Heat of the moment (Part1)

“I won’t be able to come home early today baby. It may take more 2 hours for me to reach. Is it ok baby?”

By: Mackenzie Brunson

A silent tear rolled down her cheek as she heard the same reason today. A flash of today’s preparations passed through her thoughts making her chest constrict in agony.

He did not remember still. He..

“Are u there baby?”, his sweet husky voice interrupted her train of thoughts making more tears trace the same tearline.

” Yeah baby. I will be waiting. Come soon. Love you.” She managed to speak out carefully so that he won’t know if she was crying.

“I know you are upset but I will try to come soon. Love you too babes. Give me a sweet kiss now.” Hearing his voice laced with an ineffable sweetness she smiled a liitle and blew him a kiss.

“Ohh goodness. I am coming sweetheart. Just wait for me.” He hanged up soon after saying that and she started removing her lingerie which she had put on today.

It was already 10:23 in the night, which meant the 1st wedding anniversary would end at 12 am.

She put out the candles and threw them in the trash. Her mind was shouting at her conscience telling her to stop behaving like he cheated on her. But her heart ached inside knowing that he forgot about thier anniversary, making her cry more, breathing hard in between sobs.

She did all the before bed chores and started watching random shows on her tele, waiting till he would come.

She had already done her dinner and even he used to do in office and come whenever he used to be late.

She felt little bit drowsy, her eyes red n puffy from all the crying.

Suddenly she heard the sound of thier car stopping. Her heart raced in excitement at the thought of him back home. As soon as she was ready to get up and run to the door to open it before he knocked the same sadness crept up inside her. Her heart ached to go and open the door, but her adamant mind refused it.

Within a few minutes she felt his footsteps behind her and she closed her eyes feeling the pain radiating all through her chest.

She felt a cold metallic sensation at the back of her neck. Her skin shuddered with the coldness of the metal and she felt too shocked for a while to realise anything.

She looked down to see a platinum locket hanging down her neck and the heat of her hubby’s hand igniting several emotions in her. All at the same time.

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