Blessed By My Beautiful Wife

Here is a quick story of something recent in our marriage. I share this in the spirit that things can change in our bodies over time. Sometimes in ways we like - but not always. This story is about something we like.

My wife is perfect for me! I've written other stories on MH about the godly wife and mother she is. She is such a blessing to many in our local church. She loves the Lord and serves Him with gladness and joy.

As we approach our 30th wedding anniversary, I am blessed to say she is still so sexy. She has always been slender - but proportionally tantalizing to my eyes. She loves to run and exercise. Lately, she has made some dietary changes that have enabled her to gain a little weight - and one of the byproducts is that her boobs have gotten considerably bigger. I can't stop being amazed at what I'm grabbing and sucking. It is almost like when she was pregnant. I don't deserve this! 🙂 I'm not complaining.

Now, I don't want to sound like some male pig who only cares about the outside of a woman. That is NOT me! In full honesty and disclosure - I am ecstatic about the natural boob enlargement of my wife. She loves it, too. She is proud to flaunt them more as she gets out of the shower or is getting dressed. She senses my pleasure and bounces them for me. I always gave her tits plenty of attention in the past - and I love them no matter what the size. I jokingly told her yesterday in the car that "I love her more now that her boobs are bigger!" 🙂 She grabbed at my crotch through my jeans!

And not just her boobs - her ass has also gained a little size in a way that is driving me crazy - in a good way. Again, she wants to put it out on display more for me. She likes the constant flow of sincere comments I'm giving her. Our life is not only about her boobs and ass - but they have their rightful place. 🙂

So, my hot wife loves the attention - and we need to take a little extra time for boob play these days. It means either coming to bed a little earlier or getting a little less sleep. There is no bypassing the boobs! There are some things we sometimes avoid doing because it is not the way we want to cum or end with. For example, we love to "titty fuck" - especially now. But, we almost don't want to go there because I know I'll probably lose it. So, her beautiful tits have also brought wonderful complicating options to our sexual repertoire. I'm enjoying the new complexities.

Above all, I want my wife to know that she is appreciated. I love the way she has taken care of herself for all these years with me. It has enhanced our relationship. It is an extension of her wanting to continue to show that she is pursuing me and wanting me to continue my pursuit of her. She loves me! And I love her!

There are many trials and temptations we face in life and in marriage - but my wife's consistent attention to being her sexy self - has aided me in keeping my focus on her. Isn't that how it is supposed to work?

Oh...and I am loving this pursuit!!!

Thank you Lord - from whom all blessings flow! LH

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  1. secrettreasure says:

    What an awesome example of marriage heat as it grows stronger and deeper. Time will march on, that's a fact of life. I pray that your love and connection will grow even more than you thought possible. Thank for sharing.

  2. Jake+Cameron says:

    Ah man I so know what you mean lol. Cameron had nice breasts when we got married, but when she got pregnant her breasts really filled out and her hips got wider. She looked amazing before, but now I cant even use the right words to tell how she looks. 😉 She just looks more than amazing lol.

    • Lovinghusband says:

      I'm happy that you have the same blessing too

      I can't get enough of my wife's perky and perfectly shaped tits



  3. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    It's so lovely how you appreciate your wife! And more important;y how you give glory to God! Thank you so much, I was so excited when I saw your name, as I love reading what you write about you and your wife, my brother! God bless you all!

  4. Zack Billingsley says:

    I wanted to weigh in on this story. Been married 43 years, and have had the same experience. Sometimes ladies don't think their bodies are perfect, but they must remember that to their husbands, they ARE perfect. They are the only bodies we will ever see. If, shudder to think, I ever lost her, I would never remarry. She's the only one for me, and precious she is in every respect. After reading this story, I got her oil changed, car detailed, and filled it with gas, and left her a note of appreciation on the steering wheel. What a wonderful partner she has been. Sexually, yes, but also in every other aspect. I'm lucky. God has blessed me.

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