughty fun we were having. It was totally brazen. I was hard as a rock, June was getting wetter and wetter and we both just wanted things to progress, knowing that would involve some hot and heavy oral favours from me.

We decided to finish up, leaving each other hanging for more so that we could get home….as soon as we got back in the car I resumed with my hand where I had left off….stroking her sweet vagina, encouraging her to relax and get nice and wet.

“You are driving me wild getting all sexed up in the car like this,”  I told her.

“Just make sure you don’t stop because my naked pussy is loving all this attention,” she replied in between her deep panting.

“Don’t worry about that, honey, your naughtiness will be rewarded with a thorough seeing to, first my hands, then my tongue, followed by my throbbing cock,” I answered, my voice full of sexual anticipation and longing.

After about ten minutes of stroking her lovebud like this while driving with my wifes heels on the dash of the car I couldn’t take it any longer so I pulled off into a side street, parked the car and took my seatbelt off. June asked what I was doing but before I could answer I had my hungry tongue lapping at her sopping gash and she just closed her eyes again, letting out moan after moan of growing pleasure. I was hungry for sex and kissed and licked her shaven kitty greedily….working passionately around her clitoris, stroking and holding her perfect legs as she opened them as wide as she could with one hand above her head and the other firmly clawing on the back of my head encouraging my every move. After a few luxurious minutes of this her orgasm built and built and built until her sexual moaning became a squeal of pleasure and she gushed her sex sauce into my hungry mouth….wave after wave. She was so decadent and delicate and yet had also been reduced to a sex-crazed rag doll, totally unable to control the waves of pleasure pulsating through her body and tingling all over.

We resumed the car ride home….my cock bulging and aching, with pre-cum already oozing in my boxers. Of course once we got home I made love to her for ages, making sure that my hot and horny wife got every ounce of cock she deserved. She was a great sport….putting up with multiple positions until I burst inside her exhausted pussy.

Thanks again for a great night my precious. xxx

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  1. Eva
    Eva says:

    Ladies, will someone talk to me about this waxing thing? I have fairly recently started shaving the whole area, and I really like the feeling of being bare…but I’m intrigued by the idea of waxing. On one hand I’m totally mortified to go have it done…but on the other hand, it seems like the results could be very enjoyable!

    • Silver
      Silver says:

      I’ve done waxing and shaving. Shaving is itchier than waxing (day after) but a whole lot less painful! lol I think it also is just more costly to wax as well.

  2. Angel
    Angel says:

    Eva, my husband and I really enjoy having my pussy shaved.. but I never waxed it too.. I would like to kno abt this waxing experience from some of my friends here..

  3. JazzdBoutH&N
    JazzdBoutH&N says:

    I’m currently writing a story of Heather and I on a road trip where I proclaimed the day “NO UNDERWEAR DAY”. I love my wife’s unencumbered body. So much fun to play with when nothing but a sexy sundress is blocking the way.

    Loved this story. Heather will too.

    • TB
      TB says:

      My wife often did not wear panties under a dress, skirt or even jeans. She might wear pantyhose without panties, which made her pussy dripping wet.

      One night we wear at some friend house for a party and she had worn pantyhose, no panties, no bra, but heels and a dress. I knew this was making her turned on and wet as well. It made me hard and the others were watching her closely.

      After a few drinks and a few hours she was horny and drunk. I had felt her wetness through the pantyhose several times and wanted to show off my sexy wife's wetness. At one point another couple was talking to her and said " you look good in that dress and it looks like you do not even have a bra on judging by your hard nipples" I then said, no panties either and pulled up her dress to show. Her pantyhose were soaked on the crotch and we could all see that she was wet and her nipples were protruding as well. She bent over the counter with her dress up and spread her legs. I pullled her pantyhose down and started to finger her right there! She was moaning quickly and bucking into several orgasms as others watched.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I like it when my wife don't wear underwear under her dresses I wish she do it more and when out I feel our sex is better that when she does in cant ever think about if she did not have underwear out to eat I think it be gaert
    if that to happen but I don't it will

  5. TB
    TB says:

    My wife stopped wearing panties under dresses, pants, jeans and pantyhose. She would get very wet because of this.

    Once we went to a Kenny Rogers concert, who she had the hots for at the time and wore jeans so tight she had to lay on the bed to put them on.

    During the show, I reached over and started rubbing her through the tight jeans as he was singing. I am sure she was thinking about Kenny rubbing her, and the woman next tohwr was watching me rub her pussy. Very quickly she started to cum and came about 4 times total and soaked her jeans completely. But she felt better and I knew she was dripping so when we got to the car, she pullled the jeans off and I ate her dripping pussy right there.

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