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My First Night

It was a tedious day we had after all of the wedding customs. Finally while driving back home we were discussing about how tired we were and looking forward for a nice night of sleep as a married couple.

Once we reached the hotel, which was an elegant king size suite, I laid down on the bed while my wife was getting busy with her bags and makeup. She had some difficulty in undressing her gown so she came and sat next to me and asked for help. I made her sit and helped her out while slowly kissing her neck from behind. She thanked me, kissed me back and headed for the bathroom.

I followed her after five minutes and she was brushing her teeth. I hugged her from her behind while my cock was immensely happy resting against her ass. She could feel the bulge and she turned around. We kissed for some time and suddenly I realized how lucky I was to know that my wife loves giving blowjobs. She went on her knees and removed my belt. Within​ no time my cock was in her mouth throbbing while she was looking straight in my eyes making me stroke my cock against her tongue. All I could hear was my moaning and sweet nothings of my wife while she was enjoying the sweet taste of my cock at the back of her throat.

After a few minutes, I had let her know that I was about to cum and she smiled at me and replied, “I didn’t have proper desserts at the wedding dinner” and that made me shoot right on her tongue. She loved it, played in her mouth for a few seconds while still stroking my cock. She swallowed my cum and sucked my cock again not to waste any last drops of my juices.

She gave the best first blowjob after our marriage and I was on cloud nine till we took shower and went to bed for me to return her favor.

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10 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    Nice picture and great story Horny2gether, sounds like an awesome first night ! May you as a young couple have many, many more and learn and grow together with God and us here on MH. I enjoyed how your wife swallow and cleaned all your cum up, God bless you both !

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Welcome! And we would love to hear more of your wedding night! God bless you two

  3. Horny2gether says:

    Dear OneCouple…..Thank you and Im glad you liked the story however as a newbee to this site my wife and I found this difficult to go into details of the first night due to some strange word limit. And yes, been married since 5 months now and my lovely wife never lets my single drop of cum go waste. 😉
    Enjoy and God bless

  4. Horny2gether says:

    Dear Harper Shelby Thornton…..Thank you and Im glad you liked the story however as a newbee to this site my wife and I found this difficult to go into details of the first night due to some strange word limit…..anyway will try to figure it out and yeah my next one is scheduled to be published on 23rd of June…again would be better if some one could help with the word limit restriction.

    Enjoy and God bless

  5. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hi. What word limit are you talking about? All I know is we're supposed to have at least 300 words… that's the only limit I know of. If you think it's too much, maybe you could break it up and post it in parts? I would love to read about how you "returned the favor" as you put it 🙂 Thank you and God bless you too

  6. OneCouple says:

    Horny2gether, that's strange, there shouldn't be a word limit ? Would have love to read more about the details of the first night. Looking forward to the next story, God bless !

  7. PacMan says:

    Great story! I think it's kind of progressive to exchange oral sex on a wedding night. Kind of cool actually… no less intimate. And I love that my wife swallows my cum. Kudos to your wife! (Took my wife 14 yrs of marriage to begin swallowing!)

  8. Jawz and Jess says:

    Dear Pac man – yes to think of it was was quite kinky to have oral sex on the first night and the look of the cock in my wife's mouth while she is still in her wedding gown was jus too priceless… and hey congrats and im glad ur wife has started to swallow your cum…(better late than never) looks and feels great for a man when a woman does that and it has her own share of proteins hehe ciao

  9. OneCouple says:

    Hi PacMan, I would love to know how you got your wife to start swallowing after 14 years ? Thanks again for this great cum swallowing story J + J.

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