New Tricks for Morning Ecstasy! (L)

Making time for sex can be difficult and making time for mind-blowing sex can be even more difficult. Whether you work shifts, travel a lot, have kids at home, have health issues, opposite libidos, and so forth, it can be a challenge to meet your needs as well as your partners needs. For us, sex is often spontaneous, but most often it is scheduled. We do this to make sure that we aren’t neglecting one another and while there is a lack of spontaneity, it is something to look forward to.

My husband is a very giving man in the bedroom and in our 13 year marriage, I can honestly say that I have NOT had a climax only a few times and that was at my request. It is very important for him for me to climax and usually he wants me to cum multiple times. But he and I differ a bit in sexual tastes. He is vanilla and would be quite happy to remain vanilla. I have no complaints about vanilla sex but I like a little hot fudge, literally and figuratively, with my vanilla! I like sex in all its forms – slow and romantic, playful, raw, quickies, adventurous, food, games, lingerie – variety is the spice of life……and sex!

Recently he and I were talking about our sex life and I was complaining that our love making was becoming a little to predictable and that I was wanting to spice it up. Hubby struggles to be creative but we have talked about things I would like to do in the bedroom and over our years together, we have built on our repertoire and it continues to grow.

This is a story about what happened this morning and it wasn’t vanilla! It’s the weekend and we have a chance to be lazy about our mornings.   Our kids are old enough now to get breakfast and start their day without us so it gives us some time to just lay in bed and relax. Now hubby works odd hours and last night he worked late so I was going to let him sleep in and I was going to get up and start my day. Kids were in the rec room happy so it was as quiet as it gets with three kids! I was getting up quietly as not to disturb him and he rolls over and in his half asleep state says, “Do you want to make love?” There is something about morning sex I love. For me, things feel more sensitive and making love in the morning wakes up my senses in the most unbelievable way! I ask, “Are you sure? Don’t you want to sleep? It’s totally up to you.” He begins to feel my breast and says, “Yes, I want to!”

I waste no time and I lean over him and begin to kiss, lick and nibble his neck and ears going from one side to the other.   I begin to move down his chest stopping at his nipples to kiss, lick, suck and nibble on them too. I work my way down his stomach until I get to his hard erect cock and I begin to kiss it through his underwear. I take off his underwear and I begin to go down on him.   I am licking, kissing, sucking and caressing his balls and licking up and down his shaft. Taking him into my mouth, I swirl my tongue around the head all the while I am going between caressing his balls and fingering his back door. He NEVER touches me while I go down on him but today he did! He was moaning, rubbing my shoulders and running his hands through my hair. It was so hot for me to get this kind of approval from him. I was getting so wet! While I was doing all of this, I was slowly taking off my panties. Now when I am down on my man, I have a few techniques that I do so his member gets nice and meaty for me and boy was he ever getting meaty!

After a good blow job, without him cumming, I slowly worked my way back up his body and I lifted my black spaghetti strapped chemise and I slid my very wet pussy onto his cock. OH! I love sliding onto him when he is so hard. It felt so good and I let out a few moans of approval of how good he felt inside of me. He reached up under my nightie to feel my breasts and I quickly removed it to give him better access. Now for me, titty play is the money maker. If my husband wants to get me in the mood, titty play is the way to go and he wasted no time latching on, kissing, sucking, biting, and twisting my nipples. I began to ride him while he continued to play with my breasts. Then all of a sudden, my husband gave my ass a few good spankings! I enjoy some playful spanking and he rarely does it so when he got in a few good whacks, I know that there were expletives of approval coming out from my mouth and I was loving it!

I was so hot at this point that I said, “I need you to fuck me hard now!” I slid off of him and onto all fours and he mounted me and proceeded to pound my pussy hard. He got in a few more good spankings and he began to kiss and massage my back – oh the back can be such an erogenous zone and it is often overlooked. Then he reached around and pinched and tweeked my nipples. I love the doggy position when I can really feel his fullness in me and when he plays with my tits at the same time, I can really feel his manhood filling me. I especially love it when he spreads my ass and vagina wide and takes long, hard strokes so I can feel his depth and girth going in and out of my pussy.

Next thing I knew, we were at the side of the bed and I had one leg up on the bed and he was coming in from behind grabbing at my hips and pulling me as close as he could. We were slapping together and more expletives were being thrown out about how good everything felt but for the life of me, I can’t remember what they were! Then I flipped myself onto my back at the edge of the bed and he held my legs into the air while I pressed down on my pubic bone so I could get my G-Spot some real stimulation. He began to tease me by pounding my pussy, then rubbing the head of his penis on my clit, and sucking my tits, and repeating over and over again. I could barely stand it! My pussy was aching for his cock!

