Trying to get pregnant :)

Jake and Jenna Williams have been married for six months. The young couple has talked about having children since they had started dating.

Jenna one night was getting dinner ready as she feels her young husband muscular arms go around her stomach as she smiles. “Babe, maybe you should go off your birth control. I’m ready to start trying.” He says. As she finishes setting the table and taking her husband’s hand guiding him to the couch. “Baby are you sure?” She looks at him concerned. “I mean I thought you said you wanted to wait a few years.” She holds her husband’s hand was rubbing his wedding band softly. Jake smiles, kisses her bridal set he gave her only six months earlier. “Babe, why should we wait? I’m very well off, and I wouldn’t want you to work while you were pregnant.” He says lovingly. Smiling as she nods. “Then let’s go for it, sweetie.” She says as the young couple was locking lips gently.

Jenna smiles as she takes her husband’s hand turning off the stove and leading her husband up to their master bedroom as he closes and locks the door as they start to kiss passionately. Feeling his wife’s stomach as he moans quietly kissing her neck gently closing his eyes as he lifts up his wife’s green short sleeve shirt. Holding on to her husband’s hands as he feels her bare stomach he taking her hand and guiding her to their king size bed and laying her down gently. “Baby, I want to get you pregnant, tonight.” He says as she feels her underwear get wetter by her husband’s words.

His wife nods as he lays down next to her rubbing her bare stomach as he pulls her up and hugs her as he reaches around taking off her bra and throwing it on the floor moaning a bit louder. “Oooh baby, you are so beautiful.” He says as he rubs her breasts gently making her nipples hard as he un-makes the bed letting her slide into the black flannel sheets keeping his wife warm as he can already smell her sex as he kisses her passionately as he rubs her pussy through her underwear as she lays back closing her eyes. “Baby, you feel so incredibly wet, already!” He says moving her underwear to the side as he start to finger her pussy gently looking up at her as she spreads her legs open wider. Smiling as he takes off her underwear and goes back up to his young wife and kisses her lips softly, before taking off his shirt exposing his very built chest and six pack abs. Feeling her get wetter by her husband’s body she moans “Baby…eat me out…Please! I want you so badly” She says. Smiling as her husband goes back to fingering his wife speeding up his finger and adding a second finger as she moans louder and he gently licks her clit tasting his wife. Moaning as he lays on his side moving his cock around feeling hard as a rock. As he places his hand on her stomach as he starts to eat his wife out. Dripping wet he smiles “Oh…my…god!!! Baby!! You are so fucking wet!!!” He says as he picks up his pace and goes faster. Not being able to hold it any longer he takes off his boxers and throws them aside. Positioning himself over his wife he looks into her eyes. “Baby are you ready?” He says concerned. His young wife nods slowly. He slides himself into his wife gently looking into her eyes and pulling blankets over them making sure she’s comfortable as he kisses her lips as he slides deeper into her moaning loudly. “God!! Baby!!”

As he can’t help but bury his hard cock deep into his wife as he starts moving in and out of her as he smiles laying on top of his wife moaning loudly as he feels himself start to get close not having even been in his wife for five minutes. Taking his wife’s small hands and moving them above her head as he moans trying to hold himself back. “Sweetheart, I’m not gonna last much longer.” He moans as he thrusts harder as he feels himself explode making sure he hits her cervix with every thrust as he kisses his wife passionately. Still in his wife as he feels his cum drip down his cock as he is still thrusting deep into her soaking wet pussy; still feeling his throbbing erection.

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