Show Time Turns Hot. (L)

Hi there Marriage Heat readers, my name is June. I have only shared one story, while my husband, Brad, has shared quite a few. I thought this story about a recent sexual encounter between Brad and me might be nice to share, it is a little different and an interesting “first” for us. I hope you gain some enjoyment and encouragement from it.

Brad loves to make love to me with me wearing high heels. I’m not sure why they turn him on so much, but I wear stilettos for him half the times we have sex. I have grown to love it as much as he does, besides they do make me a little taller and certainly accentuate my legs. I was a little surprised and intrigued when Brad mentioned he found some new shoes for me. I assumed he ordered something online but he actually found them in a store and apparently couldn’t resist. He hadn’t been shopping to buy me anything, but when he found these particular shoes he “couldn’t stop thinking about me and fucking me in them.”

The kids were asleep in bed, I had just had a shower and was looking forward to seeing what lingerie Brad had put out for me. I felt especially sexy having had my fifi waxed a couple of days before. I was anticipating Brad wouldn’t be able to resist going down on me to give my lovebud a good tongue lashing. To my surprise, it turned out that Brad hadn’t just bought me some new shoes, but actually bought me a pair of jet black 6-inch-tall, leather “fuck me” boots with a red sole. He matched the shoes with some of the sluttiest lingerie I have, a black one piece strappy number that barely covers anything and leaves nothing to the imagination. I smiled and noticed myself getting warm and a little wet just thinking about what might be about to transpire.

During the day, I am a very normal, friendly, conservatively dressed person. Over the past twelve years of my marriage to Brad, he has nurtured another side of me in the bedroom that only he and I know about. This outfit felt like another step. Some women (even myself) a number of years ago, wouldn’t have worn this outfit because they might perceive it to be demeaning or disrespectful to themselves and it certainly left nothing to the imagination. My perspective is that in this day and age there is that much temptation out there for my man that I am happy to bring a playful and “naughty” attitude into the bedroom, even if that does mean looking like a hooker for him as I would this night.

Putting the boots on and admiring my figure in the mirror, I didn’t know whether to use the way I was dressed to be powerful or submissive as it could have easily worked both ways. The strappy teddy I was wearing had a collar from which halter straps extended downward. One strap around each side of my breast, one down the middle of my cleavage and one slightly triangular piece over each of my areolas. From here the straps crossed my tummy until they combined to complete the G-string, which hugged my pussy so tightly, once again with the smallest triangular piece you can imagine. I decided to be neither powerful or submissive and instead took on the role of confident “pleaser.” Whatever he wanted, I would give him confidently and willingly, starting with a bit of a show.

I walked out into the lounge room where Brad was waiting in some black boxers (already hard as a rock). He expressed his appreciation for the trouble I had gone to getting “ready” for him.

“June, you look so hot in that!” I walked slowly around the lounge room making sure he got a good view of every angle, bending over occasionally, brushing past him, smiling playfully, biting my lip, caressing my own body, and revving him up even more.

“Unbelievable babe, you do that slutty look so well, my hot little fuck doll!”

“I know,” I replied confidently. “All that attention you give me makes me feel so sexy and horny, your fuck doll can’t wait to be taken by you tonight.”

I sat on a chair we’d just purchased sitting in the corner of the lounge room, quickly got comfortable and parted my legs. Brad got his phone out to take a few pictures as he was going to be travelling for work the next week. The thought of him jacking off over these pictures of me got me even more excited. I couldn’t resist touching and squeezing my pussy through my thin-black-vinyl lingerie. I allowed myself to become lost in the moment. Brad continued to click away and encourage me. The sweet smell of my sex starting to fill the room. I assertively asked Brad to get his cock out and start stroking it. He quickly obliged, removing his boxers, giving me a full view of his flesh. I expressed my appreciation, while simultaneously moving that small piece of vinyl to one side, revealing my wetness, and still jilling off shamelessly. We observed each other, drinking in the view for about five minutes.

“Look at you putting on that sexy show for me. I want to come over there and ravage you, but I also don’t want the show to end.”

I smiled seductively in approval.

“I’m about to come honey, do you want me to come all over my fingers?” I said.

Lost in a sex-filled haze about one minute away from bringing myself to a delicious orgasm, I could hardly believe the offer Brad made to me next, all the while stroking his manhood for me.

“If you want to come now baby you go for it, and then I’ll come over there and fill that hot little pussy up with this hard cock. Or if you want to slow down a little, keep the show going a little longer, we’ll fuck and after I cum inside you I’ll go down on you and then make you come.”

I had thought about asking Brad whether he would be willing to do this for a couple of years now but never had. I don’t know why? I guess I just felt a little embarrassed asking and sex was good anyway. I wasn’t about to let this opportunity slip through my fingers. Brad regularly goes down on me, but he had never done it after filling me up with his seed.

“Well, you know what your bad girl wants don’t you! I’ll happily slow it down for you to have you come fuck me and then taste my juices mixed with your precious cum,” I said.

