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Hello MH community. This is Trucker 53 doing his best to post like a pro.   My first go was really short and to the point. I hope it had at least one reader even if it was me.  I’m hoping this go will be quite a bit better otherwise I’ll have to borrow my daughter, whose 23 by the way, to post for me, she’s way more interesting than me anyway, and better looking too.

Anyway, I was hoping to make a go at testimonial rather than a story this time. Well here goes, I hope it benefits somebody.  I am a 1 Corinthians 7 Christian man. I am a firm believer in the truth that God made sex, approved it, gave it to us as believers and told us to go have fun with it. And based upon what I have read thus far, everybody seems to enjoy sex immensely.

My journey to 1 Corinthians 7 began when my wife of 23 years and I wed. Do to familial dynamics on her end she had a lot of baggage, to say the least like we all do I suppose.  It wasn’t long till all that baggage was dumped out on me. For not long after marrying and the birth of our child, she (my wife) began exploding on me. Usually, it was once a week and then became once to multiple times per day. Needless to say, I shut down emotionally. Fortunately, my wife was put on some medication (at her insistence) because she hated what she was doing to me, and ultimately us.
Well, very long story short, twenty years later the Lord shows up in the cab of my truck while I was on a run. I guess he figured I was less likely to evacuate a moving vehicle. Anyway, the Lord very gently, in His God way of doing things lets me know that I have never really dealt with what my wife had said and done to me, and I’ve never mourned the condition of my marriage. Well, that did it. I lost it and almost had to stop the truck for I was so convicted. Well during the next thirty minutes or so I let God have it. The whole dirty stinking mess of everything that was built up on the inside. I was punching the dash, yelling, screaming, cussing (like a sailor by the way) and just let the Lord have it, lock stock and steering wheel.  And do you know he said? He actually encouraged me to get it all out. The cussing and everything. Because He knew that I needed to be free. And He was working His God plan to make that happen.

Well sir, I immediately… I said IMMEDIATELY!… had a change of attitude toward my wife. I felt like I loved her again. It was a great feeling I assure you. When I got home guess what?  That’s right my wife and I had a fight, not over the aforementioned though, something totally unrelated.  I was hurt and sulked off to bed. My dear wife decided she didn’t want to leave me that way, so she followed me into the bedroom. And when she climbed into bed with me, I did the strangest thing. I snapped around to face her, wrapped my arms tightly around her and balled like a 290-pound baby into her shoulder, soaking her house dress. When I was calmer, we talked at great length about what I was going through. And the cool part was she listened. I mean she actually listened to me. We hashed out some messy stuff between us. Prayed, kissed and hugged for a long time. We never did have sex that time. Good thing too, it would’ve not been that great for either of us I assure you.   After that day things between us smoothed out considerably. We still rub each other the wrong way of course, like that will ever change anytime soon.

After that day things between us smoothed out considerably. We still rub each other the wrong way of course, like that will ever change anytime soon.  Soon after that, we began to have regular sex. We did before, but it always seemed strained, like maybe it was forced a little.  Then I got a hold of 1 Corinthians 7 and realized I had been defrauding my wife when I, through hurt and a desire to get back at her, withheld what was due her in terms of sexual intimacy and affection toward her. When I realized what I was doing, I discovered the wrong in it. I stopped. And now my wife and I are doing pretty good sexually. Unfortunately, her health has declined over the years, so sex isn’t all it could be. But that my friends is A-okay with me. We focus a lot of attention on the intimacy aspect and the oneness of our marriage. We like to kiss and hold each other close of course and enjoy the romance of holding hands and being together. The romantic side of sex should not be ignored, it can be quite satisfying as well. And of course when the event does occur… Ooh la la.

I hope whoever reads this can get something out of it. Maybe it will help you too.
Well all, God bless. I enjoy the stories. Keep ’em coming.
I hope I can write a good one later.
Trucker 53. 10-4

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    God bless you too, trucker, God always know what's going to happen. As for your writing, I think it's very good – you don't have to be Shakespeare or Jane Austen to write a good story.

  2. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    I really enjoyed reading this story, definitely a big 10-4 in my books Trucker 53 ! My wife and I also had our sexual baggage and challenges in our marriage because of various reasons, I recon a lot of couples do. We all have our own story, but as we know, it takes work (from both parties). I'm so glad you, her and God worked through yours. Today we have an awesome fulfilling and exiting sex life. MH and the MH community had a big part in it, last night we started off masturbating together, that lead to me spreadng her legs wide, we fucked long and hard, I rubbed her clit and I came all over her, she then had a powerful orgasm as well. All the glory to God, may he keep blessing you and be safe out there !

  3. Juicy
    Juicy says:

    Trucker 53,
    So many people could learn from this! I know that there have been times that I have had God smack me upside the head too to show me a great lesson. This is great wisdom to share!

  4. tgrcpl
    tgrcpl says:

    Trucker. This was truly an inspirational and moving message that many can learn from. You never know what curb balls life will toss at you and you have handled it well. Sex may not happen as much as you want but when it does making sure it's genuine and memorable is just as good in my book. Keep sharing.

  5. Dana
    Dana says:

    What a sexy photo you posted! 🙂
    I was married to a wonderful lady for 22 years. Sex had its ups and downs (one problem was my baggage from being a 33-year-old virgin), but mostly ups, thanks to her love, devotion, and creativity. She saved my life when I was 42 by making me go to the doctor just in time for my angioplasty.
    For the last nine years, our marriage was sexless. (Notice that I did NOT say "loveless" — we remained affectionate, with lots of hugs and kisses.) Her health declined and her pain increased. I did what I could.
    When she died her note to me said "Know that I have loved you always". She's my guardian angel now. I know she is.
    "The greatest of these is love." –1stCorinthians 13:13.

  6. bravo1
    bravo1 says:

    53 I just want to wish you two all the peace, love, and time to heal. You are very lucky . You turned over to god and he took control. He always has a perfect plan. God Bless

  7. cowboybiker
    cowboybiker says:

    Sex is fun, but what I find most enjoyable about being married so long to my wife is the hand-holding and the hugs, kisses and cuddles. I remember thinking, when we were young, that seeing elderly couples holding hands was a testament to their devotion. Now that I'm at mid-life, I know it to be true and hope that young couples see my wife and me holding hands and think the same thing. Congratulations on sticking it out when so many others would (and have) bailed out. After all, how will you come to recognize His plan if you don't stick it out, right? 🙂

  8. Ilvmywife69
    Ilvmywife69 says:

    Very well written. We all have had, or do have some sort of baggage. It's funny how when you forgive and release it all to God the situation normally changes. Keep up the good writings, keep loving on your wife, and keep it between the ditches!

  9. ESHarz
    ESHarz says:

    I can identify with a great deal of what you shared. Some of it is still unresolved, and can rear its ugly head even when things seemed to be going well. We love each other and that got us to and through counseling, but as you suggested conflicts will not end any time soon. Again, thank you for sharing that the way you did.

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