I needed to ride him again.   He lay back down and I guided his cock back into me, he played with my tits and I rode him hard.  After a couple of minutes, I couldn’t wait any longer and I needed to cum. I knew I was going to cum hard and I told him so. I flipped over onto my back, put my head on our pillows – I LOVE to watch my man go down on me. I said to him, “Go! Work your magic!” I hardly said that and he dove in so fast with such voraciousness I barley knew what happened! I said, “Do what you want to me and then go in for the kill!” He sucked, lapped up, licked me, and thrusted his tongue in and out of me like a man possessed! I barley knew what was happening for the pleasure that he was giving me. He was telling me things like how he loved to go down on me, that I tasted so good, and that he loved my smell. He isn’t very verbal in the bedroom so it was so hot for him to affirm me and made me feel so sexy for him!  I was in heaven!

Then he pulled out the move of all moves! The magic move that we call “the triple threat!” He gently put in two fingers into my vagina, licked my clit and then reached up one hand to tweak a nipple. He was thrusting his fingers in and out of my pussy, making sure he was getting my G-Spot. The build up was so incredible and I was quietly moaning and moving my head back and forth watching him.   I had my fingers running through his hair and pressing him close to my clit when the build up began to be so intense and then all of a sudden, I released one of the strongest orgasms I have ever had! I like to be vocal when we have sex, but the kids were up so I had to be quiet, so I was clenching my teeth together trying so hard not to scream. I was bucking so hard my husband had a difficult time licking my clit and I kept saying, “FUCK!” over and over again! The orgasm went on forever and I just kept slamming myself on the bed, grabbing at the sheets and grabbing him trying to enjoy the ride for as long as I could stand it! It was so intense and so long and I had to ask him to take a moment to let me recover.   He then brought me to ecstasy three more times until I was totally sweaty and spent on pleasure!

After I orgasm, I like to let my husband pick the position he wants. He always mixes it up and today, he just climbed on top of me missionary style. OH! There is something about his dick entering my pussy after I cum that is so pleasurable! It felt so good thrusting in and out of me. I raised my legs and grabbed his cute ass so he could get good deep thrusts in me. I always want my man to cum hard for me and after some amazing deep thrusting, he said he was going to cum, he pulled out and shot his load all over me. I find it so hot when he shoots his load on me and we do it occasionally. He just kept shooting all over my belly, breasts, and even all the way up to my chin!   I take some pride in knowing that I can give my husband pleasure that no one else can give him.

After my husband came down from his orgasm, he wiped his cum from my body and I turned to my side and he laid next to me, spooning me while we basked in the after glow of sex.   Within a couple of minutes, he was asleep! I quietly got up after a few minutes, got dressed, covered him with blankets, and left the bedroom so he could sleep in! After a performance like that, he deserved it!

I appreciate so much that my husband took time to do things to me that he hasn’t been the most comfortable at doing – spanking, dirty talk, shooting all over me. Even writing this is going out of our comfort zones, yet it is so hot! I have loved Marriage Heat ever since I stumbled upon it, by accident, a while ago.   I love reading stories here and sharing them with my husband. It has added some sizzle and spark in me and affirmed that what my husband and I do in the bedroom is holy, sacred and God-given. Today, while not the spiciest of love making, it was definitely a step in the right direction and it was a great fuck and my vagina feels happy! Even hours later, she is still happy!

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30 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hot! Love vanilla and fudge, the food and the sex! Your story was so descriptively erotic that it not only unlocked my imagination big time but made me have a handless orgasm! I also think your describing your vagina as "she" is cute! God bless you, my dear and keep having fun with your hubby!

    • Juicy says:

      A handless orgasm is quite the compliment! And yes, I call my vagina "She!" No name, just "She" and I refer to her as that during sex! "She wants it! Give it to her!"

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Thanks! I'll bet you calling you vagina "she" and "her" gets your hubby nuts for you!

  2. hornyGG says:

    Very hot story juicy! Definately got my pussy a little juicy. My husband Ben loves morning sex. As a matter of fact he got some this morning. His dick was so hard and felt soooo good. I am not a morning person but I must admit a good morning fuck is a great way to start the day. He makes sure my pussy is one happy kitty everytime we fuck. Thanks for the hot story my dear and stay horny! God bless.

    • Juicy says:

      LOL! Your pussy got juicy from a story written by Juicy! MH must be flooded with hot stories because I have been patiently waiting for this story to get published for weeks now. I have got two more coming – one the beginning of August and one the end of August! Maybe those stories will get you juicy too?!