I’m not sure if Brad had been thinking about this for a while, too, but the anticipation of what was about to transpire took our sexual desire for each other to the next level. We locked eyes longing for each other’s touch after an extended time of touching ourselves. I must have looked like a cock-hungry whore touching myself in those boots so scantily clad. I was so thankful to have a man like Brad who made sure I was receiving as much pleasure as he was.

After a couple, more minutes Brad got up, walked intently towards me, still with his eyes looking deep into mine, and placed one hand on my thigh and the other on one side of my neck guiding my jaw into a deep lust-filled kiss. His lips and his touch sent small waves of euphoria tingling through my body. I was desperate for him to take me and give me a good “naughty girl” fucking.

My hand reached out and found his cock. I started to squeeze it while we kissed. I was getting a little light-headed, but fortunately Brad was willing to take control. He pulled me up towards himself, turned me around and bent me over the chair like a sex doll, one leg straight, the other propped up on the arm of the chair, ready to be reamed by his hardness from behind.

My tight pussy was so wet it welcomed his cock effortlessly, stretching over his warm shaft, engulfing every inch.

“Thanks for the naughty little show June, now it’s time for you to get that cock you’ve worked so hard for,” Brad said.

“Mmmm, it feels so good having you inside me,” I said.

“You’ve driven me wild, you know babe, I’m going to fuck your hot pussy until I cum. I’m sorry if it gets a bit uncomfortable, but if you’re going to behave like a bad girl I’m sure you understand by now that you’ll be fucked like one, too.”

“Of course, you stud, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Nothing felt uncomfortable, everything felt heavenly. One of Brad’s hands firmly on my hip, his abs slapping my ass, his other hand sometimes on my shoulder, sometimes gently pulling my head back by my long hair or groping my titties, which were now hanging free of the lingerie, having had the thin triangle pieces moved to one side. Brad pounded me with his cock as he willed. I was totally helpless and surrendered to his thrusts, my arousal now growing from within.

Both our bodies were warm and I could now feel a micro layer of moisture on Brad’s skin and on mine. I squeezed his cock with my pussy, instantly eliciting a response from my man.

“Oooh yeahhh June, ooooh yeah. Here I come!”

Brad forcefully thrust and then pulling me tightly into him as he squirted ropes of his sex deep inside me. I could feel his cock pulsing with relief inside me. He playfully gyrated, staying inside me for another 30 seconds or so, just to make sure there was no drops left.

I took the chance to catch my breath a little. Brad took the chance to rain sexual praises on me, which of course is always welcome.

“I love you June, I’m so lucky to have such a hot wifey to fuck, especially in those slutty boots. You are a goddess I love to fuck babe. Everything about you is perfect for me inside and out. I swear when God made you he really knew how to make the perfect woman for me.”

Brad then kissed me on the back of the neck, squeezed me in his embrace once more before pulling out, and firmly sitting me back down, Then Brad pushed my legs back and started going to town on my aroused mound, literally drinking a mixture of his cum and sex as it made its way out of my sodden sex slot.

I had no idea it would feel as good as it did. It was a new sensation and it felt so dirty in such a sexy yummy way. I felt incredibly powerful and in a small way “worshipped” as my man lowered himself between my thighs, swallowing his own cum for my sexual pleasure. He had just fucked me like a whore, but now I was his sex queen being served diligently and dutifully by a man I desired and whom desired me.

Everything in the vicinity of my clit was warm and lubricated and I was on the edge of a major orgasm. I squeezed my breasts and allowed myself to totally relax in the moment as I was being transported to a sexual paradise. Our foreplay had been so brazen, our intercourse so passionate and rough, and now my husband’s cunnilingus was turning into a major crescendo. Brad flattened out his tongue and started firmly circling.

“Oh yeah, don’t stop, fuck yes Brad, keep fucking my pussy just like that with your tongue!” I said.

That was all the encouragement he needed to expertly bring me to a body shaking orgasm over the next minute. This experience was so hot and yummy I just had to share.

Interestingly, Brad has been a very good man and has been treated to many a cream pie since. He assures me he loves the taste though I suspect he also loves the effect it has on me. I certainly love the sensation and “dirtiness” of it all. Recently (also having sex in the same boots), when taking me from behind he also pulled out of me, came all over my arse and then carefully cleaned it all up with his tongue before finishing me off. Is it just us, or do some of you men also enjoy treating your wives in this way?

He’s also just bought a special mask for me that he can wear which has a dildo protruding from where his chin is, yet gives his mouth full access to my clit, allowing my pussy to be filled while he kisses my mound, BUT there’s another story there I think. 😉


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17 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Wow, what a story! There is something extra feminine about a lady wearing heels. Maybe it's a fetish your husband has got, and that's why he likes it so much!

  2. Alicia G. M. says:

    June, this was so hot! You should write more often girl. Got my pussy feeling quite warm and moist. I have a couple pair of "fuck me shoes ", think once my daughter lays down for her nap, I may slip them on and do a little jilling myself.

