Garage Fun

My wife and I had talked for years about restoring our old dining room furniture. I finally pulled it all out into the garage and started to work on it. It became my after dark project and every night once the kids were in bed, I would work on it. One night, I had sanded the finish off of the table and chairs and was working on staining the wood to a nice dark walnut color. As I wiped the stain into the smooth wood, I heard the door to the hallway open. I looked up to see my wife was standing there in the doorway. She was wearing a tight little pink t-shirt and some black yoga pants.

“How’s it coming along?” She asked.

“Just finishing up the staining,” I said.

She closed the door softly as to not wake the kids and walked over to inspect my work.

“It’s looking great, Babe!” She complimented.

“Thanks, Baby.”

As I stained the last little bit of table, she came up behind me. I felt her fingertips touch my bare arms. She always likes it when I wear a sleeveless shirt when I’m working. As much as a try, when I paint or stain, I can’t seem to keep from getting it all over me! She pointed out that I was covered in stain and sawdust.

“I’ll never get the stain out of those jeans!” She said.

I replied, “These are my ‘work pants’ anyway. Doesn’t matter.”

“Well, I kind of like to see you a little dirty anyway. It’s manly,” she said, as she spanked my rear end lightly.

“Hmmm. You do, huh?” I asked.

“Yep. A lot,” she said, in a seductive tone.

I laid my cloth down and turned around to face her. She was looking at me with those eyes again. She has beautiful light brown eyes and the longest eyelashes you’ve ever seen! It only takes one look with those eyes to make my heart beat faster.

She reached up and wiped the sweat off of my brow and moved in for a kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and moved my hands down the curve of her back and onto her butt. I squeezed her little ass and pulled her close. She ran her hands up my back, around my shoulders, and through my hair. We started kissing each other passionately, feeling up each other’s bodies in the steamy heat of the garage.

We moved away from the table to get away from the wet table. But we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We stumbled over a pile of extension cords and my wife grabbed the ladder to the attic access. We both looked at each other. We had the same idea.

I grabbed her and turned her around. Both of her hands were holding onto the ladder. And I was squeezing her breasts in my hands as she was grinding her ass in those tight little yoga pants up against the bulge in my jeans.

“Oh my God, you’re so hot,” I said as she arched her back, threw her head back and moaned softly. She didn’t respond with words. Just a soft, “Mmmmm.” I kept kissing her neck as she leaned her body back against me.

She grabbed my cock through my pants, following the outline from the head all the way down my shaft. I was rock hard! I reached around to the front and slid my hand down into the front of her yoga pants until I reached her warm, wet pussy. She shuddered slightly as my fingers followed the path of her labia.

“I want it. I want you in me,” she said with trailing whimper.

That’s all I needed to hear. I slipped her tight pants and her panties down over her butt, and then all the way down her long sexy legs. I could feel the chill bumps on her legs as the cool air from the shop fan hit the warm perspiration on her skin. I unzipped my jeans and pushed down my boxer briefs.

Her hand guided my long hard cock into her pussy. She was so wet, I just slid in completely. Her hand slid off of my cock and onto my balls as I pulled back out. My head lingered in the soft wetlands of her pussy lips for a few seconds. Then I plunged inside her with such force she had to grip the ladder tighter.

“Oh yes! That’s it, baby,” she said, as I pounded her over and over.

I lifted one of her legs until her foot was on the first rung of the ladder. She pushed against me as I filled her up, slapping against her ass with every thrust.

“I love it when you… hit it… hard… like… that!” She moaned as if I was fucking each word out of her.

Then, without warning, she pulled away from me, releasing my thick heavy cock to swing in the air. She climbed up a couple more steps on the ladder, her butt sticking out right at me. Then she squatted with her knees up near her face. Her amazing ass was hanging there, welcoming my huge cock back in.

I touched the head of my penis to her warm wetness again. And she lowered herself down onto my cock. This new angle heightened the sensation for us both. I watched all of me disappear into her, engulfed in her warm vagina.

“Oh,” I said. “That’s so good.”
“Mmmm yeah,” she moaned back.

She bounced on my cock and made the hottest moans and whimpers I’ve ever heard come out of her mouth in our 11 years of marriage. I was really hoping the neighbors weren’t hearing what was happening in our garage. It was pretty obvious with the sound of our bodies slapping against each other and the moans. But then again, maybe the sound of the fan drowned out our intimate noises. But then again, I didn’t care!

I pick her up off the ladder and put her feet back down on the ground. As she still gripped the ladder, I went wild. I was fucking my wife so hard with full-length strokes, almost completely coming out of her before plunging back in deeply.

“Am I hurting you?” I asked as I kept thrusting.
“No!” she quickly retorted. “It feels so good. Keep hitting it hard like that!”

I could feel my cock swelling with each thrust. I was getting closer and closer to orgasm. And she could tell it too! She got even more vocal.

“Fuck me, baby! C’mon! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”She began to squeal.

I thought, “Is she about to cum too?”

I couldn’t hold it any longer. “Oh YEEEEESSS!” I grunted, as my hot cum spurted out over and over with each spasm, filling her up inside.

“Oh God, I love it!” She said. “I feel you, baby! I feel you cumming.”

I collapsed onto her and onto the ladder.

Up her leg went on the first rung again. It was her turn. I rubbed her clit as she writhed all over that ladder. I was thinking, “I really hope this ladder holds up!”

My rubbing evolved into shaking my fingers over her clit really fast. She would have been screeaming at this point if she didn’t have my other fingers in her mouth sucking on them. (She’s always liked to do that, and I certainly don’t mind!)

She suddenly grew silent and her body rigid as she went over the edge. She let out a squeal that changed to a deep guttural moan and her whole body shook. She was grinding her pussy on my hand as she wriggled in pleasure. The violent orgasm released all of my cum that was inside of her, and it ran out down her sexy legs onto the concrete floor of our garage.

“Whew! Ok. Stop. Stop!” She begged. She couldn’t handle the pressure of my hand down there anymore. It was way too sensitive coming down “orgasm mountain.”

That was the hottest orgasm I had ever seen my wife have. And I was ready for more.

“That was so hot, I want some more,” I said.
She answered, “Stroke yourself and cum on my butt.”

So I did. I came almost as hard the second time, shooting a much smaller load onto her butt, now glistening with our sweat. There we were, covered in sawdust, sweat, wood stain, and cum. We stood there embracing one another until we could walk to the shower.

“Let’s go get cleaned up, Babe,” I said.
“Try not to wake the kids,” she said.

We laughed.

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7 replies
  1. CMLove says:

    Loved this post! So much fun and incredibly sexy! May you and your wife have more spontaneous fun in the garage! I'll have to get my husband to "revamp" our furniture! 😜 what a blessing God gives, to make the ordinary day an extraordinary one!!

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    Jeremy, so enjoyably hot! Wow! You made me think…"have we ever had sex in our garage?" I don't think so. We already have a couple of buckets in our garage for washing cars – but your story put garage sex on my bucket list! Or another list that rhymes with bucket😊

    Blessings on you both. LH

  3. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Agreed! Very stimulating story. We've had garage sex, with me bent over the chest freezer. But usually its more like office sex, since Rez has his desk set up in there.

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