Singlehood Is Prep Time…

Fresh out the shower on a quiet Friday evening, I sat down and thought about you. Actually, I had been praying for you for quite some time, having fasted forty days for our Master to confirm whether I should continue seeking Him for marriage. I haven’t even met you yet, and I have to ask if the preparations I engaged in while hoping for your arrival are all for nothing. Seeking the Lord because of who He is? The gym time and workouts? The abstinence? The aversion to and avoidance of porn? The sexual health supplements? Reading those books on marriage while being careful not to make marriage an idol? For Heaven’s sake, even the stamina and strength exercises for my cock?

I thought I’d meet you while I was still in Texas, but there’s something about this new place—maybe it’s the mountains—that has me thinking it’s here we’ll finally connect. Denver seems promising, and I’ve got great friends here.

Too many hours meditating on His Word; too many prayers uttered for your wellbeing; too many squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and shoulder presses were done; too many jelqs and squeezes happened in order to keep up my member’s sturdiness, firmness and power just for you. No. None of it was for nothing. I didn’t pray through years of guilt about healthy masturbation and the enjoyment of my own body as God’s masculine creation in preparation for your arrival for all of this to be for nothing.

I’m a man…and I’m yours.

Again, I thought about you; how you would enter the bedroom as I sat, drying off. A stiff wind is all it takes for this African American brown-skinned Texas boy’s manhood to stand up. And, even at the thought of you, there I was…just READY. You’d walk in, stand in front of me, and slowly strip out of my favorite sweats and t-shirt you put on just to have my smell near you. They aren’t sexy in the least bit, but Victoria’s Secret couldn’t dress you better than my clothes with the hopes of getting me hard. All I need to see are those beautiful breasts and small, pointed nipples pressing against the inside of my shirt. And the very thought of the crease of my sweats that have found their way in between those sumptuously soft but firm ass cheeks of yours would already have my thick, veiny cock leaking pre-cum.

Sure enough, glistening fluid was already running down my shaft. Baby, you know it doesn’t take much for me. A healthy, strong body, celibacy, and penis exercises have their perks…and you’re about to get ‘em.

You’d take charge because you know I love it when you lead me where you want me. Stepping toward me and out my the clothes that surround your feet, you place your hands on my bare shoulders and slowly push me back. I grab the base of my girth, holding it for you in anticipation of penetrating your slightly-haired pussy from which several clear drops have already fallen. But, no. You move my hand and continue advancing your pelvis toward my face, and I grow even more beside myself as I breathe in the aroma of your wetness. I groan as your pussy lips linger slightly above my mouth, you teasing me by keeping your gift just out of reach of my tongue. Finally, you lower yourself onto my lips, and I unhurriedly go to work.

Your labia and clitoris in my face…it’s all I can do for my cock not to become a fountain of cum. I grab hold of your buttocks, feasting on your pussy as you play with your tits. I hear your moans and taste your cream as you move back and forth across my eager mouth. You begin spasming, and I can’t wait for what’s about to happen. My dick convulses in anticipation of your release, but no—not yet. I can’t cum yet. I Kegel hard and suppress it, calming myself just a bit. Then, you give me my reward.

Your nectar flows from your pussy, covering my entire face. I try to drink it all in; I want every ounce of you.

Your ascent from my face is disheartening until, with the most beautiful of approving smiles you say, “Good boy. Now, my husband, time for something else.”

I sit up at the foot of the bed, my head and torso still turned toward you. On all fours with your ass toward me is one of the most stunning positions I ever get to see you in. All the more, you arch your back, causing your vagina to be put on full display. Even the sun isn’t so glorious. You pull apart your soaking wet lips; they shine with the residue of your recent squirt.

I take my place behind you, my length bobbing and playing at your womanhood. You look back at me and, with the softest voice, command me to be gentle. “I’m not sure I can handle all of it yet.” Then I think, Maybe tonight you will.

I take my time getting inside, pulling out and pushing in a few more centimeters each time. Though you’re cautious, you like to be stretched and I think, Thank You, Lord, for jelqs. My girth opens you wide. I would never hurt you intentionally. I’d do anything to prevent your pain. So, I’m exceedingly gentle. But, you pleasantly surprise me when you breathlessly mention, “I want all of you inside me, baby.” I don’t shove it in because that’s too fast. No, I want to feel your walls expand. At last I’m in, my balls pressed against your clit. I let myself marinate in you for a few seconds before we get into a rhythm.

Stroke after stroke after stroke has caused your vagina to coat my penis in your cream. Where we were once slow, we’ve found our stride. But, dare we go faster? I don’t want to hurt you, and with this being the first time you’ve taken all of me, vigor could cause problems.

