Are Facials Disrespectful?

I was just thinking about this today, as I’ve had this discussion with some of my close friends who I am more open about sex with, and most of them agree that facials seem to be slightly degrading. My husband, Michael, seemed to enjoy them at first, but felt reluctant about it since he’s told me that he feels that it’s disrespectful, since I am a lady. But I actually REALLY enjoy it as well (not going to lie, I enjoy it a little more than I think is probably normal, but I couldn’t care less), and I am curious as to what others think of this. Is it degrading to have your husband come on your face? Personally, I think that if it’s degrading, then cunnilingus could also be considered “degradation,” seeing as the juices from one’s vagina tend to get all over the mouth (and sometimes the surrounding facial features) of their husband. I remember earlier in our marriage (not that there’s much of an earlier, seeing as we’ve only been married for a little over five years), I gave him a significantly larger amount of handjobs and blowjobs. And a good number of them ended on my face. Only recently has he told me about feeling guilty and disrespectful when he does this. So what are your opinions on this topic? I’m curious to see what the responses are like…

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36 replies
  1. martinez2582 says:

    Great question. I believe that if you both enjoy it, why not. I’m a fan of it but my wife isn’t so much. Did it once and it was too close to her eye. So i think i lost my chance. But more power to you. Tell him how much you enjoy it.

  2. Blondie says:

    If you’ve read my story, “Not That Kind of Facial” you’ll know my stance on it. I think getting a facial from Josh is hot. He’s my husband, there is no disrespect in it in my opinion. Your husband can rest easy about giving them If you like it and want one.

  3. hornyGG says:

    I’m with Blondie on this. I love facials or anywhere else my husband wishes to deposit his sweet warm cream. I do not in any way consider it to be disrespectful, just HOT! Thanks for posting and stay horny! God bless.

    • martinez2582 says:

      I wish more women were like Blondie and hornyGG. People would be walking around a lot happier. Keep it going ladies.

    • Mary Margaret says:

      I’m with you two, i don’t mind it, and it’s not a power thing on Jonah’s part. But I prefer it on my tits or ass to my face. So he does that a lot.

    • Silver says:

      Mary Margaret, I agree so much that tits and ass are great places for my husband to ejaculate. The face is fun too, I like watching him cum… It makes me super turned on… any other women feel that way?

    • hornyGG says:

      Silver, I absolutely do love watching Ben cum! His facial expressions, the animalistic sounds he makes, makes me so hot! As I have said many times in my stories, watching Ben jack off is such a turn on for me. My pussy is getting wet just thinking about it ( touching myself).

      Mary, I agree with you as well! God bless you. Silver God bless you as well. Stay horny my friends! I’ve got to cum!

    • Michael/Lexi says:

      I love watching Mikey come! His facial expressions are the best, in my opinion. And I also love watching his cock and balls from close up as well. I just find it fascinating.

  4. Upcomingauthor says:

    My wife said she doesn’t mind it and liked it, but it scared her at first because of the first shot but she liked it after that. But it’s only disrespectful if you feel it is. Because it’s his cum but your face. Just talk to him about how you don’t feel its disrespectful and ease it back into it and maybe even talk dirty/excited about it as he gets ready to cum to help him.

    Why he may feel dirty is because that’s the main thing they do in pornography, but just because the world disrespects sex by parading it for others out there doesn’t mean that by doing it the way God wants you to do it does.

    Acts 10:15 (NLT) “But the voice spoke again, “do not call something unclean if God has made it clean.”

    Hope this helps…now I want to give wifey a facial and get one myself from her 🙂

  5. Mokey says:

    This is very interesting. As a man, I have always thought it as disrespectful. I have never done it, and I have never even considered asking my wife if she would like me to make my deposit on her beautiful face. Although after reading the replies I am now going to ask her.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Jessica Roberts says:

    My husband has never done that, I think it could be if you aren’t in a good relationship. But in the confines of marriage and in a good and trusting marriage…anything goes. My husband gives me oral sex and in the beginning I thought it could be degrading for him to have “me” all over his face. But he loves it, so it has made me rethink it him doing that to me.

  7. HornyHubby says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with it if it’s just between a husband and wife. (Pretty much anything goes if it’s just between the husband and wife) And if you really enjoy it, you should tell him that you do and if anything he can do it occasionally for your benefit.

    My question would be: Why does he find it degrading? Who or what is telling him it is degrading?

    And my concern would be that it’s because he saw it in porn and associates it with porn and doesn’t see how it can not be porn. And this is understandable because that is a big thing in porn.

    And if that is the case, you could work on helping him establish a new image of this by doing it on you so he associates it with you instead of porn. So again, tell him how much you enjoy it and tell him you want to help him separate it from porn by doing it to you.

