Mature and Still Hot (L)

Mary Katherine and I have been married for 31 years. She is 60, and I’m 62. Our two grown daughters are independent and out of our house–leaving us all the privacy we could want. As early retirees, we have ample time to explore intimacy – and push our boundaries.

MK was raised to be a devout Catholic (as was I) and she was brought up with a fair amount of repression about sex. Through our years of marriage, she opened up more and more, and we now enjoy many variations of sex play.

MK always loved a good massage. We often had simultaneous couples massages while on vacation. We would hold hands and gaze at each other while the masseurs or masseuses loosened up our backs, legs, and bottoms.

With the advent of in-home massages booked online, we bought two tables of our own. Every few weeks we indulged in joint massages. Our therapists were very professional and never crossed any lines. But the nature of massage often leaves one aroused as well as relaxed. By the time they departed, we were often completely fired up and ready to ravish each other.

Last Tuesday, I showed our therapists to the door and returned to our family room. MK lay on one of the tables covered in a sheet.

“I think I have a few spots that were missed. Would you care to help me?” she coyly asked.

“At your service,” I replied. I eased her onto her stomach and whisked away the sheet, leaving her beautiful back and ass exposed.

“Start with my ass, dear,” she sighed.

I oiled up her butt and began rubbing and kneading it. Her skin is alabaster, her hips full and round, and her bum cheeks soft. Purring noises graced my ears as my hands worked steadily toward her bum crack. I ran my fingertips through it and over her asshole.

She moaned and opened her legs, exposing her dark brown pucker and thick-lipped cunt. Like the hair on her head, her unshaved, bushy pubes is dark brown with a few wisps of grey-white hairs. Her outer labia are also dark, a lovely contrast to her pink vulva.

I rubbed her asshole with my left thumb as I reached under her with my other hand. My index finger found her wet lips and swollen clit. I began to rub her asshole and clit with an increasing, alternating tempo.

In a few minutes, she began humping up from the table. Her asshole began to suck at my thumb, and I pushed it in up to my first knuckle.

As I pumped the end of my thumb in and out of her butthole, I increased my speed on her clit. I rearranged my hand to push two fingers up her wet cunt as I pressed and strummed firmer and faster on her nub.

She went over the top, growling, and panting and yelling. “Fuck. Fuck. Cumming. Cumming.” Her cunt and asshole pulsed around my fingers and thumb six strong times.

As I gently withdrew my fingers, MK rolled onto her back, struggling to get her breath. She gasped out, “So good. So good. Best cum in months!”

I leaned over and caressed her neck with my lips. My robe had opened, and I was enjoying the best erection (with a little help from Viagara) I’d had in a long time.

MK was still squirming on the table, having little after-cums, it seemed. “Bring me your dick,” she ordered. When I moved up to the head of the table, she leaned her head sideways. She took the dark red head of my prick in her mouth, sucking firmly.

She moaned around my cock and my knees buckled from her expert ministrations. I looked deep into her eyes and said, “On your knees. I need to fuck you, right now.”

Doggy is her favorite position. She clambered up and spread her big butt, exposing her slightly gaping rosebud and enlarged pussy lips.

I scrambled up behind her on the table, grabbing my swollen dick in my hand and advancing on her pussy. I rubbed my dick head around her outer labia then sank it between them all the way to my pubic hair. She groaned and pushed toward me as I grabbed the sides of her fleshy hips. I pulled her back on my cock as I drove forward.

MK sometimes rubs her fingernails on my ball sack in this position as I unload into her. Today she gave them only a brief tickle then launched a furious attack on her clit. I had barely pumped her twenty or so times when her impending orgasm and contracting pussy pushed me over. I bellowed and held her hips against me while my cock throbbed into her tight, convulsing cunt. She came at about the same time as me (a first for us!)

We lay on the table, spoon fashion, as we caught our breaths. We clung to each other and laughed about our over the top noises, glad that the windows were closed to the neighbors. Murmuring our love for each other, we agreed we would always be young if we continued to make love with such passion.

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  1. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    Dave: That was sizzling hot! I loved it all. A unique line you wrote – that when I saw it – I thought "that is so much of what happens to us, but I've never written it in one of my stories, nor do I remember it in others". The line was "We…laughed about our over the top noises". So true!! You could not have framed that moment any better. My wife also loves and craves the asshole stimulation. Again, I loved the way you said it: "Her asshole began to suck at my thumb". Wow! So pinpoint accurate! This story made me instantly oozing hard. We are blessed men with the wives God has given us. You reminded me of that afresh. God bless you Dave. LH

  2. Marie Lister
    Marie Lister says:

    There is so much that I love about being with my hubby for 36 years. One of the many things is knowing how to pleasure each other. I know for us the intimacy has grown deeper and more profound with the passing years. To me, he has grown more precious and I to him.

    Thanks for sharing with us, it is so wonderful to know that others in long-term marriages find that special connectivity like we do. Personally, I feel a lot more confident as a woman than I did when I was younger so I am able to let my lover know what I desire.

  3. sensualcouple
    sensualcouple says:

    LOVE this story! Anal play is one of our favorites. I love it when my husband teases my backdoor, getting it all slippery, before sliding fingers, toys, and occasionally his manhood. Such an erotic, taboo experience

  4. JMK
    JMK says:

    Your story got me excited! So I went [to my husband and we took advantage of my aroused state.] It was so amazing. Thank you 😉

    [Edited, but please submit your tale of mutual pleasure as a story. Thanks!]

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