But I need you. I want you. I have to show you how much I love you.

I take the lead just this instant to carefully flip you over onto your back. This time, there’s no sounding your pussy for several minutes. I’m all the way in within seconds. You gasp with closed eyes and a smile. “Yeeeeeeesssssssss,” you whisper, grabbing my ass and pulling me deeper into you.

I kiss your neck and lips before placing my head next to yours and begin stroking you long and hard. The sounds of our bodies clapping against one another fills the entire house.

Through short breaths, you utter, “I love being full of you,” and I thank God above for allowing me to be your husband. I take advantage of our physical worship to show you this aspect of the man who’s proud to be in covenant with you. Your moans and passionate screams tell me my forceful, potent thrusts are delightful. Giving your vagina the pounding I’ve always wanted to give you puts me just inches from Heaven.

My balls tighten up, retracting, and I feel that initial wave that says this will be a release like none other. I try to Kegel down, but nature refuses to bend its will to mine. Your walls involuntarily constrict, beginning to push me out. But I won’t have it. “Let me stay in, baby. I’m almost there.”

With a final, powerful thrust that makes me praise God for all the squats I did, I drive my cock into you as you squirt all over me. My loud, guttural grunt is primal, and my orgasm takes everything out of me, making me dizzy. You kiss my lips, then my neck and bite my ear lobe as you hug me. I breathe heavily, still resting on my elbows as I hover on top of you.

“Good boy,” you say over and over. “Good boy. Good boy.” Your satisfaction is all I can hope for.

I don’t want to withdraw from you, but I’m not a light-weight. I can’t stay above you on my elbows while I’m this lightheaded. My cock’s hypersensitivity makes pulling out difficult, but I do it and roll over onto my back; still breathing heavily.

You reach into the nightstand next to you, retrieving a thin, cylindrical cannister from which you pull a stainless steel cock ring. You show it to me.

Again, good health, celibacy, penis exercises, and a strong body have their perks. You know I have an extremely short refractory period. “That’s a mind-blowing first round, baby. Now, I want you to wear something for the second one. Put this on before you get hard again. I want to feel you in this.”

Then, reality comes flooding back to me. We haven’t met yet. I’m still single. And, though I could feel bad about my singlehood, I remember a truth our God gave me some years ago:

“Singlehood is prep time, son. Keep planning for her arrival.”

My imagination ran wild. Now, it’s time for clean-up.

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18 replies
    • Anonymous says:

      Mmmmmmm it was amazing…..I'm home alone and just read your story again after taking a bath and couldn't resist touching my pussy, it didn't take long to cum all over my hand …delicious

  1. FutureWifey says:

    Singlehood is such a unique and special time in our lives. Good for you for embracing it! I pray God continues to guide you on your journey. Thanks for the awesome story!

  2. Juicy says:

    Looking back, I am not sure that I embraced my singleness. I don't think that I loathed it either. I did enjoy my active social life with friends but I don't think I really took the time to see my singleness as a time for allowing reflection and growth. I think I was more preoccupied with my desires for marriage that I may have missed some opportunity to really blossom as my own unique creation. I don't want to imply that I rushed into marriage or just married the first guy who was willing to marry me. But I want to really praise those of you who are single on this site who are really seeking, praying and patiently waiting on God to bring you the one He has chosen for you. It is a wise heart who has patience for the Lord's will. God bless as you wait for your love!

    • HusbandInTraining says:

      Thanks for that, Juicy! It took a while for me to get comfortable with God organizing and guiding my steps. It's been hard at times, but I'm still waiting on Him.

  3. NewBride says:

    This story triggered some very sentimental emotions, thinking of the sexual "firsts" my new husband and I have shared. It also triggered my pussy juices because fuck that was hot!! I worked my vibrator inside my cunt and fingered my clit while reading. Great story!

  4. LiveforGod says:

    Such a HOT story! The way you embrace your singlehood and your attitude toward waiting is so inspiring! This is exactly the place I am striving to be in as I learn to wait for God's timing and allow Him to prepare me for marriage too. Thanks for the story!

  5. Dripping pussy says:

    Such a fabulous story, you will be an amazing husband. My pussy was on fire reading this…my husband is working out of town and my oh my do I need his big meaty cock!!
    ,My hands went wondering ….soaking pussy + great story = mmmmmm mega orgasm …thanks Husbandintraining

  6. Deane says:

    I'm so glad you're embracing your singleness as prep time! Enjoy your heavenly fantasies of the woman you'll someday meet, who will make these fantasies come true.

    Keep working that cock! Someday it's going to make a beautiful lady very happy indeed.

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