    But I don’t think the act in and of itself is degrading. Some people say that getting into BDSM play is degrading. It can be, I suppose, but it isn’t automatically the case. There are many people who enjoy that type of play and it is done just between the two of them and in a loving way. So for them it isn’t degrading. I think it’s the same with this. It’s all in how you look at it. If he associates it with porn then he will think it is degrading. If he associates it with his wife (who enjoys it) then it isn’t degrading.

  8. Drew&Holly says:

    This is something new for me (Holly) since I married Drew. My first husband never wanted to do that. But with Drew, we were on our honeymoon when I asked him if he would fuck my tits (that was something I’d always wanted to try but never had). He did, and his cum shot all over my chest, neck and face. It was so hot! Since then, he has cum on my face after I’ve given him blow jobs. We both love it, and are fine with it. The way we see it, the only parameters that God puts on sex are that it is to be between a husband and wife within the bonds of marriage, and that both partners should be comfortable with what they do. Once you’re within those, ENJOY!


  9. Caveman says:

    For our part, Amada and I see nothing wrong with this. Discuss with your husband and decide for yourselves–just come to a mutual decision. Amanda loves the sights, sounds, and warm feelings of my cum exploding onto her body, various places, but she isn’t a fan of the face because of the eyes. However, her neck and chin are in. Our favorite is on her breasts. We usually are enjoying a mutual season at this point. My hands doing their work and her fingers doing hers. These moments are hot and mutually enjoyable. Sometimes she will ask to watch me get off and this usually leads to her getting her self off as well. Often, this starts there and leads to other great experiences. The marriage bed is undefiled. God is awesome…he came up with this stuff by the way and we think these experiences are within the boundaries that God intended and are consistent with His Word. Now go enjoy yourselves.

  10. always.satisfied.12yrs says:

    My husband & I both LOVE to see his cum on various parts of my body. We believe that sex is an EXTREMELY important element in a happy marriage & that as long as we are both comfortable with something it isn’t disrespectful or taboo. Besides many people talk dirty to each other during sex and use names that would be termed as disrespectful at any other time. We say that if you enjoy something and it enhances your marriage in any way it would be more disrespectful to not do it- because then one or both partners is left unfulfilled on some level. Marriage is about fulfilling each others’ needs and wants and what could show more respect than satisfying one of your partner’s desires?

  11. Madeleine 27 says:

    I don’t like facials but not because I think it’s degrading but because i just don’t like he can cum on other areas but not my face When I used to watch porn they would do it in a dominant/submissive way maybe a little degrading but with a person you love and a person you feel safe and a person you trust as long as the both of you are comfortable why not

  12. MrsBrownEyes says:

    Not degrading at all if you both enjoy it. I adore witnessing my husband’s erect dick shudder and explode as he shoots his load on my face. Especially when he is backed up due to inactivity and he sprays across my lips, nose, eyes and it gets in my hair. I adore the primal messes he causes and the faces and sounds he makes while releasing his precious seed. Nope, nothing degrading about that. As Loving Husband wrote among married couples, pretty much anything goes!

  13. MrsBrownEyes says:

    That’s wonderful news martinez2582, the secret is to be patient and take it slow. Actually, I submitted my first story the other day so hopefully it will be published in the near future. I just hope readers are nice about their critiques.

    • Lovinghusband says:

      MrsBrownEyes – have no concern about the critiques!! Almost all the people who comment on MH try to be encouraging. I’m looking forward to reading your submitted story, too. God bless you. LH

    • MrsBrownEyes says:

      You are kind to offer such encouragement martinez2582 and I thank you. Hot marital sex between married couples is such a tremendous present from our Dad in Heaven. Think of it.

      The intimate freedom of being nude, of being one with nature and the animal kingdom. Being together as we were originally created to be–naked yet not ashamed–naked–holding hands with the lover my Creator gifted to me.

      Our spirits and bodies uniting as we deeply kiss, embrace and make out. Play acting out our sexual fantasies (we are really into sexual play acting), embarking upon passionate love making or raunchy hot primal sex–culminating in an explosion of his hot spunk deep into my aching cunt or spraying down my throat as I gaze into his incredible eyes –this is all such an incredible dimension of innocent marital bliss and eroticism. I can’t explain it. Such an indescribable experience to be savored by the woman and her man.

      Forgive me, I can’t get enough of it.

  14. hapster says:

    MrsBrownEyes last comment was like a hot little story all of its own. My wife just went out of town for more than a week and I am sure I will be all over MarriageHeat gathering up ideas for her return! Right now I think a welcome home facial may be on the agenda!

  15. Alan says:

    My wife thinks facials are degrading but i think they’re awesome. Thankfully my wife doesn’t mind me cumming in her mouth occasionally. She will even swallow. I prefer cumming in her mouth over facials anyway but it would be awesome to do both.

