Moving Forward

2011 was not a great year for us. Our first born daughter and her husband died in a car accident in October while visiting us with their daughter. It was a tragedy that shook our entire family. Our grandbaby was only six years old. Their funerals were the very next day, and we mourned for 30 days after they died.

Thankfully they wrote that we’d be the guardians if anything ever happened to them since our granddaughter was close to us. I think she felt relieved too. She wouldn’t leave our side. We never turned away from God, we always trust Him, and we know that He wants what’s best for us.

After our period of mourning, our granddaughter showed a bit of interest in the times when my husband and I were younger. She put on an ABBA tape and started dancing. It delighted me to see her happy, and I joined her. My husband then came home, and he began to smile too!

“Can I join in?” he asked happily,

“Yeah!” said my granddaughter and me at the same time.

We had such a ball, happy again, and I know that’s what our girl would’ve wanted.

After dancing, we prayed, thanking God for helping us get through this difficult time. We all sensed Him reassure us that she was safe with Him and that we and the rest of our family would all be with Him when we left this earth.

We danced some more until we were exhausted, so our granddaughter went to bed. My husband and I hugged each other, and I felt his hand slowly slide down over my bottom.

“My beautiful wife, you’ve got the sexiest bottom,” he said, and I couldn’t stop myself from giggling like a teenage girl!

We walked upstairs. Our granddaughter had gotten into bed, so we tucked her in. Then, when we went to our room, we freshened up. I took my top off, and I was in my skirt and bra. I had a stretch to get ready for some lovemaking and to turn my husband on.

I could tell he needed to touch me, so I let him. But only gently – I wanted to strip entirely first. My husband undid my skirt zipper and pulled it down. I had run my hands up his shirt before he lifted it over his head. I was getting wet as he cupped my face and kissed me. He unhooked my bra and pulled down the straps, revealing my breasts.

“Such beautiful breasts you’ve got…” said my husband. He gently pulled down my frilly panties, then carried me over to the bed after which he stripped the rest of his clothes off.

The way my husband was climbing over me was sexy, and I knew I needed to spread my legs and get ready for his big ‘n’ hard man part. We embraced each other tight when he came inside me. We needed this, and it was our first time since our daughter’s passing and we’ve never gone more than three days without it. We lay in each other’s arms for a little while, loving the intimate feeling of each other, of him being inside me. We shared gentle kisses while we lovingly caressed each other’s smooth skin.

Then, my husband started thrusting, going slowly at first while I rubbed his back, kissing him. He touched my breast and then caressed my cheek as he started going a little faster.

We started to sweat as he sped up, and I climaxed so strongly, and I cried out in ecstasy as he thrust hard, making my orgasm even more intense. My husband came intensely as well, letting out his ecstatic grunts. We both kept holding each other tight when we came down.

We lay together on our bed the same way as the night our late daughter was conceived, falling asleep in each other’s arms. We are forever so grateful to God for the good times, as well as getting us through the difficult times and looking after us all. We were happy again, and though there will never be a “back to normal” for our family, we still are happy and we have God to thank for that.

And we still have our passionate yearnings for our special cuddles! That’s so important to have regular sex with your spouse.

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  1. Blondie
    Blondie says:

    What a tragedy your family went through! I’m so sorry for your loss! God does indeed sustain through the difficult times and your testimony is incredible. This story of your love was beautiful and we are so blessed to have your stories of love here on MH!

  2. Silver
    Silver says:

    This story. Wow. :'( I’m so sorry to hear about the terrible tragedy your family went through! You are quite a special couple here. This story touched my heart.

    • Harper Shelby Thornton
      Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      It’s one of those things you couldn’t wish on anyone else isn’t it? She was a lovely girl. Thank you for your support Silver

    • Harper Shelby Thornton
      Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Thank you so much <3 But for us it's not so much "goodbye" as it is "bye for now". We'll see her again, as the Lord assured us.

