TOY STORY: No Toys to Toy Crazy! “Step Two”

Read Step One for more info on why I started this story of exploration.

This is the second of many “helps stories” I would like to post.

I shared this in my last story, but it is important enough to say again: trust and honesty are fundamental to any positive exploration. If you’ve lost the trust of your spouse you’ll have to earn it again. And you can’t resent him or her for the process you now have to go through. Honesty is key. If you are hiding things from your spouse you need to bring it into the light! Seek Christian council to do this; you are not meant to do it alone! You can’t do it alone!

The Bible says, “Cast your bread on the water and in many days it shall return.” This statement is an act of faith because there is no way throwing bread in water is a good idea. I use this verse as an example of your sexual desires with your spouse. I hid things because I didn’t want to lose them. But, when I became honest, most of the things I was afraid of losing returned to me. And, most of the time, they came back even better than before. The few desires that didn’t return, I believe, weren’t of God. Trust Him. It’s worth it.

Now for the fun:

After part one of my story, I had asked my wife for permission to look for a better quality cock ring. She agreed. I waited because I wasn’t sure how to go about it.

Later, I flew out to a friend’s wedding. One of the married groomsmen took another married man and me to a couples’ sex shop to find some gifts for the groom. (Tip: I learned that there are two kinds of sex shops. There are couple friendly sex shops that focus on toys, costumes, and lingerie. These places have little to no pornography in them.)

I asked my friend how he felt about and dealt with the inappropriate things in the store. He explained, “When you go to a Walmart or online with a pure heart and accountability to your wife or solid Christan friends, you don’t look at stuff to lust over it. In fact, you bounce your eyes away. For example, when you buy lingerie for your wife you don’t look at the sexy model in the little tag. You imagine your wife and what she would look like in it. If your lusting after pictures or inappropriate sex toys in any place, it is sin.” He was right. When I was with my Christian brothers, I felt no lust for the inappropriate images around me.

The attendant explained many things about the quality and differences in the toys. I bought two more rings and some velcro handcuffs. (TIP: years earlier, my wife and I had found some play metal handcuffs in a gag-gift shop. They were fun at first but kind of uncomfortable, so we just used old neckties on our bed. The velcro type is fun because they are quick to get on and off and very comfortable on the arms and ankles. Because of the easy access, we used them a lot more in our sex life.)

I also bought a special strap-on vibrator called “a butterfly.” We purchased our items and left the store.

I was out at the wedding for five days and, needless to say, way over horny when I got home. Again, we felt like clumsy teenagers figuring out how to use the new toys. But the purity and innocence in healthy marriage exploration are so incredible! God is awesome!

That’s how we progressed in our sex toy adventure. I hope to post “Step Three” soon if people liked steps one and two.”

Below are the details of our wonderful second adventure. If details create a struggle in your marriage or in keeping your mind focused on your wife,  jump to “Step Three”.

TOY STORY “Step Two”

That night, I called my wife on the phone and I told her about my trip with the guys and about the new toys I bought. The next few days we were both burning with anticipation. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” or as my wife likes to tease, “Absence makes the cock grow harder.”

I returned home from my trip a few days later. As I walked in the door, my three young kids jumped me, giving hugs and kisses.

My wife had put on her best for me. She looked like an angel standing behind my children. Her beautiful hair was brushed to one side and hanging down over her shoulder. She had a single gem necklace hanging between her breasts, pink lips gloss, and blue eyes shadow. She was wearing a blue summer dress. It was one of my favorites because it was very low cut and, at home, she would wear a pushup bra to show off extra cleavage. She waited for her turn and then gave me a welcome home hug and a long kiss.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful body. We quickly got the kids distracted with a movie and hurried to our room.

She closed the door behind us and we started kissing passionately. I pushed her against the wall and pressed my body against hers. She stopped me.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m taking my beautiful wife!?” I responded.

“I thought you brought me a gift?”

“You want to use see them now?” I asked excitedly.

“Yes, you’ve got me interested.”

I reached into my bag and pulled out the new toys. She chose to try the butterfly first. Then, stepping back away from me, she grabbed both straps of her dress. In one instant, it fell to the floor exposing her most beautiful secrets to my eyes. She had on a black, pushup bra that made her perfect mama breasts spill out all over. Down below, boyshort panties of black lace hugged tightly around her beautiful ass.

She opened the package and began reading the directions. We felt funny trying to figure out how the straps went. I laughed.

“What?” she asked.

“I’m so excited. It’s like we’re newlyweds again. I feel so awkward and horny at the same time. We’re like two little kids trying to figure out how to make our toy work.”

I helped her figure out where and how to adjust the straps. To get the vibrator strapped on she had to remove all her lingerie. She stood there naked in front of me. I ran the upper straps around her lower waist and the lower straps around her thighs. They perfectly positioned the little pink butterfly over her shaved pussy. It clung to her clitoris.

My heart was pounding. “Do you want the remote?” I asked her.

“No, I like your having it. It makes me feel like you’re in charge of me.” She lay down on the bed and I turned on the vibrator. She instantly squirmed. After I cycled through all the options, she decided on the wave setting. 

