Sexting turns into Sex. Pt 2 (L)

The scene had been set for some great sex for when I got home thanks to our sexting foreplay. I was due back around lunch time from my work trip and the kids were at school. I opened the door and was barely inside when I heard the sound of heels walking towards me. June, anticipating my arrival was dressed in some of her favourite slutty lingerie, the black strappy number that I had eluded to in my text messages to her. It covers nothing while at the same time accentuating her beautiful features. She had pampered herself and obviously taken the time to get ‘ready’ for her Man returning. I smiled with devious approval and welcomed her into my arms, firmly holding her and receiving her brazen advance as we kissed.

‘Mmmm, you are such a hot little sexpot aren’t you?’

‘It’s your fault for making me feel so hot and desired with all those texts!’ She flirtily replied.

I turned her around making her walk in front of me to the bedroom.

‘Lie down for me on your stomach babe just like in my message to you’

She was willing to play along…. already keen for me to take her but I made her linger a little longer. I got out my phone and proceeded to read our texts to her while perving on her waiting beauty, drinking in every detail. I continued to read to her and moved in, lying beside her and firmly stroking and caressing her body from tits to toe.

June relaxed and allowed her arousal to build as I read back to her the details of her jilling off the day before that she had texted me about. After about 5 minutes my reading of our erotic texts to her had finished. I kissed her on the back of the neck, exactly where she loves to be kissed. I then moved off her, pulled her ass up so she was on all fours, took one last lustful gaze of my horny wifey and then plunged my face into her arse to start lashing her pussy with my tongue from behind. I have given pleasure to June many times orally but never before from this position and talk about a treat for both of us!

She was already quite wet and her black vinyl crotch of the strappy teddy she was wearing was already lubricated in her arousal. The scent and taste drives me wild. I expertly kissed and lapped at her waxed pussy while pushing the top of my face firmly into her hot ass. All of the skin on skin contact made it so hot for both of us as I pleasured her with abandon, often pulling her ass more firmly into me. Occasionally a free hand of mine would reach forwards to grab a handful of her breasts. Other times I would squeeze her cheeks and give them a playful but firm spank which heightened her arousal as it was indicating to her how ‘into her’ I really was. June’s moans increased as she came for the first time all over the lower half of my face. She was delicious…but had also only just reached first base and quickly wanted to run for second. I was lost in desire for her and happily maintained the position and continued dutifully licking her slit.

After a few more minutes I decided to start rocking her arse and pussy into my face with my arms….creating an additional ‘sex’ rhythm. This was met with more moans of approval and some verbal encouragement.

‘Oh Brad, you’re driving me wild. Keep fucking my pussy with your tongue just like that and don’t stop! Ooohhhhhh.’

I kept everything up, reading her cues, enjoying and lapping at her sexed up honeyhole until another orgasm exploded through her body, deeper and more transcendently than before, my face still planted firmly against her ass with my hands gripping and holding her smooth skin. She lay her head down light headed, still with her ass in position. I pulled out slightly and relished the view. I couldn’t control the urges moving through my body. I greedily took a look at her wet pussy and tight butthole alongside the vinyl lingerie pulled to one side to give me the access I needed to pleasure her. I licked her pussy again and then moved up licking her asshole, being unusually attracted to it. This is something that I had also never done before but in the moment it seemed like the only suitable thing to do…that is to express appreciation for it by licking over it’s surface. This only happened briefly but was much to June’s approval and a novel sensation for her as well as an unbridled expression of my lust for every inch of her body.

In her rag doll state I asked June to stand by the bed, raise one knee up onto it and bend over. She knows what is coming in this position…a good hard fucking from her stud….especially after being so hard from being turned on over her previous orgasms.

I slid my pleasure stick effortlessly into June’s waiting pussy. It felt so right and good to be ‘home’ inside her. I was gentle at first, just relishing being inside, drinking in the view and anticipating the privilege of having my way with my bride, my lover, my sex addiction.

‘Ok my decadent minx, I know you’ve missed your Man’s cock but your wait is over’

‘I know, it feels so good having my Man inside me, I’m such a lucky girl having you home….’

She continued…
‘I was naughty just for you babe, jilling off fantasizing about your cock inside me. Make sure you fuck me like a naughty girl’

That was all the encouragement I needed to begin mercilessly fucking June. She had no choice but to surrender to the sex taking place. My stomach slapped against her ass while I firmly held her hips, watching with delight at my now glistening cock reaming her snatch. After a few minutes I held my breath, tensing every fibre in my body before unleashing my warm sticky cum inside her exhausted pussy. I stayed inside June as I collapsed on top of her in a sex-induced daze….just as I’d anticipated in the texts to her the day before….with my lust transformed into deeper commitment to us and overwhelming thankfulness for such a delicious and desirable women to call my wife.

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7 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    Wow! That's quite a fireworks show! I hope one day I can start sexting the Mrs. (Now, our kids sometimes see her texts pop up on their iPods, so we are stuck in PG-land.) I'm glad I could fantasize about us thru your posts!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      PacMan – we live in a parallel universe in some things. I have also sexted my wife when one of the kids picked it up. I've also talked sexy to her when she was driving – and it was on speaker phone. Yes, I fell to the ground when she told me "&O$## was in the car". We laughed later! But, at that moment…Humble pie. Life is so fun isn't it? 🙂 LH

  2. loveithot says:

    Thanks for the feedback Harper, Pacman and Copen1 and glad you enjoyed the story. Thankful for a space like this community to encourage hot married sex!

    • loveithot says:

      You're welcome A69K….as delightful for her as it is was for me. Glad your patience was rewarded…I've come across some really helpful ideas for pleasuring June on this site…maybe introduce him to it?…and don't be afraid to be a little assertive and teach him just how you like it because you're worth it!

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