Week of Wow (Part III)


(Catch up on the rest of the story by reading Part I and Part II)

I woke up that next morning and reflected on how much we had done to elevate our sexual communication with each other by not letting being physically apart hinder our connection with each other. Throughout our marriage, we had (for the most part) relegated our sexual interactions with each other to face to face experiences – so the phone sex of the week was a great added ‘flavor’ we had injected into our new ‘comfort zone’.

On day six, I began writing the first installment of the “Week of Wow.” Recounting and revisiting the memories of the week served as a source of connection and arousal unique to any previous experience for us, and I was delighted when she read with approval Part I. I was surprised when she asked immediately upon reading the story if I had posted it on MH. She was clearly excited about the prospect of sharing with others the accounts of our story, and I was more than happy to oblige by sharing with you our week. The day was long, but I still wanted to be sexual with her that night. I was much more awake than she was at bedtime. So rather than push for sex, I crawled in bed next to her and masturbated next to her so that I could resolve the tension of the day. We kissed passionately while I stroked my cock, and her willingness to remain “present but not participate” during this time made for a quick release. I cleaned the cum from my chest, and we were both soon asleep.

On day seven, there was a need for a capstone event to our wonderful week. I was at work and decided to send my wife a text early in the afternoon providing the needed catalyst to determine our story’s conclusion. Our text exchange was as follows: (Husband) “BTW… You have one assignment today – It’s up to you to determine how the “Week of Wow” story ends.” (Wife) “Hmmmm, I have no idea”. (H) “The last part won’t write itself… Feel free to research”. (W) “Hmmm I’ll see what I can do 😉 Gonna take a nap now since I’ve been awake since 4 a.m.” (H) “Good for you – nite”.

It was a very long day at work that extended into the evening, so I wanted to reach out and see how we were going to end our story. I sent her a text before I was to head home, and we continued the conversation. (H) “You ever wake up?” (W) “Yep”. Without another question from me, the next text arrived – (W) “Can I play in the bath tub?”

Her request served as a shot of electricity through my veins – I truly appreciated that her comfort level in solo play was dramatically improving – but I also wanted to make sure that we used the time to connect sexually. (H) “On three conditions”. (W) “Ok”. (H) “First, you have to be playing to engage and enjoy and not simply ‘get it out of the way’. Fair?” (W) “Yep”. (H) “Second, since you are in the tub, you get to explore vaginal and anal play. Not obsess, but not skim.” (W) “K”. (H) “Third, you get to tell or write about it to me so I can have a narrative for the story (and a full body pic wouldn’t hurt either. Not worrying about the right words – no stress.” (W) “K”. (H) I love you – how much time do you want before I come home?” (W) “20-30”.

A couple of minutes later, I received my first installment of meeting the conditions. She sent two photos of her naked body, one a close up on her sweet, wet pussy taken in the tub, reached my phone. (H) “I love you! Looking forward to reading/hearing/seeing! Enjoy – you’ve earned it!!!”

Twenty minutes went by when my phone alerted me of a text from my wife, one I was anxiously awaiting. (W) “I enjoyed having time to myself after such energetic spurts of cleaning and sorting throughout the house today. Remembering your activities last night, I thought it was time to take matters into my own hands in return ;-). Encouraged by your words, I let my hands explore my body, caverns yet untouched by my hands. I used some different fingers to explore.” (H) “J My heart is smiling”. (W) “Settling into my vagina in a natural rhythm felt the most comfortable and allowed me to enjoy the full pleasure”.

At this moment, my wife had my complete attention. What I didn’t see coming was the next text. It was a video recording of my wife achieving her orgasm. During previous efforts to encourage her to record herself masturbating, the ‘awkwardness’ of the technology was cited as a buzz kill that prevented her from complying with my request. Her initiative to not only record herself, but to do so as she neared and achieved her orgasm illustrated unequivocally that she had truly committed to the first condition. (W) “I was able to capture that on video to share with you ;-)”

I returned home and let her know how amazed by her I was. She was clearly proud of herself for completing her self-imposed assignment, and I was equally proud of her for going all-in on her task. Later that evening as I re-read her texts, looked at her photos, and watched her video, I stroked with joy as I witnessed my wife’s efforts to connect with and include me in her intimate bath time self-love indulgence. My masturbation session that night felt unlike any previous session of solo play, as it was couched in the knowledge that our relationship had reached a new and different level of connection I had only previously craved. I climaxed that night in the joy and knowledge that we were sexually closer than at any previous point in our marriage – and it was ironically due to a change in how we approached masturbation. We had spent a week that proved to be unlike any other we had spent together, and the only response I could offer as I recalled the week’s activities was “Wow!”

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