Thank You for the Guidance

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone on this website for nearly all of your truly touching, inspiring, and powerful stories for they have had a substantial impact on my life religiously, morally, and sexually.

Though I have been perusing and enjoying this site for many years I have but recently mustered the courage to post here, due to feeling called to give back (albeit in a small way) and to let you all know how life-changing all your stories have been for me and many others.
I am but a year into my college experience and without the guidance, support, and inspiration this site so generously bestowed upon me I would not have been able to remain true to my religious beliefs and morals. As I am sure many of you know, these are very much contested in the day to day experiences of college life. When I found this community a few years ago I was a lustful and porn addicted young man who could hardly dream of controlling his urges and had yet to find a faith to guide him. Ever since that day I have grown exponentially in my faith, self-control, and values by praying, going to mass, renouncing pornography (though I fall into temptation at times still), and finally, meditating on the beauty and sacredness of the marriage bed. Thankfully I remain a virgin but if it was not for this community of like-minded Christians I would be on a far different path and for that I thank you.
Truthfully, it would be fair to say that this website has played a significant role in my coming to join the Christian faith wholeheartedly rather than following it out of habit being raised in a Christian home since birth.
In the end, I simply want all of you that read this to recognize that your stories you share with this community are beneficial in so many ways. You inspire many different generations to appreciate the marriage bed and the gift of the human body when shared with your spouse as well as how even more wondrous and intimate it is when you only share it with them. These many stories have taught a number of couples that some fantasies are not wrong, communication is vital to a harmonious marriage, and sex is meant to be enjoyable!
Granted I have not had sex with anyone since I am not yet married but I am still able to grasp how tremendously influential and positive this website has been on a multitude of marriages and those of us who are yet to join in that most sacred and glorious sacrament. This website is quite unique and I pray that we all continue to protect and imbue it with more love, selflessness, advice, and inspiration for those who currently are apart of this exceptional family of Christians and those who have yet to join. God speaks through all of you on this website and I thank him for all of your efforts to make marriage more Christian in a very immoral world.
Thank you once again and God bless your respective marriages and journeys!


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  1. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    Hi God is Love, it was great to read your comments and I couldn't agree more, what a wonderful Christian Sex Site this is, it enhanced our marriage and sex life in a big way ! You sound like a solid intelligent young man, for sure save yourself for marriage, I can promise you it WILL be worth while. Healthy masturbation is a great release, keep putting God first in your life, I hope we will hear more from you soon !

  2. Sarge
    Sarge says:

    God is Love.
    Forty years ago I was a Mormon missionary and was discussing the requirements for baptism with a woman, and the Saviors requirement for us to remain morally clean. She was a few years older than I was (21), and she asked if I'd ever had sex. "No, I haven't," I replied, and we discussed the difficulty in resisting that strong urge. She was baptized, and took on the covenant of morality.
    Fast forward forty years, and now I'm the person who had been married to an amazing, wonderful daughter of our Heavenly Father. She passed away five years ago this month, 26 August 2012. So, we had an amazing, loving sex life, but now I'm alone and though I'm 60, I have a whopper of a sex drive. I will never remarry, I don't want to, and so I too have been grateful for this site with all of its wonderful people. It's given me an outlet for guilt free release of those tensions.
    Stay clean, stay clear of pornography as much as you can. The saying, "wickedness never was happiness" is so, so true. We are here to be tested, and you my young friend are doing a wonderful job. The sorrow that can come from sin, the unexpected pregnancies, STD's, guilt and being full of sorrow knowing that you could have saved yourself for a special person but came short, well they're all the consequences of sin.
    Stay true to yourself, the Savior, and our Heavenly Father. That's where real pleasure comes from.

  3. Dana
    Dana says:

    To God is Love:
    Excellent pseudonym!

    To Sarge:
    I can relate. We are the same age, and my wife of 22+ years ascended in 2013. Not Mormon (raised Methodist by Baptist parents), but miss my wife greatly and find MH to be helpful with my strong sex drive.

    Blessings to all.

  4. Sarge
    Sarge says:

    Dana I'm sorry for your loss, what a hole is left in our lives and hearts.
    God is Love, you stay true to your values, because there is nothing so fantastic about sex that makes up for the loss of your one time only gift, or virtue. Dana and I are getting old, sorry Dana, and we know that there are more important things in life than sex. Not much, but there are.

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