  3. Alicia G. M.
    Alicia G. M. says:

    Ohhhh Mrs. Harper! What a beautiful story, it made me cry. I am so sorry for your loss. I know your daughter is smiling a loving smile in heaven. God bless you and your husband. Keep the faith and please continue to write your wonderful stories. Thank you so much! Gonna call my mom and tell her I love her.

    • Harper Shelby Thornton
      Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      God bless you too, my dear and you’re so sweet to call your mother to tell her you love her, even though I’m sure she knows you love her <3

  4. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    O Harper! My heart goes out to you and your dear husband. I am so glad for the sustaining grace that God has bestowed on you all. I rejoice that you know His inherent goodness. You have come through so much.

    I first thought that your sharing this on MH was not going to having anything in it referring to sex with your husband. Then, as I read it – I saw the profundity in what you wrote! A part of God’s overall ministering His salve in your lives – in ministering grace to you and your husband – included the tenderness of what you described. God knows how to comfort the brokenhearted.

    All I can say is that your words have grabbed my heart! I have recognized the spiritual depth that God has built into you – it comes through in every story you write. I am even more glad to have you has my friend and sister in Christ – and to know you here at MH. Harper, you have taught us all something today in this story – and I thank God. I also thank you for being willing to write it. I’m sure it did not come easy. We have much to learn from you. God bless you and your family! With great appreciation in Christ, LH

    • Harper Shelby Thornton
      Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Thanks, brother. It’s by the grace of God that we’re doing so well now, and have since our mourning ended after the month. The fact that she’s with the Lord now & that He told us we’ll all be as well also comforts us.

      Your lovely wife is so blessed to have such a kind man for a husband, and I’m sure she’s lovely too <3 God bless you LH

  5. Happy Husband
    Happy Husband says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. No words can offer comfort, but it is remarkable how the act of love can also be part of God’s plan for healing. God has designed us to be one, whether in times of joy or, when ready, following times of sorrow. He has made us for each other.

    • Harper Shelby Thornton
      Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Definitely. One can’t truly get over the death of their child, but by the grace of God, they can move forward. Thank you very much

  6. Mokey
    Mokey says:

    Thank you for sharing this very painful story. You have, and will continue to glorify the Lord with your testimony. May the Lord continue to give you His strength.

  7. Upcomingauthor
    Upcomingauthor says:

    This makes me think about the story I want to write for MH, the first time my wife and I made love after we had our still born only into our 2nd year of Marriage and how much that meant to me.

    It’s tough loosing a child and pray God continues to comfort you where you need it. Thanks for sharing it’s a lot more encouraging than you know.

    • Harper Shelby Thornton
      Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      It isn’t easy to lose a child regardless of if they’re a baby or grown up, and I’m glad I could be of some encouragement. I hope God continues to comfort you. If you do decide to write that story, I’ll be one of those reading it. God bless you

  8. cameron
    cameron says:

    Oh gosh I am so sorry, I don’t think I could handle loosing my little girl or boy. I am glad that you all were able to get you little grand daughter, what a gift from God that is.

  9. smitten
    smitten says:

    From the Smittens.

    The Lord’s wisdom in marriage, a lifelong commitment to each other, shines through in such a heart rending time. We have our spouses to travel through life together, time lessening our wounds, while strengthening each other, comforting each other, crying with each other, and sharing memories of our loss. We don’t have to be alone during times of heartache. May the Lord bless your marriage.

    • Harper Shelby Thornton
      Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      THank you smittens. It does help to cry and communicate with each other. I remember I wouldn’t even go to bed until after I finished crying, not just in that situation, but in any! We were tired after mourning, but happy again thank God, and we did so much better after, especially since God helped us and comforted us.

  10. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    To all my MH friends thank you so much for your support. God bless you all, I’ll pray for you, as well as myself and family. I love you all very much, and God loves you too, my sweet friends <3

  11. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    Harper, I read all your loving replies. I rejoice for the place in life that God has brought you and your husband to. I’ve never met you in person – but i want you to know that your words have affected me deeply! You are much loved by your MH family! God bless you!

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