      I was excited and turned on that my story was published and we too had a great morning fuck today! Hubby was sleeping in from a late night working and I wanted him bad. I made him some coffee, snuck back into our room, locked the door, got naked and crawled into bed with him (not unusual as I often sleep naked) and he turned over and just attacked me! My little plan worked even better than I hoped! He was a master this morning and "She" was SCREAMING for his tongue and his cock. I knew that I would cum hard and did I ever – the bed was completely torn apart!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      I love making a "torn apart" bed! I make it perfect again – while freshly anticipating the next tearing it apart!!😀 LH

  3. PacMan says:

    By the looks of my erection, it was in fact quite spicy! You did a great job sharing! Love all the details and the fun you had in this very non-vanilla session!

    • Juicy says:

      I hoped you got a chance to use that erection! One of my "upcumming" stories is definitely NOT vanilla and involves some role playing and a little fantasy. My husband was "overcum" with my suprise!

  4. Belleame says:

    Thank you for sharing your amazing morning, Juicy! I loved every word!

    That's the great thing about married sex, it's a journey where it's safe to be vulnerable and grow as lovers. My hubby and I have been stepping out of our comfort zones since finding MH, and it has been such a blessing.

    I hope you have more amazing mornings!

    • Juicy says:

      We are most certainly growing as lovers and it is something you cannot experience with casual encounters. I too have found that MH has been a blessing to my marital sex life. I had so many stirrings and fantasies and this site has given me a freedom to explore that and affirmed that these things are holy and sacred within marriage and can and should be explored between a couple.

    • Juicy says:

      Glad I could help! I hope that the two of have a great time! Add some hot fudge to that vanilla!

  5. Juicy says:

    I must admit that my taste for sex has certainly changed over the past few years, thanks to that wonderful spike in my sexual peak! I want it hot ………a lot! It was a bit challenging to talk to my husband about my change in tastes but it is slowly "cumming" around! It is me coming up with the changes and I would love it to be him to be the initiator of some steamy changes but I think it will be a while for that. As long as he keeps playing along with my ideas!

    Yeah, time for sex with littles…………we are interrupted constantly. Thank goodness for a lock on our door and for my ability to talk calmly to my kids through the door in the middle of sex. We have an anniversary night away coming up next week and I can't wait. I don't want to hear the word "Mom" for 24 hours! The only thing I want to hear is my pussy being pounded and eaten out!

    • Juicy says:

      It was sudden for me too! It hit me like a tonne of bricks and it seemed to come out of no where. Like all of a sudden one day it was there. My mind was consumed with thoughts of sex, my body was aching for it, my pussy was constantly dripping, and like you, when I went too long (at least what I thought was to long) and I was so grouchy. And I couldn't sleep either. It took a while but once we found a rhythm, things got better. I still crave it frequently but we have a system down and I can function better now! I am in a better mood and I am sleeping.

      I have so many fantasies and desires but a lot of them I need my husband to be the instigator of the encounter. He will take some more time to work into that role. So I am having to take mostly baby steps and I have been able to take a couple of leaps. I am thinking up new fantasies where I can initiate but not come on in such a way that I turn him off. It is a balancing act. I do wish we were more in sync about it.

      And YES YES YES! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if he would just ravish me, no holds barred, and not take no for an answer! Here's hoping one of us gets that fantasy to come true! And here's hoping you can communicate your desires and needs to your husband.

  6. Chocolate Thunder says:

    Juicy, 3 things:


    2. You're quickly becoming one of my favorite writers on here so keep it up fam!

    3. Because of this hot ass story, my boo thang is about to get some rock hard, throbbing, big black dick this weekend!

    • Juicy says:

      Well thank you Chocolate Thunder. That is quite the compliment! Well hopefully my upcoming stories will give you the same reaction. And have fun with your boo!

  7. copen1 says:

    Hot story Juicy! Love the detail and enthusiasm! I also like he statement you made"…and affirmed that what my husband and I do in the bedroom is holy, sacred and God-given."
    More married couples should embrace the exquisite beauty and complete satisfaction so readily available in the marriage bed. God Bless!

    • Juicy says:

      There is nothing like the marriage bed, especially when it involves two people who are trying to connect in such an intimate way. I think when couples connect in that intimacy, it gives us a window to the intimacy that we can share with God – close, connected, satisfying, whole……complete.

  8. Lovinghusband says:


    If there is such a thing as making a hard cock "juicy" – then your story did it! Wow! And not just the story – this is how I wish the "comments" would follow more on MH! When many jump in and share how a story relates to them – it just is awesome!

    My wife loves the variety you do! She has cum along way in 30 years (we both have)!