  3. Happy Husband says:

    Fantastic story. The next time my wife and I make love I am going to surprise her with this and see how she enjoys it. She usually prefers to cum first, but this sounds really, really erotic. I think I will get her close with some oral and with some toys, then fuck her till I cum in her perfect pussy, and then resume pleasuring her until her release. Finishing with a cum filled french kiss will seal the intimacy.

  4. Lovinghusband says:

    Dear Loveithot, this story just made me have a new favorite month of the year😀

    Seriously, every syllable was dripping wet! I really got into each and every tiny detail you expertly described! Loved the way you talked sexy with each other – so erotic – yet never losing touch with tenderness. Even in the heights of orgasmic euphoria – you two were connected to each other emotionally. It was such a turn-on to hear about your thought process before and during the fucking! Wanting him to eat his and your cum – a huge turn-on to me. I've not written on this – but I've cum (come) to find the mixture of our cum to be not just tolerable – but hot to the taste. The fact that your lusting for it was a deciding factor in your mind to get fucked instead of just cumming by your hand was told in the most exciting of ways.

    Yes! I think this story was so scorching hot – kind of like the days here in June!

    God bless you both. LH

  5. Marie Lister says:

    June, Wow, wow, wow! This is a scorching yet romantic story. I had to fan myself while reading this story. It is for sure a keeper, I keep stories that really speak to me. It actually contains all of my favorite elements in lovemaking. The romance part to me is that you dressed up for Brad and played your slutty personality to the hilt for his enjoyment. Then he made sure that you experienced sheer paradise. I especially love that he offered and then performed a sex act that you had been desiring for a long time. Like you said, he probably had been wanting to do that for a long time, too. You express yourself extremely well and I can't wait for your next story.

  6. Upcomingauthor says:

    I'm glad I'm about to hop in the shower. I always turn it down near the ending to cool myself off but I may just take it straight cold! Gessh! That was hot! 🔥🔥🔥

  7. sandsj says:

    So hot June what an awesome story. God bless you both. My Sandra will be home soon then we have our prayer meeting at church. As soon as we get back she is in for a treat thanks for the ideas. She loves oral but I will give extra attention to a long tongue fucking. Until then though will read this hot story again slowly with my cock out so I can cum to it, the start of a super hot night.

  8. loveithot says:

    Thank you all for your encouragement. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I'm slowly growing a bit more confidence sharing parts of our sex life in this online community. This experience was one that I thought straight away 'I must share'. Of course, always looking forward to others stories too, especially when Brad's travelling for work (if you know what I mean). Love J

  9. Juicy says:

    That was a hot story and the writing was fantastic! There is something about feeling slutty in the bedroom with your husband that is so erotic and satisfying.

  10. Caveman says:

    Very hot story and very well written. You captured the essence of sexual fulfillment that is possible in the marriage bed. As I read, it reminded me of similar past experiences with Amanda. She has been out of town for a few weeks and is being missed. Thanks to these memories, and you well written story, something with have to be done with the state your story has left me in. Thanks for sharing, awesome story.

  11. marriedman says:

    Thank you for the really hot story. I've filed it away in my caveman like brain to use for when my wife is home. She works out of the country and we see each other about every three months. This is the last year for this arrangement and it's getting tough. We have a date night on the phone every Friday night and I tell her a story of how I would be taking her if she was with me. I was inspired by your story and am always eager to make my lovely wife as horny as possible, so I took your story, modified it a little to include a mirror, but saving the ending. As I told her what was going to happen I could hear her breathing get harder and harder. I've never pleasured her orally after sex, so she was really heated up when I got to the point where I was pounding her from behind and pouring myself into her, but she really lost it when I told her I would place her on the bed with her feet on my shoulders as I devoured her drenched pussy. I could hear her moaning as she came for me. Another successful Date-Night.

    Thanks for the inspiration. She has ordered a pair of heals for the occasion when she will be home in a month.

  12. loveithot says:

    So glad you were able to put this story to such good use marriedman. Sounds like your wife will be one lucky lady when she returns. Enjoy her shoes, her taste and some delicious marriage heat!

  13. Forever625 says:

    Awesome story! Thank you for sharing. Due to an Achilles injury from years ago my wife can't wear high heels as a general rule so she doesn't own any. That said, I love how women look in them. This story has inspired maybe getting her a pair as a bedroom only prop. Good to think a little differently.

  14. Old Lover says:

    Great, descriptive account of pleasuring each other, loveithot! Although I've never been cream pied in our 45+ years of marriage, we've both tasted each other's and our own cum, sometimes intentionally and other times unintentionally. There is nothing hotter for either of us than for me to ask my wife, Anne, when I'm fucking her pussy after she's already cum, for permission to mix my cum with hers. Her breathless answer is always, "Ooh, yeah, give it to me!" Then as she feels my first spurt, she gasps with delight and then perfectly matches her pussy clenches with my cock's second, third, and fourth surges. After an afterglow, there is nothing we love more than to spoon on top of our thoroughly mixed cum that has drenched our sheet as we fall asleep.

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