Naked in the Hotel Jacuzzi

NOTE: This story is a follow up to my previous story “Naked in the Hotel,” but it is definitely possible to enjoy this story without reading that one!

They held hands as they walked down the hallway of the hotel, him in his swimming trunks and her in a minimally-covering bikini that looked as if it would bring indecent exposure if the bottoms were cut any lower in the front. Her escapades from the night before had emboldened her with her husband’s permission to not worry about how much of herself was visible to others and to be confident in her natural God-given beauty. Neither of them covered their swim wear, and he carried two towels in his other hand.

“This is the spot,” she said as they rounded a corner in the hallway. She pointed to a small sitting area with two padded chairs designed for guests to sit and visit.

“This is where you touched yourself?” he said quietly so as not to attract attention.

She nodded, becoming somewhat flushed in the face thinking about what she had done.

“Wow,” he said. “That’s so hot. Wanna do it again for me right now?” he questioned.

She turned quickly to look at him in shock only to immediately spot a teasing twinkle in his eyes. “Stop!” she said as she lightly smacked his arm. “I already can’t believe what I did. Let’s get to the pool already.”

They continued walking for about a hundred feet before they reached the lobby which was empty except for a young man working behind the counter. She noticed that the employee was letting his eyes go low on her body, and she couldn’t help but blush because she didn’t want the attention…but she did. As they exited the lobby into a side hall and neared the pool entrance, she said in a hushed tone, “Babe, the counter boy was checking me out!”

“He was?”


“Did you like it?”

“OMG. What kind of question is that?”

“I don’t know. A fair one? If some girl was checking me out, I can’t say that is exactly be disappointed. Come on babe, it’s ok if you do. I know you’re faithful to me. I’m not worried. It’s natural to want to be liked…in all ways.”

She thought for a moment as they entered the pool room. “Ok…yes. I did enjoy it,” she sheepishly admitted.

He set the towels down on one of the pool side chairs, then ran and did a cannonball into the pool. After emerging above the surface of the water and getting the water out of his eyes, he looked over and saw his lovely wife slowly sauntering down the pool steps, unintentionally shaking her hips slightly from side to side, demonstrating her feminine physique. She wasn’t particularly paying attention to what she was doing, but he kept his eyes glued on her. Her lovely breasts were restrained by two meager strips of cloth held onto her body by thin strings, along with her most delicate regions covered by a brief triangle again held onto her body by thin strings tied at her hips on each side. She reached the bottom of the pool steps and submerged her body up to her neck in the water, her long, flowing hair floating at the water’s surface. He was eating her up with his eyes, mesmerized by her beauty.

She swam over to where he was at, and the fun began. They pushed each other under the water, tickled each other, raced each other, chased each other, and had an immense amount of fun together just like any two married people who are both best friends and lovers should be able to do.

After awhile, she said, “I’d really like to get in the jacuzzi before we go. You down for that?”

“Sure!” he replied.

He followed behind her, watching the water cascade off of her curves as she exited the pool. Again, he was captivated by watching all of her mostly exposed femininity walking toward the jacuzzi. She descended into the refreshing warm water, and he was very close behind. He turned on the jets to the jacuzzi and got in himself.

Up to this point, they had been alone in the pool area, but the door to the pool room opened and another couple walked in of about the same age range. They were both dressed very similarly, him in swimming trunks and her in a revealing bikini. Instead of going to the pool, this new couple immediately began walking toward the jacuzzi. As they approached, the other man said, “Mind if we join you?” to which the response was, “Sure, go ahead!” The two couples chatted casually for some time about where each was from, what each did for work, life experiences, etc.

In the middle of one of their conversations, he felt her reach over and take his hand. Something felt different, though. He didn’t just have her hand, but it felt like there was something in it. She slipped her hand away, and he brought his hand to the surface to see what was there. Before his hand fully emerged, he realized what he was holding and quickly slipped it down beneath the surface foam of the water caused by the jacuzzi jets. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen. She had handed him her bikini bottoms! The only conclusion he could come to was that her bottom half was completely naked underneath all the foam. He looked at her to see what had happened, and he saw a subtle hint of a tease on her face, the kind that only a husband would see on his wife’s face.

All of a sudden, the jacuzzi jets timed out and her face went from the look of a sexy tease to the look of stifled panic as she realized that she was about to be exposed to two strangers as soon as the water settled. This panic was also mixed with her traditional blush as she considered this possibility. A naughty part of her wanted to be seen, but she was too scared to go through with it.

“Oh, would you like me to turn the jets back on?” the man from the other couple asked.

“Umm…” he stalled, knowing the look on her face and wanting to tease her a little bit in return. “What do you think, babe?”

“Yes!” she responded, almost too eagerly. “Please turn the jets back on.”

The other man quickly shimmied out of the jacuzzi, turned the timer for the jets back on, and soon the tub was filled again with the foam, concealing her uncovered vagina.

