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Open Letter to Wife

We had been apart for several days, and I found myself longing for you more desperately than usual. The image of your perfectly proportioned body was seared into my mind, and I felt the all too familiar sensation of arousal stretching the fabric of my pants. Being alone, I knew that I had but two […]

Week of Wow (Part III)

WEEK OF WOW – PART III (Catch up on the rest of the story by reading Part I and Part II) I woke up that next morning and reflected on how much we had done to elevate our sexual communication with each other by not letting being physically apart hinder our connection with each other. […]

Week of Wow (Part II)

The next day of the conference was busy as expected, and my wife had lots to do to get caught up on being weeks away from home. I would have to settle for the occasional distractions throughout the conference sessions where I drifted into my imagination and remembered our previous day’s activities. Even though it […]