Her Love…Someday…

The weather was perfect and the sun was ambling down toward the horizon. There was a slight breeze blowing through her hair as she enjoyed the perfection of the ocean waves crashing onto the shore as she walked barefoot along the edge of the water. There were few people on this secluded region of beach, and she found this the perfect place to commune with God as she talked to him and daydreamed about her future. She dreamed with God about her future love.

She was 21, young, romantic at heart, full of passion and life and expectation. Her face was adorned with a wide smile as her dirty blonde hair blew across her face. She would stop momentarily and close her eyes, drinking in her surroundings, the sounds, the smells, the tastes. She was imagining being hand-in-hand with her love, walking side-by-side for hours into the sunset, discussing life, dreaming, and just being together. She imagined the passion they would have for each other, the long looks gazing into each other’s eyes, and the slow, passionate kisses they would share on the sand. Sometimes her imagination wandered beyond kissing as she imagined her love ravishing her, making love to her. She found herself weak at the knees with these forbidden thoughts racing through her head.

She opened her eyes, coming back to reality for a moment, and made her way to a small sand dune near the water that gave her a good view in both directions. She laid out her towel and set her belongings down. She removed her wrap, exposing her bikini-clad skin to the bright rays of the late afternoon sun. Gently, she laid down and once again began daydreaming of her love with the lapping of the waves as a soundtrack to her thoughts.

She was wet. Maybe it was the thought of him holding her face and caressing her neck. Maybe it was the imagination of him pulling her close with one hand on her waist and one hand in the small of her back. Maybe it was the imagination of her soft hands tracing across his bare chest.

With her vivid imagination and her eyes closed, her fingers began brushing softly across her breast. She slowly ran her hands down her stomach, down the side of her thighs, and back up across her chest. As she touched herself, she imagined that her hand was the hand of her love, delighting in her body and in her sensual skin. She leaned up to untie the string of her bikini top, tossing it to the side as she laid back down, closed her eyes, and imagined her love massaging the base of her breasts as she played out this scene with her hands. Before long, she was moving her fingertips across her sensitive and aroused nipples, brushing back and forth, both hands stimulating her breasts and nipples. Intense, pleasuring butterflies were grazing the inside of her lower stomach.

She imagined him climbing down her body between her legs. One hand slipped down between her pussy lips while the other hand continued caressing her naked upper body.

She lifted her head briefly to make sure that no one was nearby and noticed a large wave in the distance surging rapidly toward the shore. She untied the sides of her bikini bottom, exposing herself completely to her “love” in the sunny, breezy air. Her fingers fast returned to stimulating her pleasure centers, bringing her closer and closer to the edge. Involuntary moans escaped her lips as she imagined that her love’s tongue was dancing behind her lips while their bodies connected in oneness. She imagined his mouth engulfing her perfect breasts, tasting her skin, inhaling her scent, delighting in her treasures. Faster and faster, she rapidly massaged her clitoris with insatiable desire. Finally, the large wave from the distance crashed onto the shore with an audible explosion as she all but screamed with overwhelming sensation! Her pussy juices flowed freely as she came with an intensity rivaling the waves.

Knees up in the air, she closed her legs, grinding her hips into the air several times while the waves of pleased washed through her body. As they subsided, she came to her senses, now aware that she was at the beach with small pockets of people in the distance. Still feeling somewhat dazed, she stood up briefly to allow the breeze to wash over her nude form, helping her to reset and reengage with reality.

As she breathed in the fresh air, she thanked God for her love to come. Someday, she thought, he would be all hers, he would put a ring on her finger, and they would make sweet, intense, passionate love for years to come.

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    You've done it again, hornrycat! You've ignited memories for me again, with the walking down the beach, hand-in-hand part. Thank you again! 😀 I hope you'll find your love one day. God bless, dear

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