Goals realized equal fun time!

My wife, Karen and I deserve a reward. Let me tell you why. When my wife and I were in our 40’s (she still is although I am now 51) we knew that we had to do something about our physical condition. Although I’ve been able to stay in relatively good shape due to the physical activity of being self-employed and staying involved in the production end of that particular venture I wasn’t where I wanted to be. My wife after seven pregnancies and four children has never been able to get into her pre birth weight class. I love my wife and she is absolutely beautiful and our sex life is fantastic. I am 6′ 2” tall, brown hair, blue eyes and weighed about 240 lbs. My wife is 5′ 7” long blonde hair and green eyes. We often get away for a romantic weekend where we can really cut loose. During this time we both committed once again to getting into top shape, for both health and other reasons. Well we got serious about exercise and eating healthy. My wife worked unbelievably hard every day to attain her goals. I too increased my workout and karate regimen. The changes were amazing!! After about 6 months I had lost about 40lbs of excess fat and replaced it with muscle and weighed in at about 205 lbs. I recovered my six pack abs and was in the best shape I’d been in since I was a soldier. My wife lost almost 60 lbs and dropped from a size 16-18 down to a size 8-10. She was in the most beautiful shape she’d ever been in, firm and toned. Her legs were even better than ever and her ass was firm and sweet.

Everybody said she looked 10 years younger, which is great since she already looked 10 years younger than her true age. We both needed a new wardrobe. It was a lot of fun buying my wife all these new clothes, sexy lingerie and for the first time in years she was excited about wearing fashionable clothes that fit her right! Boy does she look hot too.
We decided to get away for our anniversary and flew to the Florida coast. Karen had just had her hair lightened to bring out her natural color and had been tanning so she was brown and beautiful. She was wearing a halter top that showed off her brown toned arms and shoulders, a short little skirt that came about mid thigh and showcased her long brown legs. Open toed heels with straps that wrapped around her calves show cased her bright red toe nails. I was very excited to see that she had applied a temporary tattoo to her ankle and dear lord did she look hot! As we walked through the airport I noticed men and women looking at my wife. I left her alone for a few minutes as I went to check us in and was not totally surprised to find a couple of soldiers talking to my wife when I returned. Being the size I am they excused themselves and left quickly although one of them gave me a smile and commented that I was a lucky man. “Enjoying yourself?” I asked with a smile. “Now that your back yes” she answered with a smile that always lights up my world. She held my hand and clung to my arm like we had just met. I do love her very much. I could feel her desire for me radiate through her body and into mine. I am so proud of her and how hard she worked and continues to work.

After we were seated on the plane I was hard pressed to behave myself. Her legs are beautiful and inviting to me and after she asked for a blanket we both allowed our hands to wander a bit under its cover. The short plane ride seemed to take forever and my maleness was actually in pain from being constrained so long. We arrived in Florida and got our rental car. While leaving the parking garage Karen asked me to pull in to a deserted and darkened area and stop. As soon as the car was stopped Karen pulled me close and whispered “I need you now” we began to kiss passionately, our tongues dancing and exploring. My erection was tenting my shorts, threatening to bust out. My hand was exploring her body, I exposed her breast and began to lick and bite her nipples, causing her to moan and squirm in her seat. I slid my hand up her skirt and she wildly almost desperately spread her legs and thrust to meet my searching fingers. Her thong was soaked and slippery as I moved it aside and began to touch and probe her sensitive area. My fingers slid inside of her and she gasped my name and moaned. I started to thrust my fingers in and out of her making wet, squishy, and delicious sounds.
I brought my fingers to my mouth to lick her juices when she intercepted it and instead licked them herself. I put my fingers back into her and picked up the pace continuing to work her nipples when suddenly I felt everything tighten and she screamed. Her juices squirted all over the car seat and my hand as she came for what seemed an eternity. This time I got to lick her juices off my fingers loving the taste and scent of her. I hadn’t realized but she had somehow managed to release me from my cloth prison and hungrily leaned over and shoved my cock down her throat, moaning all the time almost like she was an animal. The sight of my beautiful wife with her red toe nails, heels and red finger nails working up and down my shaft caused me to climax way before I wanted to. My cum exploded deep into her mouth as she groaned gutturally and sucked and swallowed every last drop, refusing to stop until I couldn’t take any more. We just lay there and basked in the emotion and release. The car smelled like sex and we didn’t care. As we left the area I noticed the security camera and wondered if that’s what made the security guard at the gate smile and wave the way she did.

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