Open Letter to Wife

We had been apart for several days, and I found myself longing for you more desperately than usual. The image of your perfectly proportioned body was seared into my mind, and I felt the all too familiar sensation of arousal stretching the fabric of my pants.

Being alone, I knew that I had but two choices – either ignore my (now fully) erect member, or to tend to my growing sexual urges.

For you, self pleasure was a bit of a sexual awakening. Initially opposed to the mere suggestion of touching yourself sexually, you have learned to embrace the power you have to bring yourself to climax – all the while knowing that the sight of your masturbation brings me to the heights of sexual satisfaction. Certainly, the visualization of your self love is a turn on in itself. More so, it is your willingness to allow me into your very private, vulnerable place of sexual fulfillment that serves to drive the intensity of my arousal.

Being alone in the apartment, i knew that there was no longer a need for my clothes, so I stripped off each layer until my erection was the only thing left I was wearing. I closed my eyes and fantasized about you as though you were there in my view. Reaching down with my hand, I slowly stroked the length of my cock, imagining you joining in.

I never tire of seeing you or imagining your finger disappearing into the warm, wet target below your waist. With that single action – I feel deeply connected and aroused, and anticipate your climax as it manifests itself throughout your body. Your legs clench, mouth agape, breath quickening, and often your free hand fondling and pinching your breasts and nipples. Yes – this offers more than simply the visual delight of your orgasm – it offers an open door into one of the most basic and honest communications we share – primal and unfiltered arousal.

While I longed to be with you, I knew that we had reached a place in our relationship where my evening release would not be seen as a threat, but rather an opportunity to relieve my sexual buildup. I continued to stroke myself, knowing that I would soon drain the cum from my cock as I had so many times together for your pleasure on your awaiting naked body below me.

It felt good to, without shame, take the responsibility for my own arousal into my hand and enjoy the feeling of sexual excitement build with each continued stoke of my hardened cock.

As my orgasm began, I focused on the image of your own masturbation session earlier that day, knowing that you had given yourself the needed permission to bring yourself to climax without shame. I continued to pump my stiffened member until each droplet of cum had been evacuated to orgasmic completion.

I acknowledge that I enjoy, even crave the seemingly contradictory connection that we have by opening up, talking about, and acting upon our willingness, desires, and urges, (and sometime need) to masturbate, alone or together.

Thank you for creating with me that setting for us – and know that any desire to “develop or expand” on this further is rooted in my desire to feed not only our sexual appetites, but also our marital connection.

I love you.

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    • Married Couple says:

      In hindsight, I lament all the time we both spent being uncomfortable and dishonest about our capacity to bring our own bodies to climax. It is such a shame that so many of us have grew up learning to feel shame surrounding masturbation. I'm grateful that she and I have learned to trust each other enough to remove the insecurities that once made it impossible to acknowledge the pleasures of masturbating – alone and together.

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