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Her Love…Someday…

The weather was perfect and the sun was ambling down toward the horizon. There was a slight breeze blowing through her hair as she enjoyed the perfection of the ocean waves crashing onto the shore as she walked barefoot along the edge of the water. There were few people on this secluded region of beach, […]

Christmas Sex with New Lingerie

NOTE: This is a follow up to the story in which this husband purchased lingerie for his wife but ran into temptation along the way. Regardless, this story can be read by itself or together with the first one. Enjoy! The night was December 24, and the snow was flying outside. The evening’s family festivities […]

Christmas Shopping for His Wife

NOTE: This story features a depiction of a married man encountering temptation from another woman. It is not intended to endorse sexual activity with a non-spouse but rather to show a real struggle with temptation and a choice to overcome it. There is a part two coming soon, which features the man together with his […]

Naked in the Hotel Jacuzzi

NOTE: This story is a follow up to my previous story “Naked in the Hotel,” but it is definitely possible to enjoy this story without reading that one! They held hands as they walked down the hallway of the hotel, him in his swimming trunks and her in a minimally-covering bikini that looked as if […]

Naked in the Hotel

The alarm clock read 2:03 AM. He awoke with a start. The hotel room was still dark; it was the middle of the night. The room felt unusually quiet. He reached over, but she wasn’t there. He softly projected her name into the darkness with no reply. He looked over toward the bathroom, but there […]

Sexy Honeymoon – On the Beach…

Sexy Honeymoon Sexy honeymoon – “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride.” The words of the minister seemed like a hazy dream as John looked into the eyes of his now bride, Madison, and he lovingly took her into his arms as they shared their first kiss on the […]