Then I undressed and sat down next to her on the bed, taking in the view. She was on her back with her eyes closed and her hands were grabbing at the bed sheets beside her. Very soon, she began to hump the air, wishing she had something to grind against.

“Please get in me!” she begged.

“I’m enjoying this way too much!” I responded. My cock was rock hard and dripping pre-cum all down the side of her leg.

“Please don’t torture me anymore!” she whimpered.

“You know that the more you beg, the more I want to make you suffer, right? I love it when you beg me! I feel so powerful!” Those words came out of my mouth, but what I was thinking was, I’m going to explode just watching her!

My wife isn’t a masturbater. She’s never had an orgasm without my cock and she likes it that way. She likes that my cock is the only thing that has ever made her orgasm. I, on the other hand, have always hoped that she would one day become a masturbater. I’ve shared this with her many times, but she doesn’t like feeling pushed or pressured. At this point, I just wanted to see how far I could get her.

She grabbed my arm, “I’m going to make you turn this thing off if you don’t get inside me now!”

“Yes, ma’am!” I said with a smile. I positioned my self between her legs and slid my cock between her dripping lips.

She let out a loud moan. “Pound me, please!” she begged. I began thrusting deep and hard, pulling my cock out as far as I could and ramming it deep again. With each firm thrust of my rod, her breasts bounced and a soft moan escaped her lips. I worked her hard. I could tell she was on the edge, but the view was all too much for me. I pulled out to let my cock cool down a little.

She pulled at my buttocks, trying to get me back inside her. “What are you doing! Get in me!”

Just a sec.” She thought I was teasing her, but I was buying time for myself. After a few seconds, I could enter her again. But this time I let her work her hips on my throbbing cock. I couldn’t pound her anymore without exploding inside her.

The good thing is, that’s how she likes it. Once she is close, she likes to do the work. And she did it well! My strong arms held me over her as she ground against my hips. Her body was tense; each muscle seemed to be at work. Her eyes clenched tight and her mouth locked open as she came near.

“Oh, oh, oh!” Cries of pleasure slipped out from her gentle lips. The room filled with the sounds of her moans. “Oh, yes, ooooh, Yesssss!!!” She froze on the bed as she clenched her teeth, then her body convulsed three or four times.

There is nothing more beautiful in this world than the view I saw in that moment.

“Ok! OK! OK!! Turn it off-FFF!” I quickly turned it off and she spasmed a few more times. “Oh, my goodness! Wow!” she gasped.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Yyyess!” she said with another sigh.

“Do you want another one?”

“Yes, just give me a minute. Oh, boy!” She lay there on the bed in front of me. I love seeing her worn body after I’ve given it so much pleasure.

“Ok, I’m ready,” she said after a minute or two. “I want to try it on top this time.” We switched positions and she climbed on top. She was still nursing our youngest, so her breasts were incredible. I wasn’t allowed to touch, though; they were sensitive from all the sucking. They hung over me, tempting and taunting me as they swung in my face. She had me turn on the vibrator to wave mode again and away she rode.

I closed my eyes. It was too much for me; I tried to think of something random. I wanted her to cum again but the vibrations and the view were not making it easy. Clenching the sheets, I tried to calm down as she ground her hips against mine. Within seconds of climbing on top of me, she was going to cum again. I knew she was close!

This is my job; I have to pleasure her first! I thought. Determined, I tried to hold my climax off for her. I love feeling like I’m serving her, imagining that her pleasure is my responsibility. I love fantasizing that she is my madam and, if I don’t stay hard for her, she’ll get rid of me. I had to make it!

She humped faster and faster. Her breasts bounced and small drops of milk began to drip on my chest.

“Oooooh!” She squeezed my chest as she orgasmed again. “Oh…oh…ohh!” she said, each time she thrust forward.

I’d finished my job, now it was my turn. I grabbed her hips as I pounded her pussy. The vibrations and pounding were driving her crazy! It was like the orgasm wasn’t allowed to rest! She looked down at me with her eyes and mouth wide open. Her breasts were slapping my face.

“It’s my turn now!” I demanded as I fucked her with all my strength. “You’ve tortured me and now you’re going to pay!”

All she could do was nod in reply. She was the one tortured now! Seconds after her orgasm, I sprayed my hot cum deep inside her pussy. She grabbed for the remote and shut it off, falling on top of me. We lay there in silence for a few minutes. Then I asked, “How was it?”

She just moaned a soft “yes,” because that all she could get out at the moment. For the next 20 minutes, we continued to lay there in a weak, wet mess…

We still kept the toys for special occasions only. But we did seem to find special occasions more often than before.

until next time…

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  1. CrazyHappyLoved
    CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Again, really like how you separated the details. And I really liked the part about her lactating during sex. That used to happen to me, too. But it's been five years since my youngest weaned. Man, I miss that! Yeah, can we hear more about that strap on vibe? Brand, maybe?

  2. ClimaXX
    ClimaXX says:

    One of our best memories is a visit to a classy restaurant and my wife wearing a remote controlled vibrating panty. She had two orgasms at the table. […]

    [Editor's Note: Definately story material, ClimaXX. Looking forward to it. 😁]

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