The Dream

She was exhausted from the day. She had been teaching all day and then in the afternoon she spent time working in her garden. Working with her hands, making things grow, brought her release and pleasure. Her mind is free to wander into excellent areas of thought. She had begun writing stories, and when she worked in the earth, new ideas and creative plots found their way into her mind. The Sun had nearly set as she began to stand up. She surveyed her garden and was pleased with what she saw. Wiping her knees off with her garden gloves she walked towards the back door. All she could think of now was a warm bath and a glass of red wine. She walked into a bathroom and began to let the tub fill.

Next, she went down to her kitchen and poured herself a large crystal goblet of red wine. She knew she would be in a tub for a good long while and longed just to relax her wearied muscles. She walked back upstairs into her bathroom. A sweet fragrance greeted her as she had placed lavender scented candles throughout. Slowing she began to undress gently moaning here and there as her sore muscles, aches and pains reminded her she was no longer 20 years old. She took off her sweat stain shirt and watched as her breasts swung freely in the mirror. Even at nearly 46 years of age, she admitted she still looked good.

She laughed good naturally at herself but was secretly pleased she was still in good shape. She’s unsnapped the top button of short denim shorts and wiggled back and forth getting down them down over her shapely hips. As she pushed down her shorts and panties, her hand casually brushed against her garden momentarily eliciting a response from her body. She noticed how quickly her nipples became taunt and she had to take a moment to remind herself that she longed for the warm enveloping touch of her bath and nothing more.

She quickly took a sip of red wine and with one last gaze in the mirror slowly settled herself down into her deep soaking tub. It was just as if the water had been calling out to her and now both were completely satisfied with their touches. She extended the full length of the tub letting the water warm her sore aching muscles. The water searched out areas needing to be touched. Wow! Did she need this wonderful relaxation!

She laid her head back and closed her eyes letting the water take her body where ever it wanted. As she lay there her mind went over the last few days. Her husband had gone out of town on a business trip and wouldn’t be back for another day, and she had had the house now for four days all to herself. She thought she’d get some sleep, but she and her husband never slept well when apart. You would think it would be different after being married for so many years but still, each of them hated it when they were apart and couldn’t wait to be together again.

She let her mind carelessly wander to memories she and her husband created. She felt her body go completely relaxed in the warm water knowing her husband loved her and that she loved him. She didn’t know how long she was in the tub until she saw all the candles begin to flicker casting dancing lights on the wall and ceiling. The tub water had started to cool, and she knew it was time to get out.

Since the air in the bathroom was still warm from the summer heat, she walked into her peaceful master bedroom and fell naked across the bed. The cool bedspread felt refreshing against her sun-heated skin. She lay on her stomach like that for a few moments and then rolled over with her legs hanging off the end of the bed. She thought she’d stay there for a few minutes but fell into a wonderfully sound sleep.

As sleep took her, she drifted into a dreamland of sensuality and arousal. She could feel his warm breath on her neck as he nibbled her earlobe and softly kissed her neck. She always melted when he nibbled her neck. It was one part of her he adored. She felt him move down to her collarbone with kisses and nibbles across the top of her chest. In her sleep, she pressed forward her breast aching for him to touch them but he just let his tongue and lips dance around them never truly touching, coming close and then moving away again. Her nipples became taut and hard almost crying out for attention, to be touched, to be adored, to be caressed, to be smothered by his kisses. Then as if reading her mind she felt his warm mouth surround her left breast, and she felt his tongue dancing flicking swirling around her nipple. She moaned out loud and pushed her breast deeper into his mouth.

After a moment she felt him leave her left breast kissing across and suddenly her right breast was engulfed in his warm mouth. Her body began to tremble and respond to his passion. His hands wandered over her body, oh how she loved the feel of his hands on her. His large, strong warm hands. She felt his hands on her belly then glide slowly down across the upper part of her thighs. She knew that this was one of her most erotic and sensual dreams of her life. She tried to remain in the dream; she didn’t want it to end, not yet, not until she felt release, not until she felt his hot breath on her garden. Then, as if having the power thought in a dream, she suddenly felt him there. She felt him gently blowing on her garden and then she felt fingers beginning to spread her treasure box opening her to her lover’s advances. Soft touches danced across her sex, and she lifted her hips trying to make contact harder with her lover, but he kept moving causing her to ache more and more for his firm touch. She didn’t know how much more she could bear of this if he didn’t touch her more deeply soon.  Suddenly she felt strong hands slide under her bottom and knew he was about to taste of her fruit. Her body tensed longing, and knowing it was going to happen now! And it did! his warm mouth descended onto her garden reserved for only him. He tasted gingerly, passionately, drinking deeply of her beautiful fragrance and honey. Her body began to shake and quiver as an orgasm rocked her body.

She cried out in her sleep, calling his name. It was the most intense orgasm of her life. He didn’t stop. He just kept tasting and enjoying her fruit, his tongue dancing with her hard, intimate spot; and just when she felt she was settling down and enjoying his pleasuring, suddenly, almost without warning, a second more powerful than the first orgasm overtook her. She flooded his mouth, and he hungrily drank all her sweet nectar savoring it. She laid there panting, her breasts heaving, her entire body tingling. It was all so surreal. How could she have such incredible orgasms in a dream?

She began to drift off from her dream when she felt warm lips kissing her mouth softly, sweetly. She knew those lips; she’d known those lips for decades. She parted her mouth knowing her tongue was about to dance. She felt his tongue slowly and gently enter into her mouth softly going across her teeth searching for his soul mate. She softly, tenderly pushed her’s against his, each breathing in one another’s presence. They lingered together for a moment, and he was gone.

When she finally awoke in the morning, she was in the middle of her bed naked and holding a pillow. She looked over at the spot on the side of the bed where her legs had been the night before. Other than a little dampness and the smell of her arousal no other evidence remained of her dream. She laid there on her back looking up at the ceiling breathing in deeply contently. Even when apart, her lover could fully satisfy her and suddenly she felt her whole body begin to respond to the knowledge that he was coming home today he would be with her tonight, and it wouldn’t be a dream.

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11 replies
  1. Gracie says:

    “His hands wandered over her body, oh how she loved the feel of his hands on her. His large, strong warm hands.” I loved this part. My husband can do many things to turn me on, but the one thing that can turn me on instantly is feeling his hands on my body. Beautiful story!

    • Taboo14 says:

      That's what my wife always says, "She loves my hands". Not a bad thing at all as my hands love her 🙂 Glad you liked the story

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