As soon as the water was foamed up again, she felt a hand on her knee. The hand slowly started tracing a line up and down along the inside of her upper thigh and gently pried her legs apart. She was already slightly turned on by the possibility of being seen naked, and she suddenly felt electricity shoot through her body as this hand began rubbing the corners around her vagina. The hand moved to the middle and began stimulating her clitoris, and she found it increasingly difficult to keep a poker face and focus on the conversation she was having with the other woman as she felt her body being lit on fire with pleasure.

She was lost in another world. One where the people and conversations happening around her were blurred out by the reality of what she was feeling. She distantly knew that if he didn’t stop touching her like this, she was going to cum right there in the jacuzzi with everyone watching. However, this was like a thought in the back of her mind that she couldn’t quite get to the front because she was so distracted by what she was feeling.

“It really was nice to meet you, hope you enjoy the rest of your stay!” She snapped quickly back to reality. They were leaving, thank God. She managed to join him in returning well wishes to the other couple, then they were gone.

“What are you doing to me, you naughty boy?!” she exclaimed, all the while desiring more.

“Oh, just giving you a moment to remember.” He winked at her as he said this. “Why, did you like it? Do you want more?” he asked with a mocking, playful tone.


“Well come here then!”

“Wait…now? Here? Don’t you want to go back to the room?”

“Don’t you want to fuck right here in the jacuzzi?”

She blushed.

“I think you do,” he said matter-of-factly. “Come here.”

She couldn’t resist. She moved over and straddled him, every part of their bodies from the chest down below the foaming surface of the water.

Oh. My. God. She felt his cock slide into her wet pussy, and it felt soooooo intensely good that she wanted to scream. On top of that, her clitoral stimulation against his lower torso was happening in just the right way that she didn’t think she would last long. The further they got into it, the more she lost all sense of reality and didn’t care who or what was happening around them. She did notice her bikini top floating just to the side of them and realized that he must have untied it because she felt him massaging her nipples with his manly hands, and every pleasure sensor in her body was surging toward orgasm.

He was enthralled by her sex appeal, feeling her hips grinding into his cock, watching her face contort in the throes of pleasure. She was driving him absolutely crazy as he looked at her completely naked body in this somewhat public place, cupping her breasts in his hands, running his fingers around her chest and neck and sides.

Both of them were dying, needing that explosive release.

“I. Need. You. To. Fuck. Me. NOW!” she yelled.

This dirty talk made him wild, and he started thrusting up into her like a wild animal. Her moans got louder and louder to the point where they were echoing around the room, and he wasn’t much quieter. Closer and closer they got to the big moment, and finally, over the edge they went together. His cum went shooting straight up into the depths of her vagina, and her juices began to flow out.

The door to the pool opened. At this point, both of them were dying with pleasure and didn’t care. The person entering the pool room was a security personnel member doing a routine check of the pool area. They managed to compose themselves slightly and she removed herself off of him as the security person had made his way about halfway across the room.

“How are you folks doing tonight?” the security guard asked as he approached them.

“Great!” they both replied.

“You folks doing alright?”

“Yep!” he replied, not sure what was about to happen.

“Well, you have a good night, alrighty? Stay safe,” the security guard said with a knowing look in his eyes.

“Thank you, sir,” he said.

After the security guard left, they both started giggling. “He totally knew what we were up to!” she said.

“I know! I can’t believe he just let it go!” he exclaimed.

“Ha. Maybe we should go now,” she said. She then got up out of the jacuzzi without a stitch of clothing, walked over to the pool chair where their towels were, and covered herself with a towel.

He followed suit, exiting the jacuzzi with an erect penis sticking out and covering himself with a towel.

They grabbed their swim suits and walked back to the room with them in hand. As they got out of the elevator on their floor of the hotel, she said, “I dare you to run naked back to the room.”

“Only if you do it!” he grinned.

“Fine!” She stripped off her towel, dropped it on the floor outside of the elevator, and began running down the hall.

He too did the same and ran the hundred feet or so to join her at the entrance to their room. As he fumbled to get the room key, she began running her hands all around his waist, rubbing his cock, caressing his balls. Their bodies fused together in passion as they began making out furiously in the hallway outside their room, fully naked. He pushed her up against the door as he inserted the key into the lock. The green light came on, and he pushed the door handle down to open the room. They stumbled inside, bodies fused together in passion, and the hotel door closed behind them……….

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    WOW!!!! Talk about a hot story, I couldn't help but stroke my cock as I read this. The photo is also incredibly sexy! Well done, I enjoyed this tremendously. Thank you

  2. Lovingcouple920
    Lovingcouple920 says:

    Very hot! Your last post inspired us to give it a try, the story should be posted later this month. I got so turned on reading this one that we might have to try this as well. Thanks for sharing your sexy and exciting stories!

  3. PacMan
    PacMan says:

    HOT! I imagined my wife & I doing this as I had a nice masturbation session. Thanks for the perfect inspiration! What a turn on!

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