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I recently joined this group, I’ve read some stories and am like woohoo. Now, not as though I don’t enjoy sex with my hubby, but I’ve never experienced some things said here, like multiple orgasm, hitting the G-spot and all that. I read wide on sex, but hubby doesn’t, how do I get him to read more without sounding odd?

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  1. hornyGG says:

    Welcome to the family S.Ruthy! Sex like anything is a learn as you go kinda thing.
    Getting to know your body is important and masturbation can help, not to mention good for you mentally and physically. I like to call it " me time". Although doing it with your husband can be a great way to learn about each other. Not sure how long you have been married, so some of what I am saying you may already know.
    Anyway, if you decide to go solo make sure you have ample time ( no rushing ). Turn off the cell phone and put on some soft music. You can start with a nice warm bubble bath, maybe light some candles to set the mood. After all it's all about pampering and loving your own body. Relax and feel free to explore your body, enjoy the sensations your touch gives you. I personally love masturbating in the tub.
    Enjoy the sensation your breast give you as you touch and caress them. Tweek your nipples gently as they react to your touch. Touch and explore your pussy both inside and out , you may want to gently stimulate your clit and enjoy the sensation it brings. If you cum enjoy! Remember not to put pressure on yourself and just go with it. I think you will find you are capable of alot more than you think. Just relax!

    As far as getting your husband to read more about sex, communication is the key here. Does he know about MH? If not tell him you would like to read him something and read him a favorite story of yours from the site. My husband Ben loves it when I read him a story from MH, really raises his blood pressure if you get what I mean. Remember communicate, he won't know until you tell him. Men are funny creatures that way! Lol.

    Well hope this helps in some way. I am in no way an expert, just going by personal experience. I'm sure you will get plenty of helpful tips from this wonderful community that I have come to love and enjoy.

    God bless and stay horny my dear!


    • Farmerboy says:

      S. Ruthy. .
      I am in a similar situation as you are I just love this web site and I have learnt so much about love and making love in my marriage form this website.
      Unfortunately my wife of 33 years had an upbringing where it was not heard of to talk about or read stories about sex.
      Our 3 daughters really struggled with this through their puberty and teenage years and used to call me MR mum as I would talk to them about their girly problems.

      I learnt to so much on this web site, my wife now says wow that was new , or gee what a surprise.
      I learnt that I have to enjoy my own body before I can appreciate her body fully.
      GG is right , enjoy and love you body and you will be able to for fill you husbands sexually needs as God would want you too.
      God Bless and enjoy you body and your marriage .

  2. HornyHubby says:

    I would recommend just telling him about this site. Tell him you found it and you've been looking at it and you really like it. Then do as hornyGG suggested and read him a few stories you like. Suggest to him that he browse the site himself sometime and read you some stories that he likes. And if he has any concerns about the site (like thinking it's porn or something) direct him to the categories on wisdom and the blog. Some people need to read from those sections to understand the mentality and purpose behind MH first before reading a story.

    And welcome to the site! I hope to read stories from you one day. Feel free to share your sexual adventures and wisdom with us. You said you read a lot (so do I!) so I hope to read your wisdom and book suggestions on here in the future. And don't let yourself hold back on posting something out of fear. This is a very accepting community and nobody ever criticises anyone or their writing or anything. So if you are thinking something like, "But I'm not a writer." don't let that hold you back. It's fun and like I said, it's a very accepting community.

  3. castlesecrets says:

    Timing is key. It’s not a good idea to bring up the subject of sex while having sex (this is different than a follow the connection talking which enhances the experience). If you want to discuss some unresolved aspect of your sexual relationship or a disappointment or frustration, during sex is not a good time for the discussion. Both of you will likely be less open and objective about the conversation. It’s also not a good idea to bring up touchy subjects at bedtime.

    Be honest. If you are going to address this subject, be upfront and honest. This may seem like common sense but there are many people who resort to code words or only bring things up half-way.

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