    I want to tell you something to encourage you. There is time involved in our marriages – a beginning, middle, and end. Hopefully we progress all during this time – even recognizing that we need to KEEP growing in our sexual prowess – not believing falsely that we are at our best at the beginning!

    After 30 years – my wife has never been as masterful as she is right now!! It has been a progression.

    We started vanilla – in fact we started water and parsley!! Vanilla came later. Our imaginations have grown – as well as our ability to crash through ceilings of pass inhibitions.

    We have been frustrated at times – but it created better communication and ceiling crashing!

    Case in point. It was years before we both discoverers ass play. It took courage to have one of us initially say something. Once we saw the pleasure – we were not exactly off to the races – but we progressed steadily.

    Where are we now – just in that area alone (as an example test case)? My wife and I now freely admit and talk about how much we like ass play! We've done it for many years – but just in the last year has it reached a vocal level of tremendous openness! The vocal key being unlocked has us both super hot! Don't get me wrong – other vocal keys were opened long ago (like about titty play) – but the ass play vocality is new to the overall sex orchestra! And it has brought a new heat!

    After years of "doing ass play" we are articulating it in ways never done! We are fully admitting how much we love something that long ago would have seemed off limits.

    My wife now lets me know how much she craves my tongue in her (clean) ass hole! I tell her how much I want to fuck it with my tongue!

    She tells me during titty play (while I'm on my back with her on top) to stick my cock at the back door of her ass hole opening – and we grind for 15 or 20 minutes! I emmaciste her tits in every way as she pushes down on my cock with her ass! I love how she reaches back to adjust my cock to make sure it is hitting just the right spots – followed by a moan of pleasure! I say, "oh fuck, the power of your ass is overwhelming"! I feel her opening twitch on the tip of my cock – and I TELL her!

    The point: this is just one area of unfolding – continual unfolding in ways we never anticipated. We are not surprised by glass ceilings any more – but the sound of fresh glass crashing is still as exciting as ever!

    One more: just the other night – my horny bride came twice – both times with jaw dropping intensity. Not the first time ever – but not our norm! She was so excited! First from ass play, second from long doggy fuck – with lots of pounding! The second involved my fingers on her pussy – as my cock slid in and out!

    She said – I think it has been 8-10 years since I came multiple times (I don't think that long – but not anywhere near our norm)!

    Well!! The very next night – we (in our early 50's) went for a repeat performance! It wasn't our stated goal – but it became a reality! She came twice again! Back to back nights! We thought we were the hottest rock stars ever! We were surprised and so fulfilled!

    Juicy, we are thankful to know and serve a God who created us – and has given us amazing gifts along the way!

    Have fun crashing through the glass ceilings! It is not a competition – it is a wonderful journey! Frustrations can creep in from time to time – we still have sin and weakness – but the joys and mountaintops have outnumbered the disappointments.

    I echo an earlier thought – I REALLY enjoy reading your stories and comments here on MH!

    God bless you and your husband – and your 3 kids! LH

    • Juicy says:

      I am so excited to know that I can, and will, improve on my sexual prowess as my marriage continues! That is VERY encouraging for me to hear and I can't wait as more of my inner vixen is discovered and released! And for you to say that you wife in hotter in the bedroom now than she has ever been……WOW! That is just amazing and I hope to be so for my husband.

      I hope that we continue on this course of testing our sexual "limits." It is not only helping me grow sexually but it is surprisingly helping me grow in other ways as well. I feel more confident about who I am and how others view me, I am exploring more of my faith in different and uncomfortable ways, and I am doing better with my own body image (although, like so many women, I struggle daily with that and some days it really is a battle and that is a WHOLE other issue). I have a real itch in me to grow and I want to be a fuller and richer me in the person in whom God intended me to be.

      Thank you LH for your sweet and encouraging words. You are full of wisdom and I am so glad that you share it with all of us! I hope that my husband views me the same way you do you wife when we are in our 50s!

    • Juicy says:

      I am so glad that you and I can relate to one another! It is nice to be able to understand someone else, the season they are in, their life situations, their frustrations, etc. I think we will be able to inspire and be cheerleaders for one another.

  9. Alicia G. M. says:

    Wow! From Belleme's hot story to your sizzler🔥🔥🔥🔥, is it any wonder that I came all over my fingers! Thankfully I didn't wake my baby! Can't wait for your next stories juicy.

    • Juicy says:

      Well thanks you Mama! Gee, when I had my first baby, my sex drive was pretty low and almost non-existent. Congrats on being horny! Must be in the genes 😉

  10. Mateo says:

    I want my wife to want me like that, wow! I am sitting here just thinking about all of the things that I want to do to her. Thanks for being an awesome, detailed person

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