So Long, But Not Good Bye!

Hey ya’ll, this is GG ( Gina)!

A little over a year ago I  posted my first short story on MH. Now 30+ stories later and one novella later, I must say I have enjoyed the ride. I have met (so to speak) some very special new friends and supporters. Blondie, Lovinghusband, Madeleine 27, HornyHubby, Silver, Michael, Minniescrizzle, Ladygarden and many others.

Ben and I had a long talk and decided, actually I decided, that I will no longer be posting short stories on MH. I will however concentrate my efforts on my next two novellas. This decision comes with a very heavy heart as I truly believe in what MH is about. I will continue to visit MH and enjoy all the wonderful stories submitted by all of you.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me and my stories. You are all so special to me, though we have never met. (Trying not to cry here!).

Blondie, my dear friend, thank you for all your support, your help with my first novella, and hopefully your continued help and support of my next ones to come. I have said this many times before, but you are such a special person and do an awesome job with this very special site that many of us have come to love and enjoy. Thank you most of all for your friendship. Though we have never met, I feel I have known you forever. I love you as my friend and sister in Christ. (Now I’m crying!).

To my husband Ben: Baby, thank you so much for the love and support you have given me in this little endeavor. Without you my love, there would be no stories. Thank you for allowing me to share our most intimate moments. Thank you for loving me, for trusting me and for some really awesome sex! (more to come my love!). Thank you for being my husband, my lover and most of all my best friend. I thank God everyday for you. I love you so very much!

Well, I guess that will be it!  So with all my love let me say to all you, God bless each and everyone of you. May the good Lord keep each of you in his mercy and guide and protect you.

God Bless and Stay Horny my friends!

Love,  GG (Gina G.)


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17 replies
  1. Blondie says:

    GG, I am gonna miss your short stories so much! 🙁 I am happy you are not leaving us completely tho! 🙂 You were one of our first regular writers and we thank you so much for all of your honest, loving, and passionate contributions to MH. (now I’m crying here!) From the beginning of time that I’ve known you on here I’ve learned you have one of the biggest hearts out there and are such an encourager! You are a wonderful friend and supporter of MH. I so look forward to your future novellas! God bless you, girl! Stay horny! <3

  2. Katie Brown says:

    I am so glad you are writing novellas! I bought your novella, Dairy of a Horny Wife. I loved it. Great move to spend more time writing. You may be like the author who wrote, “Fifty Shades of Gray”, but with a Christian outlook.

  3. Michael Walken says:

    What can I say ? 🙁 So long, farewell, au revoir, auf wiedersehen
    bye bye

    It’s been a short time, but fun meeting & knowing you

    (((( HUGS )))) Take care

  4. Ben G. says:

    I love you too my sweet Gina! I believe your stories are gonna really be missed by more than who will admit.

    Let me say thank you as well to all those who have supported my beautiful bride. She really loves and enjoys MH. Thank you to Blondie and the rest of the MH team for all you do! God bless.

    Gina, how about a little fun when I get home later this afternoon! PLEASE! lol.


  5. Minniescrizzle says:

    Ah Gina, I’d just like to say thank you for giving myself and others a little insight into your wonderful marriage. It was after reading your stories that I decided to sign up to marriage heat myself. What a beautiful caring person you are, may God bless yourself and family and all your future entails. Looking forward to still seeing your amusing and honest comments amongst the other short stories. Take care friend, oh and definitely stay horny! X

  6. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I will miss you as well, GG! 😉 Thanks for your encouraging comments. Hope you and Ben continue to have a wonderful, Godly, and, sexy marriage! God bless you and your family <3

  7. Lovinghusband says:

    Gina, keep growing in God’s Word and in your love for the Lord. As you do, God will use you in wonderful ways – including your writing. Thank you for your friendship on MH. I appreciate your conscience and your desire to want to please God. God bless you and Ben.

  8. Steve says:

    To our brother and sister in Christ,
    You both are such a blessing to this website and to all that has read your stories. God states that he created sex for us to enjoy in our marriages. But all you hear from the world is that real hot sex is in an affair or outside the bonds of marriage.
    But you two have proclaimed oh no sex in marriage is the best. By your stories you two are shouting from the rooftops that sex between a husband and his wife is the best!!!!!!! You two are giving other married couples hope that maybe just maybe God will bless my marriage bed like he has yours.
    We Love you guys and pray for God to continue his blessings in your lives and your children’s lives. Looking forward to your next novella.
    In Christ,
    Steve and Annie

  9. hornyGG says:

    Thank you all so very much! Ya’ll sure know how to make a girl feel good. I have been blessed by being a part of this community. It truly means alot to me. And yes I will occasionally throw in a comment or two! Hehe! God bless you all and stay horny!

  10. Silver says:

    GG, I am so sad you’re not writing any more short stories, but I am so glad you are still writing comments at the site and giving us little glimpses into your love life with them! Thank you for all you’ve shared and I look forward to your upcoming books! 😀

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you Silver. Remember, I never said “Good Bye”. I love and enjoy MH too much to leave completely. Besides, it seems readers seem to like my little comments. I just can’t figure for the life of me why! Lol. God bless girl and stay horny!

  11. Emmy Sue says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, GG. Your stories and support have helped me to look at sex in my marriage in a whole different way and given me the courage to make it better. I’ll miss your presence here, but I’m so happy for you in your decision to pursue your writing. I look forward to your novellas. Good luck to you, God bless you and your husband and your family!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Horny GG,

    Please write more stories!!! You inspire me so much! I hope one day to have a hot marriage like you and Mr. Ben have. I haven’t gotten your book yet, but plan to soon. Please write more! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

    In Christ… Blessings!


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