An Anniversary To Remember

January 10th was our 39th wedding anniversary. Thankfully, my husband Paul was well and strong enough to celebrate. Praise the Lord!

He suggested we go to IKEA for a snack, where we went on our first date 42 years ago! It brought back a lot of memories for us. Then we went to a nice restaurant for dinner and dessert. We then went back home, arm in arm and watched our wedding video as well as other pieces of footage from our younger days. We danced to our first dance song, and for a moment I thought we were at our wedding again.

My precious Paul started to undress me very carefully. He caressed me everytime he stripped off an article of clothing. Then, when he was done, I did the same to him before I lay on our bed, and spread my legs ready to give myself to him as I always was.

Climbing on me, he kissed my neck and felt my breasts before kissing them and massaging my nipples and areola with his tongue. I felt his tip at my entrance, and it felt so good and pleasurable as he slid inside my wetness.

Paul started to thrust the moment his penis entered my vagina. I remembered our wedding night vividly as we made love. I lay on him briefly while we kissed passionately and he rubbed my back. Then he rolled on me again, thrusting passionately.

Paul reached for my breast and caressed it before cupping my face, still kissing me. I held him close to me to feel his heartbeat.

I suddenly shuddered as I orgasmed beautifully, while my sweet husband thrust hard and I could feel him coming too. After our orgasms, we took a moment to hold each other in post-orgasmic bliss. Paul kissed my neck then rolled off me, and we noticed our nostalgia DVD was still playing! It was on, muted, the entire time! We laughed a little and decided to watch the rest of it.

After that, we actually turned off the TV. But the nostalgia got to us again, so we had sex one more time, resulting in even stronger orgasms! Sweaty and more than satisfied, we cuddled up as we went to sleep.

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  1. ClimaXX says:

    Grief never ends….but it changes. Its a passage. Not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith. It is the price of Love.
    We lost our daughter, my mother and my father is a period of 45 days. But God has brought us through. It was 3 years ago. Clara, hang on to those dear memories and write about them. Even if you do not publish them.

  2. Clara Olivia Thornton says:

    Climaxx, I'm glad you are here. Harper and I have really been wanting to ask you a few things, and hopefully you can educate us. Sorry for your loss

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