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Week of Wow (Part II)

The next day of the conference was busy as expected, and my wife had lots to do to get caught up on being weeks away from home. I would have to settle for the occasional distractions throughout the conference sessions where I drifted into my imagination and remembered our previous day’s activities. Even though it would just be the following day that I would be returning home, it began to seem like an eternity since I had the opportunity to enjoy and feel my wife’s spectacular body. We were both resigned to the fact that this day would see us head off to bed without a repeat of the previous night.

At four a.m., I awoke with a morning wood unlike any I have recently experienced. I proceeded to the bathroom in hopes that a bladder release would calm things down, but nothing seemed to simmer down the situation. In spite of my desire to hold off until I returned home later that day, my cock was in such an aroused state that I needed a release if I had ANY hopes of returning to sleep. Immediately, I replayed in my mind the earlier sessions of the week (detailed in Part I) as the source material for my masturbatory pleasure. With the room dark, I removed my underwear, took my hand and tended to my swollen member that was screaming for attention. We have recently been sharing back and forth stories on Marriage Heat – so I proceeded to open up a recent story that she had sent to me and began envisioning us as the lead characters in the story. Alternating between focusing on the story and focusing on my cock, I continued to masturbate for nearly twenty minutes until my release was imminent. I stood up, closed my eyes, and fantasized about my wife whom I would be with in only a few hours until ropes of semen shot out of my hardened cock. I cleaned myself off and lowered my naked body into the bed with hopes of grabbing a few more hours of sleep prior to a long day of conference and travel.

The final day of the conference was challenging, as I didn’t have the amount of sleep I would have preferred. I completed my meeting in the early afternoon and proceeded to travel home. I didn’t have to drive, so it left me the opportunity to reach out and start teasing my wife prior to my return. I let her know that she was on my mind earlier that day and that I had already masturbated to thoughts of her that morning. She was intrigued and asked me to provide her with details of my activity. I was happy to oblige, as my wife is not one to typically steer towards talk of sex, especially via text. She was a willing participant in our talk, which was a source of new arousal. As many racy texts do, we were soon describing what we would be doing with each other, and I was sitting in the back seat of the car with my second erection of the day.

I was more descriptive than previously in the week, and described in detail how I wanted to feel her warm mouth envelop my swollen cock, licking at the base of my balls while she alternated between sucking my cock and licking the base of my scrotum. She responded by telling me that she wanted to feel me in her mouth and was licking her lips in anticipation of the opportunity. I let her know that I ached to trace my tongue around the outside of her wet pussy, wanting to taste her sweet sex on my tongue and further stimulate her already awaiting clitoris. She asked what I would do next, which indicated that she was genuinely interested in what we were discussing. I described how I would impale her now soaked slit with my thick cock – and that she would be begging for me to fill her hole with the warm cum she had been missing since we’ve been apart. She began offering an occasional one-word response of approval, and as the time increased between responses – I wondered if she had reached her limit of sext chat for the day. Just as I was about to ask if she was ok, she texted – “I have a confession. I just came.” I am sure that my jaw dropped, and I immediately asked – “SERIOUSLY???” Her reply – “Yep ;)”.  This was now twice in just a few days that my wife had let down her guard and opened up enough to respond to her feelings of need and masturbate to orgasm through sexting with me (although this time I was unaware until after she came that she was playing!).  She let me know that she wanted to lay down for a bit and would see me when I got home.

Upon returning home, we embraced with anxious anticipation that was in part a result of the past several days of letting down each of our respective guards. The excitement we now felt included the knowledge that our communication with each other had taken a new direction. This direction was one that would allow for us to strengthen our marital, spiritual, and (of course) our sexual connection. In spite of each of our prior masturbation sessions that day, we proceeded to the bedroom to make good on the promises we had made to each other while trying to inspire the other to successful self-love sessions. The sex was made better because we were at a stronger place of trust than the last time we were together. We both enjoyed another orgasm for the day, only this time we were able to enjoy the physical proximity of the other’s warm awaiting body.

Ordinarily, this would have been the typical ‘conclusion’ of a great week of sex for us. However, this week was different as I was about to discover, and the “Week of Wow” continued…

Stay tuned for PART III.

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