Two sales - One deposit

I sent my wife a message on her phone that I had done two sales and that I was so proud and excited. She did not respond to my message, but I could see that she had read it. That was a little disappointing. I headed home, wondering if she was OK.

Before I tell you the rest of what happened, I have to set the scene for you. We live on a small farm outside of town and it is totally private. We even have an outside shower where we can shower in nature (that’s another story for another time!). Now let me share with you what happened next....

As I drove through our gate, I saw her standing at our parking area waiting for me. She was barefoot and wearing a short loose summer dress. It was very evident that she was not wearing a bra. As I stopped, she came and stood at my car door and opened it for me. She must have seen the question mark on my face as I climbed out of the car.

Before I could open my mouth to speak she put her finger over my lips to shut me up. The next moment she went down on her knees in front of me. On her way down she pulled down the zipper of my pants and took out my very soft cock! It all happened so fast that I was in her mouth before I could even start to get an erection.

She solved that little problem very quickly, as she pulled back my foreskin with her hand to expose the head of my cock. Then her tongue swirled around it, which got me hard in seconds. What a woman! And all mine! Created by God for this man--and what a great creation she is!

I was making sounds that clearly showed my enjoyment. She looked up at me from her position on her knees, took my now hard cock out of her mouth, and said, “I just wanted to congratulate you on those two sales. I hope this makes you happy. I am so proud of you.”

She stood up, loosened my trousers completely, and told me to step out of them. And there I stood with only my socks and shoes on. I must have looked quite funny.

She was not worried in the least. She turned around, leaned over with her arms on my car, and lifted her short dress to show me that she was naked underneath. Her pussy was dripping wet. She spread her legs and said, “Now, seeing that you have made two sales, it’s time that you make one deposit! Get behind me and show me what you are made of. Get that boner into my pussy and make me cum for you!”

I did not need a second invitation. Standing behind her, I entered her in one movement. I felt my balls slapping against her. She was so wet that there was no resistance at all! But, she was not expecting the urgency with which I entered her. She gasped a the suddenness of it.

The way she was spread opened her cheeks enough for me to see her little anus. That got me more excited! I wet my middle finger with my own spit and slipped the tip into her.

She gasped again. She was so excited that in less than 30 seconds she was having her first orgasm. But, I have the feeling that it was not the first one she had that day! Her wetness told me that she had been preparing that sweet pussy for me for quite some time before I arrived.

The rest of the story? Well, it is for you to wonder about.

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  1. SamtheMan says:

    Nice story. Isn't it great when our better half initiates and surprises? Seldom does my wife surprise me but when she does it has been mind blowing! It's fun making memories.

  2. ClimaXX says:

    SamTheMan I could not aggree with you more. I have a massive need for "blatant sexuality" from my wife. I love it when she does the unexpected. Just do it! Do what? Anything that is sexy. Be direct. Shock me. Grab me. Ask me. Direct me. Tell me what you want .
    Ladies, we are slow. We do not work well with hints. Say it direct.

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