  16. Don says:

    I'll have to take the high road on this. Since we've been married many years, oral sex for both partners has been a huge deal and a very common part of our relationship. We both love it a lot. It offers the most intense feelings, a very close intimacy, the most personal act of love two human beings can experience in the physical realm. God created this experience to be shared in a marriage relationship. However, the business of how a woman should bring her man to completion should be between them. If he wants to continue until ejaculation happens in her mouth, or her face is both there choices. I used to think that giving my wife a facial and not her mouth still maintained a closeness with her that I could only get with her. She on the other hand wasn't crazy about it because it was hard to clean it out of her hair, and she just didn't like the feel of it. I felt I was degrading her when I came in her mouth without warning, not by coming on her face. Personally I love too finish in her mouth because at that moment I am at the highest peak of arousal and to break that rhythm by pulling out really diminishes my orgasm. When she is orgasming from my attention to her vulva and vaginal area, neither one of us feels degraded by the flowing of her juices in my mouth. She gets that I like ending in her mouth, because she is the same way, if I pull away from her while she is in the throws of intense orgasmic release she loses a lot of that intensity also. We have both come to the conclusion that finishing in each other's mouths is what we want and expect if we are to have a closeness and deep physical pleasurable outcome from our enjoyment of each other. She almost always lets me end in her mouth, and I always alert her, but once in a while she pulls off and uses her hand to finish, she never swallows, which I could care less about, just knowing that she is willing to engage in this activity I feel so blessed because it could just as easily be the other way around where she cares nothing about it and refuses. I honor her choice, i love her deeply and I want to continue to encourage her and she gets better at it every day. She encourages me and is bold enough to tell how she likes oral performed on her and asks me to do different things and I am happy to oblige. We do it because we enjoy it, and mostly because we want to completely satisfy and pleasure each other with the most intense feeling possible. We no longer have any shame or disgust or guilt about our sex life, and as long as we are both in agreement about it and one partner is not trying to push the other into doing something he or she doesn't want, only then can you have the happiest, rewarding and satisfying marriage possible. Praying together about sex really helps. We ask the Lord to keep us in love and help us stay committed, and focused on each other and that helps to,push out distraction and boredom. Another big issue that I find myself having to pray about is maintaining an erection in my later years enough to keep my wife happy and satisfied. A healthy oral sex life has also helped in that area. Well thanks for letting me voice an opinion in this very controversial arena and I just encourage you all to just do what makes you two happy and forget about the public opinion about what you think should be. Honor each other in word and deed and keep open communication and have the best sex of your lives.

  17. Lovingcouple920 says:

    I think everyone should do what they are comfortable with but I would encourage couples to talk and try new things. I find watching a man cum to be very hot. I love feeling a little naughty so I let my husband cum wherever he wants and I enjoy swallowing. It is thrilling to see your face, tits or ass covered by your man's cum. Some of my favorite stories on this site include reading about it as it is such a sexy visual to imagine. As a treat I let my husband film me receiving a cum facial and swallowing. One of his favorite pics is me bent over wearing nothing but a pair of black satin string bikini panties that he came all over after fucking me doggystyle. Just thinking about it is turning me on.

  18. says:

    I only wish my wife would even consider it! But an idea to keep it out of her eyes is to keep a bandana or large clothe handy to cover the eyes. Or even a small pair of swim goggles. a night mask could also work.

  19. Lovingcouple920 says:

    Have you tried talking to your wife. You might find she is more open to it if you help her understand why it is important to you and you make her feel safe and loved. Being blindfolded can be sexy, but I find it really hot to see the look on my husband's face as he cums, it seems to drive him wild. I wouldn't suggest trying swim goggles, that might ruin the mood. I have wore sunglasses while giving a blowjob outside 😉

  20. Lovinghusband says:

    Hi Lovingcouple920, thank you for the encouraging words to me. I'm glad to see your comments. In fact, a story on the wearing sunglasses during a blowjob would be a fun story to hear. I hope you two had a fun Valentines. God bless you both. LH

  21. Pushbabypushhard says:

    Michael and Lexi,. I address both of you. Lexi do you sit on Michael's face and he licks and sucks you? If so he gets your hot juices all over his face. I love to butt my face into my wife's wet pussy. Snorting like a horse, turns her on. I lustfully give my whole mouth. When Michael's dick shoots on you if he does, consider it love. Like the same way he loves your pussy. What I'm trying to say it over. It's a matter of trust.

  22. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    I think it all depends as to whether or not facials are disrespectful. The first time I ejaculated on my wife’s face was by her own choice. We’d watched some porn together (she actually enjoys porn) and she got the idea and asked me to cum on her face, which of course I did and it was really hot. Since then, it’s totally up to me and she’s actually told me she enjoys it. She enjoys knowing she pleasured me to orgasm and likes seeing, feeling and fully accepting my semen. I’ve given her hundreds of facials and the main thing I do is avoid her eyes and up her nose. Otherwise, she’s all in for a big load on her face. That said, I feel that it’s important to communicate so both partners are okay with it. To just rip one on your wife’s face without any conversation beforehand would be disrespectful in my view.

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