I Want You (L)

I’m a first-time poster, but a long-time reader and commenter. This is a letter to my wife. I hope it inspires someone else out there to write to their own spouse—not that this group needs much encouragement.


I want you.


My cock has been aching all day thinking about it. About you. About all the things I want to do to you. All over again.

How could I not? Last night was so amazing. You had me so fucking hard for you, sucking me off on your knees in that little lace combo you picked out for the occasion. Then you begged me to fuck you senseless against the wall next to the full-length mirror!

I am impossibly turned on by you. I remember the way your beautiful breasts filled my kneading hands as I railed into you from behind. Then I emptied myself inside your welcoming pussy.

God, I want you so fucking bad, baby. I want to have you all over again tonight. I want to return the favor. You know I could spend hours going down on you and tasting your sweet pussy. My tongue tenderly lapping your beautiful lips, and perfect little clit. Teasing you, making you so swollen with desire that your body aches. Those little whimpers you make urging me on to keep exploring you, touching you, tasting you.

I’m going to eat that perfect pussy of yours tonight, dear. And I’m going to do it slowly. So slowly you can barely stand it! I want each lick to feel like it’s the first time you’ve ever been savored this way. Like you’re 18 all over again, and you’ve never felt anything like this before. Never felt this needed, this craved. Never felt a big, strong man crave your feminine essence like this. God, you’re going to feel how bad I want you!

I’m so fucking hard as I type this! I’ve never been more thankful for a lock on my office door. If you weren’t visiting with your girlfriends over coffee, I’d call you right now and say all this to you over the phone. I’d tell you how hard it makes me just thinking about you.

I’d ask you to find someplace quiet where you can touch yourself while I tell you all the plans I have for you. I’d think about your hand finding its way past the waistband of your tight yoga pants. Your fingers would softly rub your pussy as I let you know, in no uncertain terms, all the things I’m going to do with you and to you.

I wonder if the ache is still between your legs as you chat with your friends about your day, the kids, and our busy lives. God, I love our life together. Our house, our friends, our children. But after last night, all I can think about is you.

Fuck. The way that little lace thong looked on your amazing ass when you’d arch your back and meet my every thrust. Your eyes dark with lust, watching me fuck you from behind in the mirror. That round ass of yours red from the sting of my hand as I showed you whose ass it is, who it belongs to, and what it is good for.

You say the filthiest things when I fuck you like that. Things that drive me mad with desire for you. Things that turn you into my fuck toy.

I have things I need to say to you tonight, too. You will need my hard cock buried in your needy cunt, and I’m going to give that to you. But, first, my tongue will have its way with you. Only then will I give you my cock. But, not until you’re begging for it. Begging for my cock to ravish you.

Imagine it, my dear. My thick, hard cock, easing once more into your tight, wet pussy. I’m going to hit it from every angle tonight until not a single part of you feels unfilled or unsatisfied by me.

The way we fit together is nothing short of perfect. You feel so tight around me, and I make you feel so full. I could live inside your pussy. I imagine you sitting in my lap, with your legs wrapped around me. My cock is filling you, throbbing inside you. I stroke your hair and kiss you. My arms hold you tight, making you feel secure. You need to be fucked! But right now, I just need to be inside of you.

You can’t help yourself, so you touch your clit, rubbing little circles out on it as you moan into my mouth. My gaze is intense as I rock my hips a little and move inside you. Last night, I fucked you from behind, and I will again if you ask me to—but tonight I want to see you. See your beautiful face and those big green eyes staring back into mine.

I want to feel your gorgeous tits pressing against my chest. I want my lips to caress every inch of those two perfect breasts, to lick and suck each perky pink nipple. God, I love your breasts. And your nipples when you’re aroused, they are a fucking thing of beauty!

I need to see what this is doing to you: my need, my hunger for you. I want to fuck you, me standing next to the bed, you close to the edge. Your ankles in my hands as I hold you in place for me and spread you open. I love the way your breasts bounce when I take you like this.

I love how I get to watch your mouth drop open in that hot little ‘O’ face while you finger your clit. I love watching my cock slide in and out of your—what did you call it last night?—your tight little fuck hole. I love the way you watch my cock, your eyes wide and hungry, as I slowly ease it in and out of you. But that’s just a warm-up for the eventual hard fucking I know you crave.

I wonder if your friends know this. If they can sense the kind of woman you are behind closed doors when you have my cock buried in you. I wonder if they ever suspect that you’re the kind of woman who begs for cum. Their Bible study leader – mother of two, cheerful, put-together, kind, caring, selfless friend –  on her knees telling her husband to cum all over her tits as you press them together and lick your lips. I have to wonder. Have to wonder at the perfection that is you.

I can’t keep typing this, baby. It’s too much for me. My slacks feel like they could rip. My cock is so hard behind them! I love you and am going to press ‘Send’ now. I know you’ll probably get this when you’re out with your friends for coffee. I know, because once the four of you get talking, you can burn half a day’s worth of daylight.

And I know once you see it, you’ll read it. Because this isn’t the first time I’ve sent something like this to you. And believe me when I tell you that I know full well what this will do to you. How wet it will make you. How you’ll have to cross your legs for fear someone might actually smell the desire on you.

Take care of that pussy, baby. Because when I come home tonight, it’s all mine! And I’m going to show you what pleasure really is when I get you naked and bury more than my face between your legs. And tonight, know that I’m going to fuck you like it’s the only thing your body was meant for!

Yours In Love.

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    • Man with a Plan says:

      Thanks, WildThing. And best of wishes as you seek to find your man. I sincerely hope he rocks your world. But open and honest communication around raw desire takes time in my experience.

      Don’t be too hard on the guy if he doesn’t feel comfortable pursuing you this explicitly, right away. Get a good man and let that fire just build. Every year I feel like our sex life gets a little bit hotter. Marriage is cool like that.

      Sorry, don’t mean to be Mr. Advice Dispenser here. I’ll shut up now lol

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