After the Wedding

Sophie took a long, deep breath as she looked in the bathroom mirror. The moment she’d been waiting for had finally arrived. Today, she’d pledged herself to the love of her life in front of all her family and friends.

She smiled, memories of the day flying through her mind. The nerves of the morning as she held her Dad’s hand in the wedding car. Her meringue dress which made her feel like a princess. Seeing Ethan waiting for her at the end of the aisle in church, love shining from his eyes. Not to mention how hot he looked in his fancy tux. Her lips had tingled as he’d kissed his new bride.

It had been a perfect day. Well, apart from old Uncle Geoff trying to feel up the bridesmaids, and Great Aunt Maud having just a leeetle bit too much champagne. She giggled to herself. Aunt Maud reminded her of Lady Catherine from Pride & Prejudice–and was a sight to behold when tipsy.

Sophie yawned and grabbed a face wipe. Her mascara had started to smudge and her carefully set hair was all over the place. She wiped her makeup off and brushed her curly auburn hair.

A shallow box tied with a silver ribbon lay in the floor next to her in the hotel bathroom. She untied it and slipped out her wedding night lingerie. She’d wanted something special to wear. Something more comfortable and sexier than the tight corset and control panties she had under her meringue dress.

She peeled the dress off, leaving it in a foamy heap in the floor. Tearing off the tight corset felt good. She’d been trussed up like a chicken all day. The photos would look good, but she wanted to feel natural now.

The black satin camisole and knickers fitted gently over her soft curves. Sophie ran her fingers over her body, shivering at the silky touch of the material, her nerves tense.

She opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the hotel bedroom. They had the honeymoon suite. A vast four-poster bed filled the centre of the room, with crisp white curtains and silk sheets.

But Sophie only had eyes for Ethan.

He was reclining on the bed, bowtie lopsided and the top buttons of his shirt open, revealing his tanned chest. He’d kicked his shoes off, untucked his shirt, and his hair ruffled up in such a cute way at the back. He bit his lip as Sophie stepped out. “You look hot, Mrs Duval!”

His eyes roamed her body with longing. Sophie revelled in his stare, knowing that finally, they could be one with each other. It felt so strange to know that she could go as far as she liked. They’d waited for marriage, and now it was here. No more restraint, or saying goodbye, or dealing with that unfulfilled ache deep inside her.

She advanced on Ethan and climbed onto the bottom of the bed, crawling up to his legs and straddling him. She took his face in her hands and bent down, giving him the softest of kisses on his lips.

He parted his lips and reached his hands up to gently stroke her breasts. The touch of his fingers made her nipples harden, brushing against the fabric.

She deepened the kiss and licked Ethan’s top lip before flicking her tongue inside his mouth. He moaned and closed his eyes, opening his mouth wider, his lips wet. He rubbed her nipple gently, sending tingles right down her body.

Sophie felt a wetness start deep inside her, warming her core.

They broke apart and she rolled off him onto her side, her breath coming fast, desire building inside her. Ethan’s musky aftershave filled her nostrils, making her catch her breath.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you, too.” With a swift movement he rolled so he leant over her. “And I want you.” He gave a soft growl and nuzzled her neck, running his hand down her body.

Sophie fumbled with his shirt buttons, opening them and peeling it off. She threw it on the floor and placed her hands on his warm chest, blond hairs curling through her fingers. Longing built up inside her. “I’ve waited so long for this.”

Ethan pressed his lips against hers in a passionate kiss, their tongues swirling and licking, their lips tender. Sophie felt like her lips had swollen, every touch making her want him more and more.

She fumbled with his belt, and couldn’t find the buckle. Ethan sat up. “Allow me.” He undid his belt and pushed his pants off, and his underwear too. His hardness stood out, erect and waiting. Sophie reached out her hand and gently wrapped her hand around it. Ethan groaned softly as she took him in her fingers.

He ran his hand under the waistband of her panties, brushing against her neatly trimmed bush. Then he carefully slid them off, running his fingers deliciously down her thighs.

Sophie’s heart beat wildly and she felt wetness well up inside her.

Ethan moved on top of her and her legs eased apart until he lay between her. Her man gazed into her eyes, his manhood grazing the tip of her entrance. “Are you ready?” he whispered.

She nodded, excitement and anticipation building, but also nerves. Would it hurt? He bent and kissed her again, and she lost herself in the kiss.

Ethan moved his hips and he slid inside her. Slight resistance met him, and a quick sharp pain. Sophie opened her eyes wide in surprise and then it was over.

He moved inside her. “You’re so wet,” he gasped. “Oh, I’m not gonna last long.”

He gently thrust in and out. Sophie moved her hips with him, her rhythm not quite in time with his. An ache formed inside her, but then as Ethan continued to thrust, it eased, and she relaxed, enjoying his fullness.

The warm feeling grew inside her. Ethan clutched her and moaned. “Sophie, Sophie!” His thrusts grew sharper, and she relished the waves of pleasure that ran through her whole body.

He moved faster and gasped, then suddenly cried out as his climax overtook him and he came inside her.

A warm stickiness filled Sophie and she breathed deeply.

Ethan collapsed onto her chest. “I love you,” he mumbled.

“I love you, too.” She sighed deeply into his hair, sweat binding them together.

“You didn’t come, did you?” he asked from where he lay.

“No, but that’s okay. It still felt good.” And she did. There was plenty of time for them to work on her pleasure. For now, knowing she had her man was pleasure enough. Sophie’s eyes drifted closed as the aftermath of their union washed over them.


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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hi Lisette! Welcome to Marriage Heat 😀 You're such a good writer, I really like this story. You wrote it so well. God bless you, my dear

  2. Art R. says:

    Great story Lisette. Sound like good honeymoon material to me. May the Lord bless your marriage and trust him in all your ways.

  3. Lisette says:

    Thanks Harper, and thanks for the welcome. I'm enjoying the environment of celebrating marriage on this site 🙂

  4. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    You're more than welcome, and I'm very glad. This is my favorite website ever! You're going to love it here 🙂

  5. OneCouple says:

    Great story, and welcome to MH Lisette, may God bless your hot marriage sex for many years to cum !

  6. Funny Christian says:

    Great story Lisette. Thanks for bringing back memories of our wedding night. God bless you both.

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